NHK Also Announces Archery Series Tsurune To be Animated by Kyoto Animation for 2018!

What You Need to Know:

  • In line with the previous announcement for Piano no Mori getting an anime adaptation in 2018, NHK has gone ahead and announced their next series! Tsurune, a story of boys who are members of an archery club in high school.
  • In the same announcement, the series, written by Kotoko Ayano & illustrated by Chinatsu Morimoto, will be illustrated by none other than the beloved studio Kyoto Animation!
  • This is the second series that has been announced today by NHK. Since the first was for Spring 2018, then we could be looking at a Summer 2018 debut. Keep it with us as we bring more information to you when it is announced!

Source: NHK Announcement Page

honeys anime character
K-K-Kyoto Animation? About boys in a club? I smell gaybating and fujo-bait!

honeys anime character
Yessssss. I am ready for boys who are going to be very close to each other in this club... in many different ways.