Sounan Desu Ka? (Are You Lost?) Review - Four Girls, One Island

Sounan-Desu-ka-Are-you-Lost Wallpaper Sounan Desu Ka? (Are You Lost?) Review - Four Girls, One Island

Four Girls, One Island

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Seinen
  • Airing Date : July 2019 – September 2019
  • Producers : Ezόla

Contains Spoilers

Sounan Desu Ka? (Are You Lost?) Introduction and Story

The premise of Sounan Desu Ka? is fairly simple. After a plane crash during their school trip, four high school girls are stranded on a deserted island with nothing but their uniforms and wits. Luckily, Homare Onishima has plenty of survival experience thanks to her adventurer—possibly ex black-ops—dad. Now, ojou-sama Shion Kujou, intellectual Mutsu Amatani, and athletic Asuka Suzumori depend on Homanre’s wisdom to survive.

Eating and drinking whatever they can find—no matter how gross or shocking—and narrowly dodging death a couple of times, the girls manage to stay alive and healthy and end up becoming closer than they ever thought possible. In more ways than one….

Why You Should Watch Sounan Desu Ka? (Are You Lost?)

1. Another Great Educational Anime!

While the girls in Sounan Desu Ka? are often in nothing but their underwear—which seems more realistic than their uniforms being so clean the whole time—the tips and survival techniques are in fact, pretty interesting and useful to learn! You never know when you may need to look through a bottle to fish for dinner or build a trap to catch a rabbit! Regardless of the number of panty shots, there’s quite a bit to learn from Are You Lost?

2. Cute Girls Doing Gross Things (To Survive)

All of the girls are beautiful and there’s a perfect harem with an athletic tomboy, a megane-chan, an ojou-sama, and a badass who would be a kuudere if they didn’t all depend on her telling them what to do and how to do it. To add to that, as mentioned before, they are in their underwear and/or wet most of the time! You’re sure to find a waifu you’d love to be stranded with in there somewhere.

Why You Should Skip Sounan Desu Ka? (Are You Lost?)

1. Realistic but... Unrealistic

While many of the survival tips are useful and could come in handy in a real situation, the way things happen tends to abuse the laws of anime. Between the gourmet-style meals the girls manage to prepare and the self-cleaning laundry—among other things—, it’s hard to decide whether we believe these little she-Bear Grylls or not…

2. It Could Be Funnier

Sounan Desu Ka? is for sure a comedy, ecchi anime. Though it seems to have trouble staying funny—possibly to be taken seriously, though it’s hard to take an anime seriously when there are cute girls parading in their lacey underwear, getting covered in slimy stuff, and getting into “awkward” situations. The last episode goes way past cute, funny ecchi and into just plain WTH!? territory.

Final Thoughts

Are You Lost? Isn’t for everybody, but if you like cute girls doing cute things, enjoy or don’t mind some light girl-on-girl ecchi, and don’t get grossed out easily, Sounan Desu Ka? is a fun, interesting watch. We definitely took some survival notes… just in case.

Did you enjoy Sounan Desu Ka? Would you watch it after reading our review? Who’s your favorite girl? What was the most unrealistic (or shocking!) moment? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Sounan-Desu-ka-Are-you-Lost Wallpaper Sounan Desu Ka? (Are You Lost?) Review - Four Girls, One Island


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