Kyoto Animation's Next Anime, Tsurune, Reveals New PV & New Key Visual!

Tsurune-300x424 Kyoto Animation's Next Anime, Tsurune, Reveals New PV & New Key Visual!

Tsurune-300x424 Kyoto Animation's Next Anime, Tsurune, Reveals New PV & New Key Visual!


Slice of Life, Sports

Airing Date:
October 2018

Kyoto Animation

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The sound the bowstring makes when an arrow is fired.

For an archer, hearing the beautiful sound of reverberations is joyful, and the beauty of their sound is said to seize the heart and not let go.

It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as even if the same person uses the exact same bow and arrow, there is no guarantee that they can make the sound again. Each shot is a single meeting and a single farewell.

For Minato Narumiya, all tsurune are meetings.

These fresh, first-year high school students treading onto the unending path of archery are like the Battleship Wakaba setting out to sea for the first time. Through archery, these boys will, for the first time, gain irreplaceable experience and friends.

This shining youth archery animation, akin to the sunlight peeking through the trees, starts now!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Minato Narumiya

Voice Actor: Yuuto Uemura

Minato is a first-year student at Kazemai High School. After falling in love with archery after seeing his mother participate in an archery match, he started archery in elementary school. After he was eliminated in the final tournament of his middle school days due to his own failure, he lost confidence in himself and appeared to step away from archery as a whole, but... His house is close to Seiya’s and Seiya is his childhood best friend. He gets along well with the Takehaya household dog, Kuma.

Seiya Takehaya

Voice Actor: Aoi Ichikawa

Seiya is a first-year student at Kazemai High School. He is Minato’s childhood best friend and is the current head of the archery club. He’s also very intelligent to the point that he is the representative of all first-year students. Seiya also has a mature personality, but when he is around Minato, he is said to lose that calmness. He usually wears glasses, but when he practices archery, he wears contacts. He currently has a large dog named Kuma. Both of his parents are doctors who run a plastic surgery hospital.

Ryouhei Yamanouchi

Voice Actor: Ryouta Suzuki

Ryouhei is a first-year student at Kazemi High School. He has a bright, friendly, and honest personality and was a friend to both Seiya and Minato when they were all in elementary school. After that, he transferred schools, but when he moved on to high school, it set the stage for him to reunite with the two. When he was in middle school, he got interested in archery. In martial arts class, he has fired an arrow once or twice, but he did not start to take it seriously until high school. Among all of the archery club members, he is the one lacking the most experience.

Nanao Kisaragi

Voice Actor: Shougo Yano

Nanao is a first-year student at Kazemi High School and Kaito’s cousin. He often tends to be the one to soothe Kaito after he clashes with Minato. Nano has this strange original greeting ‘Mehhaa’ that he uses and appears to be another flashy, shallow boy, but he’s actually someone who can make decisions while keeping his calm. At school, Nanao is so popular with the girls that he has his own fanclub. For some reason though, animals do not like him.

Kaito Onogi

Voice Actor: Kaito Ishikawa

Kaito is Nanao’s cousin and ever since they were little, he has been forced to be Nanao’s chaperone. He tends to be annoyed over anything and everything. He’s joined the archery club because he is serious about archery itself, so due to his hot temper, he does not accept Minato who ran from archery in the past. His hobby is reading. Kaito has a cat named Lucy. Animals love him for some reason.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Naru by Luck Life
  • Ending Song: TBA by Choucho

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Chinatsu Morimoto
  • Director: Takuya Yamamura
  • Series Composition: Michiko Yokote
  • Character Design: Miku Kadowaki
  • Music: Haruki Fuuki

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