Top Summer 2017 Anime We Dropped at Episode 1


Don’t lie, you know you clicked on this article to see what anime we dropped at the beginning and if any of them are shows you are watching or your favorite so you can comment angrily. Kidding, kidding. But let’s be honest, all anime is not made equal and that is a fact. Rather, if all anime was the same, it would be horribly boorish. So today, we are going to look at those anime, for one reason or another, just did not make the cut. Some are just bad, some are cheap imitations that you should not settle for, and others are best viewed while under the influence of something. Welcome to the anime that we dropped this summer after watching only one episode.


1. Centaur no Nayami

Hime is a young girl with all of the issues that a high school girl has: she is trying to pass her classes, get along with her friends, as well as enjoy her high school life. There is also the issue that she is dealing with which is that she is a centaur. You see, everyone in her world is part-something. There are part goat people, part angels, part demons, part mermaid and even part snake. They spend their days in the classroom learning and growing together.

Let me start by saying, I do not think this anime is bad. It’s not. It’s just too slice of life for me. New Game is fun because it has decent comedy and the girls are cute. I am not saying that anyone is busted, but the series definitely needs a pick-me-up when it comes to personality. It’s just too fluffy, too boring, and there is not a lot going on. If pure, and I mean pure, slice of life is your thing, then go for it! You will love Centaur no Nayami. As for me, I am 10000% over this boring tale of nothing. Next.

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2. Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

Aoyama is a boy. This boy plays soccer. He loves soccer. He also has a disposition where he is a complete germophobe. This means no high fives, no dirty soccerballs, and he sure as hell is not going to drink from something after someone else has. He is making zero physical contact with anything while trying to be active in his soccer club and playing.

First of all, this was touted to be a new Sakamoto Desu Ga? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto), but we were LIED to. This cheap imitation is nothing even remotely close to the god-tier anime that was Sakamoto, but rather this anime finds itself in a very awkward place. It tries to be funny, but somehow the jokes are not landing. I should admit that I did try to watch a second episode but when it finished, I realized I had not laughed once through either episode. I knew it was time to pull the plug. Also, there is the part where it is using his mental suffering as the butt of jokes and the reactions of those around him to be funny. It kind of doesn’t sit well with me. Some people will label this anime then as “problematic”, but I just think it’s subpar. Not a funny enough vehicle for the comedy and one dimensional characters that fall flat on their faces. Swerve and let Jesus take the wheel.

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3. 18if

18if tells the story of Haruto who is helping witches. Well kind of as witches are suffering from a disease known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. This locks them in their minds, and the only want to get them out is to pull them out forcibly by playing via their rules. So, Haruto ends up in these strange worlds searching for something beyond the red door to help them. It appears that usually someone is there due to a traumatic event in their life that has helped the succumb to the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

Sometimes, anime should flash a warning before you start watching it. Titles like “you might wanna get a snack during this episode”, “you might wanna take a few deep breaths before this one”, “This episode is a recap filler, so just play on your phone while watching”, or “you might wanna wait a minute before watching this”. Before 18if it should say “You might wanna take a hit or drop something illegal before watching” because good god, I watched it, and I was so confused. This is another show where I felt like maybe a 2nd episode would be the hook, but I have no clue what it was even talking about and the witch changed! A mess. That is what this story is. It is a confounded mess. I was slightly interested in watching it because I felt like it’s been a hot minute since we have gotten a good puzzle anime, but nope. I was wrong. It was just a mess. A messy mess that makes zero attempt to tell a halfway decent story and make something interesting of itself. Bloop! You are out.

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4. Jikan no Shihaisha (Chronos Ruler)

Demons are able to eat time when people make a wish to turn back time. It is up to Chronos Rulers to stop these time-eating demons. Victor and Wu Putin are brothers who fight time-eating demons, however Victor has lost his own time to one. Together, they will try to get back Victor’s time before it’s too late.

Jikan no Shihaisha was one of those anime I could tell would fail from the beginning, but due to some influence, I gave it another shot. It got dropped again. During the entire first episode I kept asking myself if this was one of those “Chinese anime” like Spiritpact or Bloodivores because of the terrible animation and lack of effort put into the plot. You can tell that Jikan no Shihaisha is trying to be dark but funny at the same time, yet it fails at both. The plot is shallow and boring. The characters are generic. The “dark” moments were rushed and went over my head. The “funny” moments were like watching the unfunny parts of Gintama. Overall, this was a painful experience and I didn’t hesitate to drop it twice. Bye bye, Jikan no Shihaisha.

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5. Action Heroine Cheer Fruits

Heroes have become so well known that they become nationwide stars and they put on action live shows that everyone loves. Hinano City missed their chance to be a part of this excitement. Shirogane Misaki has been spurned to create her own action live group to help the Hinano City.

If the name didn’t tell you how much of a pile of bs this anime was, then the first episode should. Action Heroine Cheer Fruits starts off “cute” with little kids in love with these Kamen Rider-esque heroines that are apparently heroes. Did anyone even catch that in the first episode? I thought this was all about being in love with Power Ranger wannabes who did TV shows but apparently the plot suggests that they are actual super heroes. Well that was lost on me in the first episode. The characters attempt to put on a show for the little girl and it felt cringey. It reminded me of watching weeaboos walking around Little Tokyo after the Anime Expo or people who enjoy LARPing. I could not even try for a second episode of Action Heroine Cheer Fruits--it was just so cringey! However, we must give props for the inclusion of a disabled character, which is quite the milestone in the world of anime.

6. Fox Spirit Matchmaker

Fox Spirit Matchmaker is a story about the love between a human and a spirit. When the human dies, they can possibly ask for the help from a Fox Spirit Matchmaker to bring them together in a future life. It is in Fox Spirit Matchmaker where Gessho is trying to find a wife to clear his debt, but instead, ends up helping Suusuu, who is trying to fulfill her first mission.

When I first saw Fox Spirit Matchmaker, I again sought information to see if this was a Chinese animation due to the fact that the characters are terribly designed and are ridiculous in nature. The main character looks like he’s a 90s anime character design. I don’t get the focus on how childish both main characters are and Gessho’s obsession with candy. Then when they brought in Gessho’s father, I was completely lost as it seemed their connection sprung up out of thin air. Overall, I do not think Fox Spirit Matchmaker is for me, but it could be more in the interest of others who like spiritual romances with lots of stupid humor.

Final Thoughts

Like we said in the intro, not all anime is created equal. While we wish that it could be that way sometimes, the fact remains that it is not always the case. Some anime are good and some are bad. Everything is subjective, but these are the anime that we feel, really do not stand out this season and for us, were dropped after episode one. Keep you eyes peeled for a “dropped at the 3rd episode” list as well coming to you soon! In the meantime, let us know what you have dropped at episode 1. Enjoy!

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