Kingdom 3rd Season

Kingdom 3rd Season

Action, Historical, Military, Seinen

Airing Date:
Spring 2020 (Restart from Spring 2021)

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Before Christ, in the State of Qin, western China, there was a young 1,000-man commander, Xin, who dreamed of becoming the "greatest General in the world" along with his deceased best friend.
Caught in the midst of a violent coup in the royal capital, Xin meets Ying Zheng, the King of the State of Qin, and puts himself on the battlefield to realize his dream and Ying Zheng's goal "Unity of China".
He gets over the death of his teacher, Ouki, and through competing with his rivals, such as Meng Tian and Wang Ben, he steadily climbs the steps towards his dream.

Ying Zheng also expands his influences in the palace to regain true power from Lü Buwei, the Chancellor, to realize his grand goal.

The State of Quin succeeds in the Shanyang Campaign, gaining one of the most important military strongholds, and moves a step towards the "Unity of China". However, Li Mu, the talented military strategist of the State of Zhao, senses danger in this move, which could change the power balance of the 7 States. He brings together the army of the 6 States: Chu, Zhao, Wei, Yan, Han, and Qi, with Lord Chunshen at the top, and begins an attack on the State of Quin!

The State of Quin gathers all of its military forces to fight against the unprecedented crisis of the army of the Military Affairs!!

Characters & Voice Actors

Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Xin: Masagazu Morita

A 1,000-man commander of the "Feixin Unit", who started off as a servant, and dreams of becoming the "greatest General in the world". He meets Ying Zheng, the present king of the State of Qin, by fate in the midst of a violent coup in the royal capital. He is honest, straight forward, and his manly spirit gains much trust from his subordinates. His strong body, mind, and instincts improved through the battles, which has kept him alive through many deadly situations. He learns much from the way of life of Generals such as his teacher Wang Qi, who named Xin's unit the "Feixin Unit" on the battlefield, and through competing with his rivals, such as Meng Tian and Wang Ben, he steadily climbs the steps towards the "Unity of China" along with his sworn friend, Ying Zheng.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Ying Zheng: Jun Fukuyama

The 31st king of the State of Qin, who later becomes Zheng, the King of Qin. He has good looks and is very intelligent. Though young, he has the presence of a king backed up by his excellent leadership. He wants to finish the age of wars by unifying all China, which is something no one has ever done. However, not many have realized his talent and Lü Buwei has a stronger influence in the palace. Xin, who he fought along with at the coup in the royal capital, swears that each of their goals materialize. With the help of his advisor, Chang Wen Jun, and his brother Cheng Jiao, who is frustrated by Lü Buwei's actions, Ying Zheng regains true power in the palace to realize his grand goal.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Heliao Diao: RIe Kugimiya

The military strategist of the "Feixin Unit" of the State of Qin. She helps Xin and Ying Zheng, the king of the State of Qin, and joins the team. To help Xin and Ying Zheng reach their goals and fight along with them, she studies military strategy under Lord Changping, the head of military affairs of the State of Qin. At first, she wasn't trusted by the rough members of the "Feixin Unit", but is now loved by them and referred to as the "little girl strategist." She's a strong asset to the unit as a dependable strategist who sometimes carries the "Feixin Unit" to victory, and other times saves them from tight pinches.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Biao Gong: Shirou Saitou

A Great General of the State of Qin. He is a typical "Instinctual General" who thinks outside of tactics and strategies, following his instincts on the battlefield. He emphasizes "how the fire spreads" in the battles, and has a great sense of the state of the war. He is a warrior who fought many wars and knows much about the "Six Great Generals of the State of Qin" such as Wang Qi, Xin's teacher. He respects Xin for remarkably growing stronger during battles. Since he is the first commander, who Xin fought under for the first time, he has a strong influence on him just like Wang Qi does.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Wu Meng: Taiten Kusunoki

A Great General of the State of Qin. A brave General with a rough personality, overwhelming strength, and a giant figure. He has known Lord Changping, the head of military affairs of the State of Qin, for a long time, and both have a high respect towards each other. Wang Qi, one of the "Six Great Generals of the State of Qin", has influenced him greatly, and he continues seeking more power. He’s the father of Meng Tian, and the leader of the "Gaku Ka Unit". He is rough by nature but respects his father Meng Ao, and has faith in his children and watches over them.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Teng: Akio Katou

A General of the State of Qin. He supported Wang Qi, the "Greatest General in the World", for a long time as an adjutant. He has bottomless fighting skills, is always coolheaded, and has pride in being the trusted subordinate of Wang Qi, taking over the unit after his death. He is easygoing and tends to throw the ones he trusts off track with words difficult to judge if they're true or false.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Huan Yi: Kentarou Itou

A General of the State of Qin. He used to be a bandit but Meng Ao found talent in him and recruited him as his right-hand-man. He has bottomless talent and charisma that attracts people, gaining full trust from the notorious subordinates. He's a genius in fighting and can think out of the box without being tangled by plans and orders, and even will do cunning and brutal things to achieve his goals.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Wang Jian: Kenyu Horiuchi

A General of the State of Qin. The head of the noble Wang family. He is one of the few Generals that can construct a fortress as a tactic. He says he never fights losing battles and has a fearful presence that keeps people away. The extraordinarily resourceful General has many achievements under his belt but doesn't show his emotions, which makes him a mysterious figure who people think has dangerous ambitions. He seems to have issues with his firstborn son Wang Ben, the leader of the "Gyoku Hou Unit".
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Wang Ben: Yoshimasa Hosoya

A 2,000-men commander of the State of Qin. The leader of the "Gyoku Hou Unit". Diligent and hard-headed. He hates to lose and has a strong fighting spirit burning inside of him. His spear tactics have reached that of a master's level from his hard work and training. He has complex feelings as the firstborn of the noble Wang family towards his father Wang Jian, who is the head of the family, whom he tries to follow the footsteps of. He acknowledges the talent of the 1,000-men commanders at his age such as Xin and Meng Tian. However, unlike Meng Tian who is in a similar situation of having a Great General as a father, he doesn't see Xin as an equal "rival".
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Meng Tian: Hirofumi Nojima

A 1,000-men commander of the State of Qin. He seems soft and sloppy but actually is quite brilliant and even the genius strategist, Lord Changping, acknowledges his talent. Once on the battlefield, he becomes a brave warrior warding off the enemies and cutting deeply into the enemy forces. He is the firstborn son of the noble Meng Family with Wu Meng as his father and Meng Ao as his grandfather. Wang Ben, the 2,000-men commander of the State of Qin who has Wang Jian as his father, is his friend and rival from when they were children. He acknowledges Xin's talent, though he started as a servant, and is his rival and advisor.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Li Mu: Toshiyuki Morikawa

The Prime Minister / Head of Military Affairs of the State of Zhao. A warlord with both brains and valor. One of Zhao's "Three Great Heavens". His beautiful looks make him even colder. All of China know about the abilities of the genius strategist. He always looks ahead to the future of the situation of the war and notices the State of Qin making a move towards the "Unity of China" right away. He brings together the armies of Chu, Zhao, Wei, Yan, Han, and Qi to fight against the threat of Qin.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Lord Chunshen: Yuya Uchida

The State of Chu's Prime Minister / Head of Military Affairs and is one of the "Four Lords of the Warring States". He is proud of himself and talks down to others but is smart and has a wide perspective. Li Mu trusts his ability to keep together the State of Chu and leadership in managing the Generals with strong personalities who lead the overwhelming number of soldiers, and puts him at the top of the "Army of the Military Affairs".
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Wa Lin: Atsuko Tanaka

The General leading the second army of the State of Chu in the "Army of the Military Affairs". A woman with the physique of a huge man. A genius of battles who even Lord Chunshen, the Head of Military Affairs, acknowledges. She is a rationalist who discards everything that is useless to her or she doesn't like, gives a cold look at the men who grab on to their pride and appearances, yet acts selfishly at times. Not only her talent but her personality also cannot be measured.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Han Ming: Miou Tanaka

A large General leading the whole army of the State of Chu in the "Army of the Military Affairs". A man with confidence that loves flashy performances. Chu has many borders with other States because of its huge size. He fought at the front line of these battlefields since he was young and kept winning even against the famous Generals. "Chu's Giant" stands at the top of the huge army of Chu and takes pride in being the "Strongest in all of China". He's so strong that he says he can't enjoy the fights against the enemies.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Wu Feng Ming: Daisuke Namikawa

The General leading the army of the State of Wei. His father is General Wu Qing who was defeated by the General of Qin, Biao Gong. He inherits the strategist qualities of his father and though younger than the other Generals of the "Army of the Military Affairs", he has the guts to speak equally to Li Mu. He has a leading-edge mindset, not afraid to use experimental tactics, and even designs / develops new weapons himself.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Xiang Yi: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

A 1,000-man commander of the State of Chu who refers to himself as the "Thunder of Chu". He is rough, short-tempered, and gets carried away easily, but cares a lot about his friends. Bai Li and he are good rivals and have distinguished themselves on the battlefield by taking advantage of each others' strengths. He wields a "Bakuya Sword", which is said to be haunted by the "spirit" of the swordsmith, and is skilled with swords making him able to stand up to even the Generals. He is quite the hot-head but sometimes is surprisingly cool with his surroundings and has the potential of becoming a great General.
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season
Bai Li: Yuuto Uemura

A 1,000-man commander of the State of Chu. He is a skilled archer who can kill with a single bow from very far distances, known as the youngest of the "Ten Bows of China". Xian Yi, who also is a 1,000-man commander, acknowledged each other as rivals. He acts as the brakes for Xian Yi who often goes out of control. He is an up and coming warrior who shows great leadership through the archer's wide range of view of the battlefield, cool head to make flexible decisions, and by quickly uniting forces with other squads.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”TOMORROW” by BiSH
  • Ending Song: "Deep inside" by waterweed
"Kingdom" (Manga)
Kingdom-3rd-season-KV1 Kingdom 3rd Season

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yasuhisa Hara
  • Director: Kenichi Imaizumi
  • Series Composition: Noboru Takagi
  • Character Design: Hisashi Abe
  • Animation Director: Yusuke Mizuno
  • Sound Director: Norisuke Koizumi
  • Music: Hiroyuki Sawano / KOHTA YAMAMOTO

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