[Thirsty Thursday] Top 5 Sex Locations in Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita

Skirt no Naka de Kedamono Deshita has several points of interest that make it a great hentai to watch. Its short episodes mean you can slip one in between classes, while waiting in line, or during intermissions. (None of these things are recommended, but hey, you can!) Not only is the male protagonist hot, he also makes a beautiful lady. You get the illusion of yuri with a good bit of straight hentai. Ignoring all the problems with consent, it's a cute, sexy little love story with enough originality to keep things fresh without straying too far from what's easily enjoyed by most people.

Ryou and Shizuka seem like an unlikely pair but they each have their unique and endearing traits. Ryou is eccentric and impulsive while Shizuka is very shy and doesn't particularly enjoy spontaneous decisions or outings as she likes to carefully consider things. She's terrified of men and if it weren't for Ryou's habit of dressing as a woman, the two of them wouldn't have been able to fall in love. While Ryou will go at Shizuka even as she tells him no, he will spare no expense to make her happy and is very open and honest about his feelings for her. Despite Shizuka being timid, she still stands up for herself and puts her foot down when she feels she's being treated badly. Despite dating being so new to her, she gives it an honest try, overcoming her adversity to unknown situations and dealing with uncertainty. And the spontaneous sex all around town! No matter where the two go, nowhere is safe. Here, we are going to look at the top 5 sex locations in Skirt no Naka de Kedamono Deshita from the standpoint of how they pan out in the anime.

5. Train (Ep. 6)

Trains appeal to a special kind of deviant and appeal to sadists and masochists in terms of humiliation and control. Ryou doesn't even notice at first that his knee is rubbing against Shizuka until he feels her shaking, desperately trying to keep her arousal secret from everyone else. Ryou knows she'll be quite limited in her ability to fight with him without drawing attention to herself, and he uses this to his advantage to make her submit to his stimulation or risk being found out! Of course, this is no normal train; this is a magical hentai train in which other passengers can't hear moaning and don't notice movement despite being packed so tightly together. Very convenient! Sarcasm aside, it's pretty hot to see Ryou toying with Shizuka as she's powerless to resist him. Shizuka herself doesn't like to be asked if it's ok to touch her and gets overwhelmingly embarrassed when initiating anything, so in a way, it's a load off of her mind! As long as she's quiet, she can enjoy being touched by Ryou without suffering the humiliation of having to outright ask. While this was a good location with a humorous end to the scene, it's number 5 on our list of sex spots because there's so little that can be done and everyone's fully clothed.

4. Ferris Wheel (Ep. 7)

High above the crowds, our young lovers enjoy an intimate moment in the sky. How romantic! Ignoring the possibility of other people on the Ferris wheel being able to look into their car, of course. Ryou certainly has a thing about putting Shizuka in situations where she'll be discovered by other people if she's not careful. It's not just that he can't keep his hands off her -though that's often true- but rather, he loves to see her flustered and adorable reactions. They have to position themselves carefully with Shizuka on Ryou's lap with his back obscuring their lewd actions and of course, it works perfectly. They can't move very much but Ryou manages to work his hands all over Shizuka's body. The juxtaposition of a symbol of innocent romance and childhood glee with their dirty actions makes it even more naughty! Shizuka can't concentrate on anything but Ryou's fingers and the two frantically clean themselves up just before the door opens and they are let off. Not everyone can be as brave or foolish as these two, but for those that are, it's an exciting idea! Just a little less exciting when you think about how easy it would be to be seen and then, it's not like you can make a quick get-away 20 feet up in the air.

3. Store Changing Room (Ep. 3-4)

The changing room is a fun one because we've all thought of it. The whole point is to take your clothes off! We, again, have the excitement of doing the deed in public, close to where you could be discovered, but there's a certain guarantee that if you don't draw attention to yourself no one can see you. Another bonus to changing rooms are the mirrors!! And as there's usually more than one, you get to witness the banging from multiple angles. Ryou teases Shizuka, encouraging her to watch as he dresses her, and he forces Shizuka against the mirror as he plays with her from behind. As an added bonus for these two, Ryou knows the workers at this store and feels very confident that they won't say anything even if he and Shizuka are discovered doing the dirty. It's still possible they'll get discovered, which heightens the excitement, BUT there's the reassurance in the back of their minds that even if they get caught, they won't go to jail or be publically humiliated. With the relative seclusion of a private room and thrill of public naughtiness and mirrors, changing rooms are definitely a great place to bang... in theory at least!

2. Hotel Room (Ep. 5)

Hotel rooms, while maybe not the most exciting or uncommon of places, are a dang good place to screw for several reasons. When Ryou pushes Shizuka down on the bed and begins touching her, for once, she's able to speak at a normal volume and moan loudly. There's something very erotic about being able to hear her unrestrained voice as Ryou touches her most sensitive areas. Another nice benefit is that without worrying about keeping to a small area, more positions can be utilized. At first, Ryou has Shizuka laid on her back while his head is between her legs. Then he shifts her upright and moves behind her to utilize his fingers from a different angle. Having the freedom to switch up positions helps ensure both partners can enjoy themselves more. And if they were feeling so inclined (or rather, if Ryou decided that's what they were doing) he could just bring Shizuka over to the window and do her there to experience the thrill of possibly being caught. There's also the bathroom, which is bound to have large mirrors for their viewing pleasure. Hotel room ain't a bad deal for the creative mind!

1. Empty Classroom (Ep. 9-10)

Our top enticing spot for sex would be the empty classroom at Ryou's university! It's got it all: enough space for using multiple positions, enough cover to reasonably assume people won't easily discover you, and public enough for the thrill of danger! Plus, like with most locations on our list, you have to leave right after. After finishing your business in the classroom you get to stroll around school knowing you just did the deed and getting to relish being in the same place but no one knowing what just went down. Don't have to worry about being late to your class when it's just down the hallway, which is lucky for Ryou. Overjoyed that his darling Shizuka came to visit him, Ryou makes use of their secluded spot. Despite her initial protests at Ryou licking between her legs, she finds herself wanting more even to the point of enjoying sucking on Ryou's fingers. Of course, the two enjoy each other until the bell rings signaling the start of Ryou's class. But if not for the empty classroom, our two lovers might not have been able to do anything and we'd be left with an episode entirely of dialogue. This way works out for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Honey's disclaimer: It doesn't work in real life like it does in Skirt no Naka de Kedamono Deshita. Please do not attempt all of these locations. For a fantasy, though, Skirt no Naka is a fun hentai with many seemingly great spots for sex. And what's nice is that since they did it, you don't have to! Live vicariously through Ryou and Shizuka to get an idea of what these would be like without risking getting caught. The idea of these normally sex-free public spaces being used by our cute couple is super thrilling. Hopefully, you guys approve of this list (and the fact that we didn't include public bathrooms because you never know what you'll find or smell). Let us know which place seems the most fun in the comments!

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