Here’s Why You NEED To Watch Fruits Basket 2nd Season

With the first season of the Fruits Basket remake finally concluded, fans still have to wait until 2020 for the second season. The first season of the 2019 series largely retells the same story as the 2001 anime, but is intended to be more faithful to the manga since Natsuki Takaya, the original author, is personally supervising. Both the 2019 first season and the original 2001 anime series tell how recently orphaned Tooru Honda ends up living with the eccentric Souma family. As she moves in with them, she learns how selected members of the family are cursed by the Chinese Zodiac, but the one with the most tragic curse is Kyo.

By the end of both anime adaptations, audiences and Tooru learn what the true curse of Kyo is. For those that have read the manga (that concluded back in 2006), then they already know where the story goes from there. As for those whose only exposure is to the anime, then they have to wait until 2020 to see what happens next. For now, allow us to share why you NEED to watch Fruits Basket 2nd Season!

It Expands the Souma Family

As audiences see at the end of the first season, there are members of the Souma family that have yet to be properly introduced. One notable character is Isuzu, or Rin. For those that have read the manga, then they already know who she is. As viewers already know based on the first season, they know how tragic the curse of the Souma family is. However, as new members are introduced, the audience is provided new stories about how severe Akito’s abuse is. With Rin, it introduces a distinguishing dynamic on making audiences wonder if they can stomach the rest of the series with the abuse that the cursed family members have to endure. As for her relationship with Tooru, without giving too much away, all we can say is expect the natural initial reaction that a new character would have upon meeting her for the first time just like with some of the other members.

Another new character to look forward to from the Souma family is Kureno. Without giving away any spoilers to those that haven’t read the manga, all we can promise is that he’s certainly a unique character and would make a great study for a future HCW. As for other members that have already been introduced, such as Kazuma, Kisa, and Hiro, they get more exposure and development as the series progresses. As for headmaster Akito, naturally, you’re going to learn more about the character as well and what makes them so manipulative. In addition, for those not familiar with the manga, you’re in for a treat with who is going to be introduced next.

Kyo and Tooru’s Relationship

While this is obviously a spoiler, based on the events related to the ending of the first season, it’s only natural that the relationship between Kyo and Tooru gets further exploration. Considering the insanity that happens, we all want to see what happens next and it’s nice to see where it’s going to go in anime form. We finally see Kyo slowly coming to terms with his feelings for Tooru and his determination in wanting to spend time with her. At the same time, we also see Tooru in her never-ending quest to support the family and ending their curse as she overcomes whatever obstacles come her way.

It Could Lead to an Anime Adaptation of Fruits Basket Another

In addition to the original manga being over, the brief sequel, Fruits Basket Another, could also get an anime adaptation. Audiences can see what happens to the characters after the actual ending and since the manga to Another is only three volumes, a brief anime adaptation (maybe as an OVA?) would be of great service to the fans. With the remake receiving nothing but positive feedback, making an anime for Another is certainly a great way to further treat fans who have enjoyed the franchise.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to dysfunctional families, the Soumas certainly need someone like Dr. Phil to work out their issues. Unfortunately, in the world of anime, it doesn’t work that way. Instead, they are treated to the undying positivity of an unassuming teenager, Tooru. The second season promises to push further boundaries on the tragedies of the Souma family and how it can affect Tooru. Does Tooru come to terms with the situation and just accept it for what it is? Or will she go down fighting? Or will she emerge victorious? If you don’t want to read the manga to find out, then these questions are ultimately why you NEED to watching season 2!

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