Top 5 Scenes in Sounan Desu ka? (Are You Lost?)

Sounan Desu ka? is a one-of-a-kind show that combines slice of life elements with a cast of all-female characters, a story of survival on an uninhabited island, and with a dose of comedy and fanservice. Watching four girls foraging for food, building a shelter, setting up traps, improving their odds of survival, and learning actual survival tips and techniques is an interesting experience.

Now that Sounan Desu ka? is over, let’s look back at the scenes that made the anime great. Of course, this list is for fans who have already seen the anime, so if you haven’t seen Sounan Desu ka, we recommend you watch it before reading Honey’s Anime Top 5 Best Scenes in Sounan Desu ka? (Are You Lost?).

--Spoilers Ahead!!--

5. The Patch Test (Episode 3)

Homare and Asuka set out into the forest to find food, and Asuka finds something that resembles a potato. “The tuber could be poisonous”, Homare warns, but Asuka insists the tuber she pulled out from the ground is edible. To find out if it’s edible or not, Homare must do a patch test. A patch test, or an edibility test, is a test to see if the plant is safe for consumption by cutting the plant open and pressing it on the skin and wait for a reaction. If there’s no irritation or discoloration of the skin, then it’s safe to eat the plant. Asuka waves her butt at Homare and enthusiastically suggests using their butts for the test. Homare happily obliges and shoves the plant up Asuka’s ass. Short, quick execution, and very funny, Homare looking indifferent throughout the whole moment was priceless.

4. Onsen Scene (Episode 8)

Homare and the gang set out to explore the rest of the island and they discover an abandoned dock, some materials, a pair of rusted blades, citrus fruits, and an abandoned run-down house. But the biggest discovery is the existence of an onsen/hot spring and the girls quickly take advantage of the discovery to take a bath and relax in a moment of bliss; luxuries that are very rare on the island.

Episode 8 is your obligatory beach/onsen episode and while we always see the girls in their bare essentials throughout the show, this is the only time we see them naked, as much as the age ratings allow, at least. Apart from seeing the girls unwind (and Asuka gets struck by lightning), we still get to learn about survival, like figuring out your location on the planet by looking at the stars and constellations courtesy of Homare, and some astronomy lessons by Mutsu.

3. Finding Shion (Episode 11)

Shion has drifted into the ocean and landed on a different island. Meanwhile, at Idiot Island, Homare has already set off on a raft, carrying nothing to gauge distance or direction in order to find her stranded companion. Everything seems hopeless but Homare recalls her time with her father who taught her to remain calm, never give up, and look at things from every angle. Homare uses the improvised bamboo paddle to vault herself into the air to get a wider view of the ocean and then finally finds the island where Shion is suspected to drift towards. And Homare’s intuition is right on the money as finds the lonely and sobbing Shion.

Being stranded in the ocean is one scary experience and it was hard to tell how Homare would even find the island with no tools. But in the end, Homare surprised us with her experience and thinking out of the box.

2. Rabbit Meat Preparation (Episode 6)

Homare, Shion, Mutsu, and Asuka have been on the island for several days now and they’re living off insects, crustaceans, and they finally have some fish in episode 5. On a routine round in the forest, Mutsu and Asuka find that a rabbit has finally been caught in one of the traps they’ve set. Rabbit meat is now on the menu, girls!

The rabbit meat preparation is the entire focus of episode 6 and it’s one of the best scenes of the show with many great moments like how to prepare the rabbit meat, breaking certain stones to make them into cutting tools, Mutsu redeeming herself by volunteering to skin the rabbit, Shion being bossy and suggesting they cook the rabbit in French cuisine style, using whatever edible plants and resources that have as ingredients, using a sundial as a cooking timer, and after a hearty meal, Asuka holds a rabbit bone to thank the slain creature for its nutritious meat.

1. Surprise Rim Job (Episode 12)

Homare has found Shion on another island and they’re heading back to their island, Idiot Island. But travelling back to their home island will be an arduous task because Homare forgot to bring drinkable water and they’re drifting through the ocean on a very sunny day. Homare did collect two bottles of dirty water from a cave in an experiment to sanitize the water using the sun, but removing the impurities would take a long time. In a last-ditch effort, Homare proposes to Shion they take in the dirty water through their anuses because the colon can absorb water and the colon prevents bacteria from entering the body. How will they administer the water through the anus? Using their mouths, of course!

Sounan Desu ka? has many crazy survival solutions but nothing tops this unorthodox solution to dehydration. Shion reluctantly bends over and Homare transfers a mouthful of the dirty water using her tongue through Shion’s anus. After Shion is rehydrated, it’s Homare’s turn to take in water and asks Shion to specifically administer the water 10 times by digging in her tongue… Seeing Shion staring at Homare’s bare ass with a dumb look on her face is just priceless. Oh and it doesn’t end there: you can see, though at a distance, Homare and Shion taking turns digging their faces into each other’s butts.

Final Thoughts

Say what you want about Sounan Desu ka? being unrealistic, but it’s an interesting anime with a unique take on survival that doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you were looking for a Lord of the Flies, or just a Cast Away-like anime, then Sounan Desu ka? is not it. But if you’re just looking for a fun anime about girls stranded on an island, then Sounan Desu ka? is an anime worth watching.

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