Top 5 Strongest Generals from Kingdom the Anime

It takes more than just a name to be a general in Kingdom, the anime. They are in charge of commanding thousands of soldiers to fight the bloodiest wars, and most of the characters on this list become more than just battlefield commanders. They go on to become parental figures, friends, and in most cases, legends. The series does an outstanding job of laying out historical events in considerable detail and sequence, with the implication being that it takes more than raw power to be a top-ranked general – fortitude, strategy, intelligence, and a variety of other factors all play important roles in determining the best of the best.

The plot had a lot of interesting candidates, some with great physical strength, others with great tactics, and those who possessed both. So, in this list, we'll go over the top five generals from the Kingdom anime.

5. Kan Ki

Left for dead and subsequently adopted into the Saki Clan when he was 13 years old, Kan Ki the beheader was initially a feared leader of a large pack of bandits based in the mountains South of Qin during the era of King Sho. He became infamous for his unusual ways of guerilla tactics and brutal personality as he would behead every single citizen of any local city and village he conquered. He was later taken under the wing of the Great General Mou Gou, as the old general saw potential in him.

An ex-bandit and currently one of the Qin’s Six Great Generals, Kan Ki is an unorthodox character with strong leadership skills and merciless tactics. Although it’s a bit unclear how physically strong he is, his way of thinking is simple - win by any method possible, no matter how dirty or underhanded it seems. He’s aggressive and clever, playing with psychological warfare, defeating the likes of Heavenly King Gen Bou, and even managing to trick Zhao soldiers into submission

4. Yo Tan Wa

Most people would not expect a woman to become one of the Six Generals of Qin in a field dominated by men, but she is one to be feared. Yo Tan Wa, also known as the Lord of Death, is the King of the Mountain Tribes, a position she attained by embarking on conquests to unite the various tribes and expand her influence. Her martial and sword skills are unrivalled, as she is said to be the most skilled sword user in the entire mountain realm, making her one of China's strongest.

The Lord of Death's greatest asset is her confidence in her abilities as she leads her army from the front lines. She can create a massive influx of morale in her army with a passionate speech, which usually results in crushing the motivation of her adversaries. She is so beloved by her subjects that they can go on suicide charges if ordered to do so, and she took on the most difficult task in terms of numbers in the invasion of the Western Zhao, battling both Shunsuiju's Zhao army and the mountain tribe of Quandong. Her tactical prowess as seen in the capture of Ryouyou, not to mention her skills as a high official to keep her monstrous troop's morale up earns her a place in our top 5.

3. Ou Sen

Ou Sen, the current head of the Ou Family, is the third member of the Six Great Generals of Qin and the leader of the Ou Sen Army. He previously served as a deputy general in Mou Gou Army along with Kan Ki but later became an independent commander after the death of Mou Gou. Ou Sen is known for being a master tactician and the best strategist among the Six Great Generals. And although he only engages in battles he’s sure he can win, this doesn’t mean he’s any less competent than any other General in strength and commandership.

Ou Sen’s unorthodox tactics are one of the greatest in the series we have seen. His tactical prowess was seen in the Sanyou campaign, where he conquered 8 cities in 2 months by using a lightning-fast series of offensives, and in the battle of Kankoku pass where he used impressive terrain manipulation to build a fort without a single compromising opening. Although his most impressive victory came in the Gyou invasion where he defeated Ri Boku on his home ground with the odds stacked against Qin. Though he isn’t physically strong, his tactical skills make up for it. Seeing as Ou Sen has been compared to the likes of Ou Ki and Haku Ki who came from a generation before him, it is fair to say Ou Sen has shown the strongest display of General skills in the series.

2. Ri Boku

Ri Boku, the strongest of Zhao's three Great Heavens, is the Kingdom's greatest genius. With superior intelligence and the ability to see several steps ahead, he outperforms the majority of the Qin Great Generals in military prowess and is a name that is rightfully feared throughout the series. With his experience, he knows exactly what strategy to use, and when to use it and his tactical abilities and knowledge of war are on a completely different level - on par with Ou Sen, Shou Hei Kun, and Haku Ki. During the Coalition Invasion Arc, Ri Boku led the Coalition Army and managed to corner Qin King Sei in the last-standing city of Sai. His plan might have succeeded if Yotanwa and the Mountain tribe army hadn't intervened.

Even without the assistance of the Zhao king, he was able to fight and nearly defeat Qin's army during the invasion of Gyou. Ousen himself stated that they were both equal in tactical expertise and that the scale could have tipped in either direction. Riboku is an eloquent orator and master swordsman, and during his reign as the Prime Minister of Zhao, he was Qin’s greatest adversary. Not only does he have a sound mind and a talent for politics but also has an unwavering loyalty to Zhao and a desire to protect his homeland, even at the risk of his own life.

1. Ou Ki

Based solely on physical strength, Ou Ki, aka the Monstrous Bird of Qin, is easily one of the strongest characters (if not the strongest). He was skilled in both offence and defence, possessed tremendous willpower and mental fortitude, and his mere presence could leave his opponents shaking in their boots. He was also the most skilled with the glaive, which he passed down to his student, Shin.

As a Great General of the Heavens and one of the Six Great Generals of the first generation, Ou Ki was a well-seasoned commander and most of his past battles weren't portrayed in the anime. In the current timeline, however, he demonstrated his combat abilities during Sei Kyou's Rebellion, the Keiyou Campaign, and, most notably, the Battle of Bayou. His leadership is unprecedented, as he could boost morale simply by being visible, and it took two of the most brutal Zhao officers to kill him. And even then, his death came as a result of underhanded methods.

Final Thoughts

When we see so many different characters of high calibre constantly clashing against each other in an anime like Kingdom, it's beyond fascinating as it gives us an insight into how legends are truly made. Every single one of their conflicts offers some of the most mind-boggling, cliff-hanging sequences in anime, whether it's a battle of brains or brawns or both. If you've seen the show, we'd love to hear your thoughts on who you think should be on this list! Remember, we have plenty of other recommendation lists on Honey's Anime, so be sure to check those out as well.

by Ahmad Animasaun

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