Top 5 Scenes in Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV

The fifth entry in the Senkai Zesshou Symphogear series was the best one yet. Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV was jam-packed with so many exciting moments as Hibiki and her friends face their toughest challenges yet. We are going to be looking at moments this series has to offer. So, we are going to be counting down the top five scenes in  Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV. Let's get started.

5. Carol vs Noble Red (Episode 8)

With nobody able to stop the members of Noble Red, Carol returns to turn the tide of the battle. Thanks to having a copy of her consciousness placed inside of Elfnein, Carol is able to take over the body. Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa team up and try to stop Carol, but Carol is able to easily defeat them before heading off to help save Miku. This was one of the most exciting and unexpected scenes in the series. It was great getting to see Carol back in action and this time fighting for the good guys even if it was just for a short time.

4. Everyone is Here (Episode 1)

The Symphogear head to Antarctica when a coffin containing an Anunnaki shows up, but the Anunnaki gets the upper hand and freezes all six of the girls. With the thoughts of everyone supporting here, Hibiki breaks out of the ice wanting to save her friends. The rest of the girls break out of the ice as well and they work together to defeat the monster and save the day. This scene was a great way to open up Senki Zessho Symphogear XV. We get to see all six of the girls in action in what is one of the most exciting and visually interesting fights of the season. 

3. Tsubasa Loses Control (Episode 5)

While fighting in the city, Tsubasa thinks she sees Millaarc and starts going crazy. Tsubasa unleashes all of the attacks she has with no second thought killing her enemies and destroying the city. Unleashing one final attack in the form of the Chaos Flame Wrath Slash, Tsubasa finishes off the last of monsters only to find out Millaarc was nowhere to be found. What makes this scene great is not only is it fun to see Tsubasa go all out, but the scene does a great job of setting up Tsubasa's story arch for the rest of the season. The scene is made better knowing how far Tsubasa has come since the first season only to see start falling apart mentally.

2. Tsubasa vs Fudou (Episode 9)

With the help of Maria, Tsubasa comes to her senses and heads out to stop Fudou. Tsubasa and Fudou engage in an intense battle forcing Tsubasa to turn to the power of the Amalgam in order to defeat Fudou. Before Tsubasa is able to defeat Fudou once and for all, Genjurou stops her from killing him. This one best scene in the series thanks to everything leading up to up. There is so much leading up to this fight with Tsubasa overcoming Fudou's influence and Fudou mortally wounding Yatsuhiro. Then on top of all of that, the fight itself is just so entertaining and we get to see Tsubasa go all out and be willing to throw away her humanity just to avenge Yatsuhiro.

1.The Climax Song (Episode 13)

After defeating Shem-Ha and rescuing Miku, the girls turn their attention to Yggdrasil as they join together for the final battle. With the fate of the world in the balance Hibiki, Miku, Chris, Tsubasa, Maria, Kirika and Shirabe transform and go to Yggdrasil's core.  The girls combine their powers to perform the Climax Song allowing them to destroy the core and stop Yggdrasil from spreading anymore. While this isn't the most exciting or intense as some of the other scenes in the series, this is by far the best scene in the series. Getting to see the girls come together and perform one final song to save the day was not only a great way to end Senki Zesshōo Symphogear XV, but it was the perfect way to bring five seasons worth of Symphogear to an end.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our list of the top five scenes Senkai Zesshou Symphogear XV. Hopefully, you enjoyed taking a look back at the best moments and remembering how amazing this series has been. What was your favorite moment in Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV? Are there any scenes you think should have made the list. Let us know by leaving us a comment.

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