Top Summer 2017 Anime That We Gave The Chop At Episode 3


We already made one of these for Spring 2017 anime, so here is the summer edition. Welcome to the Top Anime of Summer 2017 that got the chop somewhere around the third episode. For one reason or another, or for many specific reasons, the selections on this list have gotten the chop. Sometimes they are just plain bad. Others feel like they are going nowhere and others are simply, you questioned why you are watching something. Which is never a good sign. Some anime here are bad, some are generic, and some did just not turn out to be what we wanted. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to the hate.


1. The Reflection

The Reflection tells the story of people who have gained supernatural powers while living among society. There was an event three years ago where a strange green light and smoke hit many people. Many died while others gained powers. Those who were hit with the light are predisposed to want to do good while those who do evil are predisposed to want to commit crimes. This tells the stories of a washed-up singer from the 80s known as I-GUY, who is this series’ batman, Exon, a superhero who does the right thing, and Eleanor, a girl who has powers but cannot control them well. They spend their days solving crimes, bringing the bad guys to justice, and learning more about each other.

This, of my selections, is the one that is just plain bad. Nothing about this anime has a redeeming quality other than the ED and the overall OST. The ED because it is catchy and the OST because it is well done. The art is meh at best. The dialogue is riddled full of dead space which means that Sky Show needs to play AGAIN. That, above all else, is why we cannot have nice things. If I never hear that song again, then it will be too soon. The characters fall flat as well with not a single one being interesting. Also, how did Stan Lee allow them to be so cringey with the English? This anime deserves… something. Let it give itself a self-high-five because… it sure is something.

2. Knight’s & Magic

A talented programmer, Ernesti Echevarria was killed and reborn as Ernesti in a world where mechas, monsters, and magic are all very real things. It’s a dream come true for him since he was a mecha plastic model otaku back in the real world. The mecha known as Silhouette Knights dazzle and amaze him. After a close call with a monster, he decides to make his own robot. Thus, his journey as the youngest Silhouette Knight known to man begins!

Knight’s & Magic is not a bad anime. Let me repeat that before I get angry comments: Knight’s & Magic is not a bad anime. It is however, not a standout anime. Now that anime producers realize that isekai anime are a hit with both domestic and international audiences, anything and everything is getting scooped up to be made into an anime. There is nothing that is necessarily bad about this anime; there is just nothing that is standing out. The seiyuu are fine. The characters are fine. The story and aspects of it are fine. Therein lies the problem for Knight’s & Magic: Nothing is amazing about this anime at all. That is the problem when something suddenly is a money-maker. You need to quickly make as much as possible before this trend dies and everyone stops consuming it. Next.

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3. Shoukoku no Altair

After losing his mother in a conflict that arose 12 years ago by the Empire of Baltrhein, Mahmut has dedicated his life to his country, Turkiye. Now, he is the youngest general that his country has ever seen. Assisted by his golden eagle Iskandar, Mahmut needs to now figure out a way to settle every issue that arises while assist his country and maintain the peace the best that he can in Turkiye.

Shoukoku no Altair is akin to Knight’s & Magic in that it does not stand out. If you want something good and more interesting, go watch Arslan Senki. The characters are okay at best. There is slight plot development in the first three episodes, but the series was a lot less interesting than I initially thought it was going to be. It seems to follow a pattern of: 1. There is an issue with the Empire of Baltrhein, 2. Mahmut either is dispatched to quell the issues or sneaks out to solve them, 3. Things get hairy but he magically pulls it off at the end of the episode or the next episode, and 4. Repeat. Again, nothing is terribly standout about this series so sadly, it too gets the chopping block. If I had to say one thing that made me drop it, it would be the tried and true question that I ask myself sometimes; “Why am I watching this?”. If I cannot give myself a good answer, then dropped it goes.


4. Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni

God accidentally killed Mochizuki Touya so he will be brought back to life in a new world of fantasy and wonder. Touya is also given a single wish so he opts to bring his smartphone along. Why did Touya choose to bring his smartphone? What wonders does this new world have for Touya? There’s a lot in this world of wonder and magic, but Touya has the key to his survival all in his smartphone!

If you thought the description sounded stupid, then your expectations should be just right for Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. As one of those anticipated light novel adaptations, I expected better. Especially when it came to the smartphone because everyone said it’s actually better than it sounds. Yeah, my expectations were too high and the characters too generic. This feels like a generic light novel adaptation reminiscent of Infinite Stratos with the same cast of harem girls and oblivious as heck main character who has as much personality as the smartphone he’s holding. Needless to say, if you have ever caught even just 1 episode of this anime, you’d understand why I dropped it.

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5. Clione no Akari

Minori is a very ill and so, she is bullied by her classmates. While most of the students have no qualms about her being bullied, two students, Takashi and Kyouko, want to stand up for Minori. They want to be her friend. And then the two friends are sent a strange e-mail with no sender information that informs them of a nearby summer festival.

Clione no Akari is another obvious anime that ended up on my drop list. While the first episode was somewhat intriguing for its addressing of a big issue in schools--bullying--however, the characters are infuriating and the animation is awful. Yes, they are children but Made in Abyss is a better anime featuring children than Clione no Akari will ever be. Sure it’s a short anime, but Clione no Akari is mediocre and really hard to sit through despite its short air time. Save your time and find something else to watch.

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6. Katsugeki Touken Ranbu

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu takes place in 1863 when Japan has been split between two opposing factions arguing about shogunate rule. A team of people from the future have been sent to this time to alter history and change the world. It is in this tima that Horikawa Kunihiro and Izuminokami Kanesada are fighting to protect history.

This was a hard anime to drop. It was action packed and the animation style, combined with 3D like Hand Shakers, was not terrible. However, the anime dove straight for action putting aside everything else, even plot building and introductions. I was left utterly lost within the first few episodes and as the action and the intrigue continued, my interest waned since very little was explained and love for characters was never really created. Each episode felt long and thought it had a lot to be interested in, I cannot be thrown into a series with no explanation or character development and so, this steam punk/shogun era anime had to be cast aside. Bye~

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Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has not upset anyone too much. However it is subjective, so something is bound to get the shaft that someone somewhere likes. Be sure to let us know down below if you are finding anything subpar this season. We look forward to hearing if you have dropped anything else as well!

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