Touken Ranbu App Now Available!

touken-ranbu Touken Ranbu App Now Available!

What You Need to Know:

  • Super-popular sword-themed card collecting game, Touken Ranbu, has finally made its mobile debut. That's right, no longer bound to your computer, you can now battle with your boys on your phone!
  • The app, titled Touken Ranbu: Online Pocket, was officially uploaded to the App Store and Google Play at 12:00 p.m. today Japan time!
  • One handy aspect of this app is the ability to transfer data. So, if you already have a TouRabu account, you simply sign in to the mobile app and continue you game!
  • Even if you haven't played before, you can sign up for a new account using the app, and then continue your game on your computer whenever you so wish. Just be careful not to write over any of your old data!
touken-ranbu Touken Ranbu App Now Available!

Source: Official Website

Reactions Around the Web

Yesss it's here!!!!
I gave up on the desktop version straight away, but I feel like I'll play it more if it's on my phone!
I've been interested in Touken Ranbu for a while now so I finally downloaded it. I'm a guy, btw.
^ I'm happy to know there are guy fans out there too!!

touken-ranbu Touken Ranbu App Now Available!
I'm suprised it didn't already have a mobile version?! It's so popular!
touken-ranbu Touken Ranbu App Now Available!
I've already downloaded it! I hope it's not region-locked like the PC version, though, for the sake of players abroad!

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