Top 5 Over Souls in Shaman King So Far

Over the years, shounen anime has shown us a host of wild abilities. From zanjutsu-using Soul reapers, to Devil Fruit-powered pirates, and ninjutsu-practicing ninjas, the sky’s the limit on the powers these anime characters can use. The 2021 reboot of the classic Shaman King brings back the nostalgia with Over Soul-using shamans in a battle-royale power struggle against an ancient evil.

Over Souls are the ultimate form of Furyoku (mana, or shamanistic spiritual juju, if you please). They’re complex apparitions manifested through a shaman’s Furyoku and a medium, and the more powerful the Furyoku and medium, the stronger the Over Soul. With all of the most powerful shamans in the world coming together to compete for the position of Shaman King, we’ve seen some pretty wild over souls in the competition; and with the levels of Furyoku constantly in flux, we’ve seen some pretty powerful players rise and fall. So here we have our Top 5 over souls up until now (episode 33 or so) competing for Shaman King!

5. Ren Tao

With the vast number of players in the game, you may be wondering how Ren made the list, especially given the rather dire straits he was in a few episodes ago. However, our protagonists’ extremely capable rival has always shown vast amounts of potential with a very real chance at the Shaman King title. Forget his physical prowess and ability to pick up and replicate techniques after experiencing them only once, Ren also has a powerful spiritual ally: Bason, a Kublai Khan era warrior who has served the Tao family even in death.

With his extremely capable spirit ally and his impressive, innate shamanistic ability, Ren is definitely more than just talk and has successfully taken down extremely strong opponents (even a Patch Tribe officiant). His newest technique allows his over soul to summon any and all weapons Bason has ever faced on the battle field and impale his enemies. The only reason he’s below Yoh at the moment, is due to his last snafu against the overpowered members of Hao’s team.

4. Yoh Asakura

Our favourite slacker is formidable in his own right, but as he himself has declared, he’s got a ways to go before he can face shamans of Hao’s caliber. At around 10,000 furyoku, he’s fourth on our list only because we haven’t had a chance to see Yoh take on more challenging opponents given that there have been only two rounds of shaman fights.

However, the last time we saw him Yoh had definitely levelled up after training his Ultra Senji Ryakettsu with Anna, and so did his 600-year old samurai spirit ally who went from a ghost-type to a spirit-type. A strong ally and strong furyoku, means a stronger over soul, and thus after his training, Yoh is by far the most formidable on Team Funbari Onsen and more powerful than his friends (except maybe Ren), allies, some X-Laws and a few of Hao’s lackeys.

3. Mikihisa Asakura

Yet another Asakura has made the list! This one took us by surprise too, because when we first met Mikihisa, we didn’t have the foggiest clue that he’d entered the Shaman Fight too. Leader of Team Kabbalahers, Yoh’s father has trained his body, mind and mana to its maximum by leading the life of an ascetic. From rigorous physical training by climbing mountains, to Ultra Senji Ryakettsu for mana reading, to god and buddha like spirit summoning, Mikihisa has dedicated himself to becoming a powerful shaman to make up for his failure in stopping Hao from reincarnating.

In fact, he can easily dominate a fight against Ren, probably Yoh, and Team Hana-gumi without really breaking a sweat. The only reason he isn’t higher on the list is because he has admitted that he’s probably at the peak of his powers.

2. Iron Maiden Jeanne

On one hand we have a shaman with powers at their peak, on the other we have a shaman who is quite literally the definition of constant improvement. Furyoku can be strengthened through near death situations, and often shamans who’ve come near death have seen a vast rise in their Furyoku. Our next competitor and X-Laws leader, Iron Maiden Jeanne, has exploited this technique by keeping herself in a near-death-like situation at all times: she spends the majority of her time in an iron maiden so that her Furyoku rises day after day as she is continuously injured and healed.

With one of the highest levels of Furyoku in the shaman fight, given her masochistic training technique, it’s no wonder Jeanne has a ridiculously powerful over soul. With her god-class spirit ally, the Babylonian god of justice Shamash, her over soul manifests through a wide array of torture devices that she inflicts upon her enemies. She can even revive the dead. If that’s not enough to grant her second place on this list, we don’t know what is. Her mana is so powerful that she’s probably the closest in ability to Hao that we’ve seen so far.

1. Hao Asakura

The Asakura family has really cleaned up on this list taking three of the five spots. But, since we are making a list of powerful over souls, there’s no doubt that our main antagonist, Hao Asakura wouldn’t make the very top. An ancient shamanistic master who has reincarnated twice so far, his furyoku is at an unfathomable 1,250,000. With shikigamis swearing loyalty to him, and successfully reincarnating as Patch Tribe member to steal an elemental spirit as an ally and then reincarnating as an Asakura (who historically have had strong furyoku), Hao’s set up the odds in his favour, so no doubt he has an over soul that demonstrates his staggering power. Not to mention, his over soul grows stronger by consuming other souls (as if that wasn’t enough).

Honestly, it looks like Hao’s going to be hard-pressed to find some serious competition in the Shaman Fight, given his ability to transform his spirit ally into other elemental forms to suit his needs, his encyclopaedic knowledge and experience of spirituality, and his overpowered techniques.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap on our list for now! With the ever fluctuating furyoku, we have no doubt that this delicate power balance will definitely be upended as other strong shamans like Chocolove, Horohoro and Faust VIII improve under Anna and the Asakura’s rigorous (read: torturous) training regimens. It’s really anybody’s fight at the moment (mostly Hao’s) but we’re sure to see some dark horses and new players take the stage in this all-out battle for Shaman King. We have no doubt that we’ll probably have to update our Top 5 Over Souls as the tournament progresses.

So who do you think has the best over soul? Do you think Hao’s going to get a serious competitor soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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Shaman-King-2021-Wallpaper-4-700x324 Top 5 Over Souls in Shaman King So Far

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