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The Heat is On

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Demons, Supernatural, Magic, Fantasy
  • Airing Date : October 2019 – December 2019
  • Producers : P.A. Works

Contains Spoilers

Fairy Gone 2nd Cours

Dorothea and the Soldiers of Eastald managed to stop Duke Diese’s attempted coup, but that doesn’t mean that Eastald is finally at peace. Veronica is still trying to get her revenge on Ray Dawn, the commander of the army, and the Maffia families want to take advantage of the power void left by Duke Diese’s death. To make matters worse, Free, Marlya and the Dorothea agents discover that there's a plot to steal Black Nine, the fairy tome where all fairy knowledge is kept, and the Fairy weapons.

What follows is a deeper dive into the underground power struggle in Eastald to control the power of the Fairies at the same time that Marlya is trying to convince her friend Veronica that revenge for what happened to their village, the only place where people were born with the ability to see fairies and that was destroyed by Ray Dawn, is not worth her life.

Why You Should Watch Fairy Gone 2nd Cours

1. Every Question from the 1st Cours is Answered

Fairy Gone’s first cours left us with a lot of questions about what was going on in Eastland and what really happened during the Unification war. This second part fleshes out the flashbacks and the consequences so that every plot thread that was left dangling is answered from the destruction of Sena to the End of the War and how Eastald ended up the winning faction.

2. We Get Closure for the Characters

Besides the great power struggle, the first cours was driven by each character’s search to put their personal demons to rest: From Free’s PTSD caused by his war experiences to Veronica’s search for revenge and from Marlya looking for a place to belong and save Veronica to Wolfram’s desire to join his dead family, every one of those plot threads gets tied up nicely. Not all the characters get happy endings, but all of them have a satisfactory end to their quests.

3. The Conspiracy Grows Darker but Stays Interesting

As the story advances and we keep watching different flashbacks to the war, we realize that Duke Diese’s plan was just a small part of a huge plan to get absolute control of the Fairies' powers. We also learn more about the Fairy tomes that were barely mentioned in the first cours and why they were divided and why they are so important. If you love complicated government conspiracies, this second cours will be perfect for you.

Why You Should Skip Fairy Gone 2nd Cours

1. You May Get Apathy after All the War Flashbacks

One of the problems that long anime with a lot of deaths scenes can have is that there comes a point in which the audience can just stop caring for the characters because everyone dies so there's no point of hoping that your favorite will survive. While Fairy Gone doesn't go that far, and we know certain characters have a sort of plot armor, the war flashbacks can lead you to think that no matter what, there's no way the series itself has a good ending and make you want to skip it.

2. The Conflict About the Treatment of Fairies May Come Too Late for You

As the series advances, Marlya starts wondering if the summoning of fairies is fair to the elemental creatures. This is mostly because she’s the only one that ended up possessing a fairy by accident and not due to surgery, and thus, she is in the unique position of wonder if the fairies that her companions have are there by choice or would prefer to be free. And while this is a very intriguing plot twist that leads to the climax of the series, you may consider it’s too little, too late to be treated fairly.

3. You May Think It Ends too Quickly

While there’s no question that the war plot ends in a satisfactory note, and we can see how Eastald is rebuilding thanks to the efforts of our heroes, the small number of episodes that are dedicated solely to the Black Tome’s arc ends the Fairy treatment plot in a hopeful note but not with a real resolution, which may feel abrupt if there’s no next season. Because of this, you may prefer to skip the series rather than be left with an open ending.

Final Thoughts

Fairy Gone is a great series created by P.A.Works. While the world-building could use more episodes, the characters’ stories are solid and close in a good note. But we want to know, what were your feelings watching this series? Do you agree it was a great finale or do you have some other thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Fairy-gone-dvd Fairy Gone 2nd Cours Review – The Heat is On


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