Top 5 Scenes in Fruits Basket

The remake of Fruits Basket was one that was anxiously awaited by many of the manga’s and original anime’s fans. However, many of us also worried that it would not live up to the greatness of its predecessors. Tohru Honda and the legendary animals of the zodiac did not disappoint in the first season of the remake though and had many tender and funny moments that will live on with us. The 5 scenes listed below are the ones that we deem the best of the season and sent an arrow straight through our hearts. There will be spoilers below so if you haven’t seen it, please don’t read this and go straight to watching!

5. They’re All Animals (Episode 1)

Tohru is definitely not the most agile of characters. When she bumps into Kyou, Yuki and Shigure, she is unexpectedly surprised at their transformation. Tohru goes to the door for a package delivery with her hands full of animals, completely flustered. Any person would be flustered by this, but her reaction to their transformations and innocent worry about them make us love Tohru Honda all the more.

4. Rice Balls (Episode 3)

There are many tidbits of wisdom in Fruits Basket and it is no exception with episode 3 when Tohru is talking about rice balls. She compares Kyou to a rice ball and while he is initially insulted, it becomes one of the first tender moments between the two of them. This scene could be described as the beginning of their closeness and love.

3. Momiji’s Backstory (Episode 14)

Momiji Souma, the rabbit, is not one of the main characters but he appears in numerous episodes. This crossdressing and adorable child is mostly a happy go lucky individual. However, we are clued into his backstory when we see him quietly watching his mother and sister walk away. Momiji tells Tohru about the relationship between mothers and reincarnations of the zodiac. His mother painfully rejected him and he was forced to live a life apart from his family. This scene is heartbreaking and is easily one of the most memorable of the season.

2. New Years (Episode 8)

When Tohru insists that Kyou and Yuki go to the annual celebration of the new year at the Souma estate, they begrudgingly agree. However, upon running into Saki, the two realize that they made a grave mistake. One of the most arguably heart-wrenching scenes in the anime is when they return to the house to find a tearful Tohru. Together, they bond by climbing on the roof to watch the first sunrise of the new year. The trio is often at odds with each other, but seeing them in such a tender and familial moment makes it one of the best scenes in the anime.

1. The Cat’s True Form (Episode 24)

When Kyou’s bracelet is forcefully removed, he turns from a cute cat into a ferocious and disgusting monster. Despite his hideous form, Tohru goes after him out of love. The smell is enough to make her vomit but she only cares about him. Once found, Kyou tries to push her away both emotionally and physically. Even though he is at his worst, Tohru makes a connection and allows Kyou to realize that she doesn’t love him because of his form but because of his personality and what he is made up as a person. This tender moment is tear-inducing and will tug at the toughest of heartstrings.

Final Thoughts

Fruits Basket is full of emotional scenes and tidbits of wisdom. Despite being a remake, the 2019 version lives up to its previous counterparts. Following the journey of Yuki, Tohru and Kyou is an emotional rollercoaster and can be followed by many that are looking for a new anime or simply want to relive the joy of the previous one. Watching it does not feel like a chore or simply monotonous, but it is quite the tearjerker and will make you look at life in an entirely new way.

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