Trigun Stampede First Impression - Vash the Stampede Has a New Look!?

Trigun, an anime released in 1998 has continued to be considered one of the best OG series released, and it's understandable why. Created by mangaka Yasuhiro Nightow and animated by studio Madhouse, Trigun was always destined for greatness. Fans in the last decade have begged for a remake and or revamp of the series and their prayers have been heard as Trigun Stampede has…stampeded its way onto the scene.

Acting as a remake of the original anime with an entirely different look and feel, Trigun Stampede shocked the world when it was first released, and now after three episodes, it continues to surprise us here at Honey’s Anime. Honestly, we will say that Trigun Stampede—animated by Studio Orange—is probably one of the best anime we’ve seen in ages! Yes, Trigun Stampede may be a CGI series—which that phrase turns off many otaku quite often—but stay with us as we tell you our first impressions of Trigun Stampede and why you are going to love this as a returning fan or a newcomer into the world of the Humanoid Typhoon!

His Name is Vash the Stampede, Also Known as The Humanoid Typhoon!

Assuming you somehow missed out on Trigun when it aired 20+ years ago, the quick rundown of the original story is that on a desert-like planet, people are trying to survive against monsters both real and human. Vash is a wanted man who is known for leaving ruin and destruction in his wake causing him to consistently wander the world from place to place for reasons we won’t spoil. Obviously, he is joined by other characters as he goes about his journey and that basically sums up the idea behind Trigun, a sci-fi western through and through.

Trigun Stampede is about the same—so far at least—but with a clear emphasis on exploring Vash’s reasons for being a pacifist in combat despite having a wicked level of fighting experience. After several episodes, we also noticed that Trigun Stampede isn’t trying to copy and paste the original ‘98 anime but is instead going for darker themes over some comedic and adventurous ones. This new theme is keeping us guessing where Trigun Stampede is going and that makes this truly exciting! We do miss Milly Thompson but her replacement in the form of Roberto isn’t too bad and you’ll come to appreciate this new drunken wise-cracking man.

New Look, Similar Story, Same Level of Greatness

One could assume that Trigun Stampede is a complete overhaul of the story due to the new look, visuals, and characters but oddly enough that isn’t the case. Trigun Stampede keeps close to the original manga source material and while things aren’t obviously exact clones of that manga we have noticed a more mature feel that does mirror the original manga. Various characters introduced like the Nebraska family and Vash’s brother, Million Knives and even some of the lesser characters all keep their tone found in the original anime to some degree but with more of a mature theme in comparison. Episode 3 though, shows just how ruthless they made Knives and we won’t deny we kind of dig his evil demeanor as it makes him a scary villain!

CGI DONE RIGHT!? 2023 Is Insane!

Trigun-Stampede-wallpaper-5 Trigun Stampede First Impression - Vash the Stampede Has a New Look!?

That’s right, readers, CGI, the animation style most anime fans/otaku hate is the main style used in Trigun Stampede and wow…this is the perfect CGI series without a doubt! From the wild fights to the comedic moments shared between characters like Vash and Meryl, Trigun Stampede should now be used as the baseline for how CGI should be done correctly! Episode 1 alone blew us away and episode 3 left us speechless as it was that incredible. CGI does often get a bad wrap for understandable reasons but Trigun Stampede proves that CGI can be done exceptionally well and that is thanks to Studio Orange!

OST of the Year!?

Trigun-Stampede-wallpaper-5 Trigun Stampede First Impression - Vash the Stampede Has a New Look!?

Okay, obviously we can’t say Trigun Stampede has the best OST of 2023 as it’s a bit early in the year but wow…just wow. From the opening, done by Kvi Baba called Tombi to the music in each episode, Trigun Stampede sounds superb. The ending song is also pretty solid—despite a tone that kind of feels out of place—from Salyu x Haruka Nakamura Toy’s Factory called Stars a. Nevertheless, Trigun Stampede sounds so good we have already bought the opening song on iTunes and hope the soundtrack releases soon!

Final Thoughts

Trigun Stampede is only 3 episodes in as of this article going up but wow…we love this show already. We have already re-watched various episodes more than a few times—we may have seen episode 1 four times in both sub and dub—proving this is truly a stellar anime. We pray Trigun Stampede only gets better from here but we know it will!

Are you readers loving Trigun Stampede as much as we are or do you have different feelings? Comment below to let us know! For more coverage of winter 2023 and Trigun Stampede keep stuck to our non-humanoid typhoon hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Trigun-Stampede-wallpaper-5 Trigun Stampede First Impression - Vash the Stampede Has a New Look!?


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