Top 5 Scenes in Maou-sama, Retry! (Demon Lord, Retry!)

With every passing season, we just get more and more isekai series. The summer 2019 season gave us quite a few different isekai anime, but one of the most interesting ones was Maou-sama, Retry! There was a lot to like with this series and there was no shortage of great moments. Today we are going to be looking at some of these great moments as we go over the top five scenes in Maou-sama, Retry! Let's get started.

5. Hakuto vs Carnival (Episode 6)

Members of the Satanist Cult try to kill Hakuto and his friends, by summoning a powerful demon. The demon's name is Carnival and goes to attack Mikan and Yukikaze, however, Hakuto throws a rock at him and destroys his horn. Angered by the destruction of his horn, Carnival sets his sights on Hakuto, but he quickly froze in fear once he feels Hakuto's immense power. Hakuto takes the opportunity to show off his skills and kills Carnival in an instant. While it isn't much of a fight, the showdown between Hakuto and Carnival is still incredibly exciting. It is always great getting to see Hakuto show off just how strong he is. You can't help but get excited seeing how scared Hakuto makes Carnival without even trying.

4. Demon Lord Hunting (Episode 2)

Hakuto and Aku are attacked by a group of bandits and find themselves trapped. They are saved by the holy maiden Luna and her soldiers who dispatch the bandits and then turn their attention to Hakuto. Looking to hunt down the Demon Lord, Luna and her knights try to kill Hakuto but he tosses the knights aside and punishes Luna for her arrogance by giving her a few spankings. This is by far one of the funniest scenes in Maou-sama, Retry! The bits with the soldiers and the bandits getting tossed around are funny on their own, but seeing Hakuto spank Luna just takes the scene to the next level.

3. Killer Queen’s Cute Side (Episode 5)

After arriving back home, Killer Queen finally gets a chance to relax and reveals to her sister Angel White that she is in love with Hakuto's alternate character Zero Kirisame. As she tells Angel White all about why she loves Zero, Killer Queen rolls around on the ground while holding onto a plush doll of Zero. This scene is both cute and funny. We get to see this girly side to Killer Queen who is usually rough and serious. The extreme way she reacts about her crush is hilarious and ridiculous all at the same time.

2. Yuu vs Carmiya(Episode 7)

While Hakuto was out fighting, an assassin named Carmiya tries to kill the members of Hakuto's party. Disguised as a clown, Carmiya attempts to trick using the guise as a clown to get close to them and poison them. Yuu turns tables by showing Carmiya a magic trick of her own and removing both of his arms while revealing to him that she knows what he is really trying to do. Most of the cool scenes in Demon Lord, Retry! involve Hakuto and his overwhelming power. However, this scene gives us a nice change of pace and lets us see Yuu in a whole new light. This scene isn't very long and not a lot happens, but it is still one of the most entertaining scenes in the whole series and is a great way to open up episode seven.

1.Aku’s Village (Episode 1)

After defeating Greol and taking Aku back to the village, Hakuto is forced to take action when he sees the way the villagers treat Aku. Watching Aku beat by the villagers along with learning that Aku was supposed to be a sacrifice for Greol, Hakuto's rage is unleashed as he reveals himself to be the Demon Lord and burns down the village. With nowhere to go, Hakuto decides to bring Aku along with him on his journey. The end of the first gives us one of the best scenes in the entire series. There is a lot going on here between learning a bit about Hakuto's mysterious ring and giving us a small taste of the great dynamic between Hakuto and Aku. It is also nice to see just how much power Hakuto has in this new world.

Final Thoughts

That is it for our list of the top five scenes in Maou-sama, Retry! Each scene captures some of the show's best qualities and demonstrates why Maou-sama, Retry! was such a fun and enjoyable series. What did you think of Maou-sama, Retry!? What was your favorite scene in the series? Let us know by leaving us a comment.

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