Top Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku) Characters Worth Talking About

It’s the end of yet another anime season, and with that, we just have to start talking about all the anime that have stood out to us this season. This time, if you are a huge fan of slice of life anime about otaku, we were given a cute somewhat romantic anime called Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, also known as Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. The plot was enjoyable especially for a slice of life, but the best part of any slice of life anime has to be the characters. That’s why, today, we are going to be recalling the top Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii characters worth talking about!

6. Sakuragi Kou

Introduced rather late in the game in episode 10, Sakuragi Kou is presented to us as a rather reclusive gaming otaku who runs away immediately from Naoya. Kou is shown to be a rather sloppy boy--well, the producers want you to think she’s a boy, but nope. They reveal right away that Kou is, in fact, a girl. It seems that Kou is extremely shy, even in games, as shown when she saves Naoya and his gang in the game but runs away without a word. While Kou may have been introduced really late in the anime, we do think she is worth mentioning. Plus, wasn’t she cute when she worried about Naoya being missing for so long? Hopefully, we get a season two so that we can actually see more of her!

5. Nifuji Naoya

Nifuji Naoya is the younger brother of Hirotaka. He’s a rather quirky character and absolutely adorable, especially when you see just how bad he is at video games. It’s rather funny to see that someone could be so terrible, but it’s part of his charm. Naoya is that clumsy little brother type that works well for that trope!

4. Kabakura Tarou

As the boyfriend of Hanako, Tarou has an abrasive personality and often buts heads with Hanako. He’s still extremely funny despite his scary exterior, and it’s entertaining to see how the writers ship him with Narumi even though they are clearly not a couple. Yet sometimes, there’s these awkward “you should have been with her” moments! All the same, Tarou is such a fun character and we’re sure that many people dating fujoshi understand Tarou’s point of view in his own relationship!

3. Momose Narumi

Momose Narumi is originally presented to us as the main character and a fujoshi who finds it hard to find love and still enjoy being an otaku. While she may have fallen into her relationship with Hirotaka by convenience (on her part), Narumi is a cute girlfriend and it’s been entertaining to watch her. Of course, she seems more vested in anime, video games, and her fujoshi hobbies than her actual relationship judging from how the anime goes. Narumi also loves to fight with Hanako about their ships! Don’t you love Narumi’s hard headedness and rough personality?

2. Nifuji Hirotaka

Sorry guys, we’ve got to say that we absolutely love Hirotaka more than Narumi. Not only is he stoic and the quiet type, he’s also a huge gamer with great skill. Not only that, towards the end, we can see how much Hirotaka likes Narumi, even when she doesn’t seem to be that into him. Hirotaka has liked Narumi forever and that bit where Naoya comments that Hirotaka is dating his first love is absolutely cute! Hirotaka is surprisingly pure of heart for someone so relaxed! Plus, as a boyfriend, he’s completely open minded seeing as he has read yaoi and given Narumi feedback, and is open to going to Comiket for the fujoshi things that Narumi loves.

1. Koyanagi Hanako (Hana)

Of course, our favorite character has to be Hanako, affectionately called Hana. She’s the brazen fujoshi who is not ashamed to express her passion for her ships or for shipping Tarou and Hirotaka. She probably has the most passion for her hobbies amongst the 4 main cast. Not to mention that she’s a well known cosplayer! Plus, you have to love her spats with Tarou and their rather cute way of fighting even if it seems to be quite...heated! Yes, we absolutely love Hanako for all of her attitude and more!

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the most notable characters worth mentioning in Wotaku no Koi wa Muzukashii! We hope that you enjoyed this article. Please let us know if you think another character is worth mentioning or if you greatly disagree with us. We’re open to your opinions! And once again, thanks for joining us here at Honey’s Anime. See you next time!

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