Top 10 Coolest Fairies in Fairy Gone

In the land of Eastald, Fairies are usually invisible to people. However, from time to time, they possess animals to coexist with the world. Some human scientists discovered that if they took an organ from a fairy possessed-animal and transplanted it to a human being, then the human would gain the power to summon the fairy and control it to do their will. Of course, it wasn't long before this discovery was used for war and fairy soldiers were sent to the battlefront.

Now, the fairies of Eastald are not your traditional fairies. Some have vaguely human shapes because they have two legs and two arms, but that's where the similarity usually ends. And their powers range from the surprisingly useful to the terrifyingly deadly. So, today we're going to list the ten coolest fairies that we've seen in Fairy Gone so far.

As always, a warning: As some of the fairies appear later in the series, there will be some spoilers in the article below.

Spoilers Ahead

10. Jenny Haniver

Based on the name given to the fake fairy skeletons that were made out of mummified ray remains, Jenny Haniver looks quite monstrous as the mix of a humanoid creature and a fish. Its skin is brown and it has two small bat wings on its back that do allow it to fly, but not very fast. It has two main abilities: Itt can store and hide weapons inside its body even when hidden within its handler's own body. This makes Jenny Haniver a virtual bag of holding, as there seems to be no limit to the weapons or even bodies it can hold. The other ability is to inflate its body like a balloon and throw everything it holds like a bomb.

Jenny Haniver is the fairy companion of Jonathan Passpierre. We never find out if he was a past soldier or got it on the black market, but it’s obvious he knows well how to use all of the fairy’s powers to his advantage and in the quest of his insane art that usually consists on killing humans.

9. Skriker

Skriker looks like a mixture of an orangutan and some sort of insect. It has no wings, thus can’t fly, and while it’s quite strong and agile, its true power makes it a very bad idea to try to attack it or it’s partner, “Sweetie” Bitter Sweet. This is because anyone in the area who tries to hurt Skriker or Bitter Sweet will have the damage they did to either reflected back. This doesn't mean that Skriker doesn't get damaged, or that Sweetie doesn't feel the pain that comes with her connection to the fairy, but it means that whatever you try could knock you down faster.

Skriker can be compared to a nightmare given its looks, and usually comes out when Bitter Sweet wants to force a standstill. Whenever Skriker is out, she will try to walk away because she knows her enemies rarely want to risk being harmed too. This has made them both quite useful to the mob family Sweetie works for.

8. Blind Tail

If someone is afraid of snakes, Blind Tail is not the fairy for them. While it has legs, most of the times it manifests, it coils around its partner, the Dorothea sniper Serge Torva, making itself look, well, like a snake about to devour its prey. Not that Serge is in any danger—in fact, it’s possible to believe that Blind Tail’s harder skin may protect him better than any armor—but the optics can be quite shocking at first sight. Once Blind Tail is safely curled around Serge, it can open its mouth to shoot energy beams at their enemies. These shots go quite the distance, which is why Serge is rarely in the middle of the action as he is watching from the sidelines.

Blind Tail is a perfect example of how not all fairies are good without a partner since we're not even sure it can move easily on its own: Its legs look too fragile to sustain its body and as its name indicates, Blind Tail is completely blind. It depends completely on Serge to be its eyes, and thus, they're also a good example of the symbiosis between humans and fairies.

7. Boneless

Boneless looks like a human-like creature with two huge arms as long as its body and almost as thick. That alone can give the impression that its power is its strength, which would be a grave mistake. Yes, Boneless’s punches can break walls, but the real danger when facing this fairy and its partner, assassin Patricia Pearl, is that Boneless can turn parts of its body into a jelly-like substance that not only can completely cover the space where you’re fighting it, but also envelop you and then harden, suffocating you within its body.

Boneless is quite interesting because, to use its powers to their maximum effect, Patricia usually needs to lure her targets into small, close quarters. After all, if there’s a lot of open room, Boneless can’t easily cover that much ground. Still, one look at it and you will be a bit wary of small dark rooms for a while.

6. Tomereez

Tomereez is one of the cutest fairies we see in Fairy Gone, even if it's quite weird too. It looks like a wide-eyed frog with a flower-like necklace and tiny wings. It is quite weak, so don't expect to see it in active battle, but it is also one of Dorothea's most useful fairies, together with its partner, Klara Kysenaria. Tomereez's eyes connect them, so no matter how far they are from each other, as long as she can concentrate, Klara can see and hear everything that Tomereez can. This makes them a perfect pair to partner up with Serge and Blind Tail, as together they make a fearsome sniper team.

Another excellent use of Tomereez's abilities is during infiltration missions, as its small size allows it to hide from most guards. But the most useful ability this little frog has is that it can also turn its eyes to thermal vision, which not only helps to uncover hidden targets but also to find out if an enemy has a fairy or not.

5. Red Hood

Red Hood is a huge four-eyed werewolf, whose name refers to the Red Riding Hood fairy tale. He is quite strong and has a powerful howl that creates a sound wave that can move boulders and other objects out of the way. The only real problem is that he is so big and so destructive that, for certain missions, it’s better if Free doesn’t let Red Hood out in a fight unless his life is in immediate danger. Free and Red Hood work very well together, and so it’s impressive whenever Free lets his fairy partner out to fight with all his might.

Red Hood seems to respect Free a lot, even though in a flashback we see that their first meeting right before the transplant wasn’t exactly friendly. Red Hood had originally possessed a wolf, hence his current form, and growled and almost bit Free before the surgery. The fact that nine years later they’re one of the best fairy/human teams shows how much they have grown.

4. Fitcher

Visually, Fitcher is one of the most unique Fairies in Eastald: He looks like a human skeleton with a tail, bird wings and skull, and six arms, each ending in a different kind of blade. Just like his human partner, Wolfran, Fitcher is deadly and fast. Once he’s set on a target, it’s highly unlikely that said target will survive. Despite not having any skin, Fitcher can use his wings to fly, and as he also uses each of his blades perfectly to slice his victims left and right, which makes him a one-creature army.

Unfortunately, Wolfran appears very little in the series, which means we don’t get to see him or Fitcher often. This is a pity, as they are two of the most intriguing character in the series, so we can just hope that they appear more often in the second season.

3. Aizencup

If you think Red Hood is impressive, it's because you haven't encountered Aizencup, who is triple the size of Red Hood and has three heads instead of just one. This Fairy is so terrifying that he can easily destroy armies by itself as soon as his human partner, the mercenary Beevee Liscar, frees him. It's no surprise to find out that during the war, Beevee was one of the Legendary Seven Knights, given how deadly and efficient he and Aizencup are in the field, but it's a bit shocking to know that Beevee decided to keep fighting, even killing some of his old comrades in arms, once the Unification of Eastald began.

Aizencup is terrifying, even before we see him and Beevee literally walk to the most secure building in the land without any backup and almost kill the King during the ninth anniversary of the Unification that Beevee hates so much. As they managed to escape, we can only wonder what other plans Beevee has under his sleeve and when we'll see him and Aizencup again.

2. Ash Clad

Ash Clad is one of the very few fairies that could maybe pass for human if it wasn’t for her size. She looks like a two-stories-tall masked maiden wearing a tiara with horns. Her torso is made of magma and her skirt resembles ashes falling from her waist. As one of her legs resembles crystal, it’s easy to see that she is based on the Cinderella tale. Her touch can burn anything that comes into her reach and it’s one of the very few fairies that can come out on her own to defend her human.

The one thing that makes Ash Clad so special is that she is the only fairy that we know of that joined voluntarily with a human without the need for surgery. When Marlya was in danger, in the middle of a fight between Red Hood and Blood Daughter, Ash Clad reached to her and joined with her to protect the young girl. Why she did that, is one of the biggest mysteries of the series.

1. Blood Daughter

From the back, Blood Daughter could also pass as human if she wasn’t as tall as Ash Clad, as she could be mistaken for a long-haired woman wearing a twig dress. But unlike Ash Clad, whose mask is still a human face, Blood Daughter’s looks like a big bird beak that only highlights how inhuman the fairies can be even if they’re mimicking a human body. Blood Daughter is a competent fighter, but her real power only shows up whenever her human, Victoria Thorn, makes their enemies bleed: That’s when Blood Daughter turns into a very fine mist, enters her target’s body and makes them explode from the inside.

This power makes Victoria and Blood Daughter a terrifying team: One little cut, no matter how small, means you are dead. Especially since neither woman nor fairy seems to have any mercy for anyone. You can try and survive against any other fairy on the list, but if you end up on Blood Daughter’s sight you are as good as dead.

Final Thoughts

Fairies are very interesting creatures: After many years of being depicted as cute women with wings, popular culture has finally gone back to the original legends, where fairies could be anything from deceivingly cute to horrific dangerous nightmares. The fairies that could kill men on a whim and kidnapped children just because they could have made a comeback, and we’re lucky as that brings a lot of interesting stories and cool visuals.

So we want to know: What is the coolest and more dangerous fairy in Fairy Gone in your opinion? Is it on our list, or did we miss them? Do you agree with our list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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