Top 5 Marlya Noel Highlights - Fairy Gone

Fairy-Gone-Wallpaper-700x438 Top 5 Marlya Noel Highlights - Fairy Gone

I’m a cursed child.

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Action, Demons, Fantasy, Magic, Suoernatural
  • Airing Date: April 2019 – June 2019
  • Studio: P.A.Works

Fairy Gone Preview (No Spoilers)

Eastald is a country ravaged by war, as two different factions fought hard and long to try and destroy each other. During the war of Unification, some military scientist found that transplanting the organs of animals possessed by fairies allowed humans to control and summon those fairies and used the knowledge to create Fairy Soldiers to fight for their side. Once the war was over, with the Empire of Zessikia being the ultimate winner, there’s no real place for the surviving Fairy Soldiers, especially as most fought for the losing side. Thus, Dorothea was created, a special military department where Fairy Soldiers could investigate fairy-related crimes. Marlya Noel was ignorant of this, but when her search for a lost childhood friend ends with Marlya obtaining a fairy of her own without the need for a transplant, she gets drafted into Dorothea and discovers there's a huge conspiracy to re-start the war.

Marlya Noel Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. She Is an Incredible Sniper

Marlya always carries a rifle in her missions, and while she and Ash Clad are almost unstoppable, she doesn't have the experience her squad-mates have controlling or communicating with her fairy. So instead of relying on magic, she uses her rifle with incredible accuracy, not needing the help of others to pinpoint her target. By the time the season ends, it's obvious why she managed to integrate herself into a dangerous mob family: She may look cute and hate fighting, but she is as deadly as anyone else in the squad.

2. She Is a Good Survivalist

Before the war, Maryla lived in poverty. After the war, with her hometown destroyed, she had nowhere to live. And yet, she survived. This is because her father always taught her how to find food and shelter and how to be able to defend herself if she needed too. While in the introductory flashback she seems defenseless, as the series advances, we figure out that she’s the only one out of the Dorothea Squad who could save everyone if they were trapped in a mountain with only a rifle and no food.

3. She Never Takes Anyone for Granted

If you befriend Maryla, she will not ignore you or figure out you will always be there for her. In fact, it will be the opposite: Maryla is convinced that it’s perfectly fine if she gets left behind in exchange for her friends and squad members’ survival. And this extends to people she barely knows: If you do something good for Maryla, she will never forget and she will find a way to pay you back, even years after the fact.

4. She Can Fight for Herself

When we meet Maryla as a child, she seems defenseless. Of course, her hometown is burning and the only other survivor is her older friend Veronica who seemed to know better what to do to stay alive. But later on, we find out that Veronica was a much more sheltered girl, while Maryla had a harder life. So it’s not a surprise to find out that in sticky situations, Maryla is not defenseless even if she somehow doesn’t have access to her rifle.

5. She Will Never Desert Her Friends

If you are Maryla’s friend, you know you can count on her to look for you to the ends of the Earth even if you don’t want her to. Veronica learns this the hard way, and even when she became a wanted criminal and Maryla became a sort of cop, Maryla still won’t give up on her childhood friend. Basically, if you need a helping hand, Maryla will give you her whole arm. That’s devotion.

Final Thoughts

Maryla Noel is a very interesting main character because while we're introduced to the world of Fairy Gone through her quest to find Veronica, this takes a second seat to the actual conspiracy behind the curtain. Most of her arc is still waiting for resolution, such as her quest for revenge for what happened to her hometown, and while she has found Veronica, they haven't had the time to talk. Yet, she is an amazing character, and her devotion to finding answers not only for her own sake but for the country's, even if that means she'll never get closure makes her quite unique.

This is why we’d love to hear your thoughts about her, especially as the second season is starting soon. Tell us what you like and love about her in the comments below, please!

Fairy-Gone-Wallpaper-700x438 Top 5 Marlya Noel Highlights - Fairy Gone


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