We Miss Milly Thompson in Trigun Stampede

Let’s begin by saying we absolutely love and adore Trigun Stampede by Studio Orange as we’ve shown a few times here at Honey’s Anime. We’ve already made a first impression of Trigun Stampede and even talked about the CGI and why we feel it should be the staple of all CGI-based anime. However, one big element missing in Trigun Stampede—which most fans of the original 90s anime don’t need to look at our title to realize—is one character who was replaced by another. Milly Thompson—who was replaced by Roberto De Niro…whose name sounds very similar to a famous US actor—was completely removed from Trigun Stampede and fans had some mixed reactions about it.

We here at Honey’s Anime also have our issues with the removal of Milly but not just because she was a great character but because when compared to Roberto, Milly had a stronger screen presence for a multitude of reasons. Here’s why we miss Milly Thompson in Trigun Stampede and why you should too!

The Machine Gun Tough Cowgirl

Alongside the originally tougher Meryl Stryfe, Milly might have been sweet and calm unlike her friend—more akin to Vash—but that attitude quickly died out when danger arose. Milly was an avid cowgirl toting several weapons in the original Trigun but was mostly known for her iconic Gatling gun-like weapon. Milly would unleash hell on those who threatened her friends and it was a nice parallel to the Vash’s avoidance of fighting. In Trigun Stampede her replacement Roberto is armed with a small gun and isn’t afraid to fight if need be but he lacks the same drive that Milly had. The cowgirl presence in Trigun Stampede is definitely missing and it makes us pine harder for Milly.

The Comedy Aspect Died With Milly’s Disappearance

Trigun Stampede is truly more like the darker manga version of the original anime and that can be felt in the reduced comedy and comedic characters from the original like Milly. Milly’s attitude and goofy demeanor were the subjects of many jokes and skits but in Trigun Stampede that role now falls to the darker-themed Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Vash when he isn’t brooding or stoic. Don’t misunderstand that we dislike the new direction Studio Orange took with Trigun Stampede but it can be a bit jarring to compare the original with this version as it feels like a different beast and as original fans, we do miss the comedy mixed with the drama/dark elements originally portrayed.

A Dual Female Perspective

If not obvious, Meryl and Milly weren’t just coworkers but good friends and their attitudes toward one another felt genuine and gave Trigun a good female perspective. With Roberto, while Meryl does value her “senpai”, she doesn’t have that same friendship factor and feels more like a student to a drunk teacher which alters the atmosphere considerably. Equally, when the series included Wolfwood, it became very male-orientated compared to the kind of amicable split between men and women in the original Trigun. It was always comical to see Trigun lose to two women who clearly aren't pushovers and we really miss this female dynamic that is now lost in Trigun Stampede.

Would Milly Appearing Later be Jarring?

Trigun-wallpaper-3-667x500 We Miss Milly Thompson in Trigun Stampede

As of this article, there are 10 episodes of Trigun Stampede out with only a few more left to air as this is slated to be a 12-episode airing. This made us realize that if Milly would appear near the end, it could be quite jarring to be perfectly honest. Yes, fans like us here at Honey’s Anime and many OG Trigun viewers, would love to see her tall persona make an appearance as a cameo but would that be a bad move as she was basically removed from the new tale of Vash and his mission to take down Knives—his brother—which wasn’t a central focus of the original anime until later. Maybe if Milly would have shown up several episodes in, even for a brief appearance, we’d have been happy but now we think Milly needs to stay in our fond memories of Trigun original.

Final Thoughts

We can’t deny we miss Milly Thompson and how her role altered the landscape of the original Trigun in a multitude of ways. That being said, we can see why maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t fit in with the newer style and characters seen in Trigun Stampede. This is just our opinion though and we’d love to hear if you readers feel differently! Let us know in the comments below to sound off your thoughts and love for Milly! Be sure to keep stuck to our Trigun-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more coverage of this and other anime airing this winter 2023 season!

Trigun-wallpaper-3-667x500 We Miss Milly Thompson in Trigun Stampede


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