VR Cybershoes Demo Impressions (E3 2018)

Cybershoes-Michael-667x500 VR Cybershoes Demo Impressions (E3 2018)

Last year at E3, we got to demo several new VR games that blur the line between games and reality, immersing the player more and more in whatever battle or experience showcased. The only downside to some of these amazing games was that some were rail shooters, which are like an amusement park ride where you are moved through the levels and shoot from your spot, and in some others, you must use regular controls to move your character around the world. If only we could feel even more immersed by walking around said worlds ourselves… Well, that’s exactly what Cybershoes are looking to accomplish!

What are Cybershoes?

Cybershoes-Michael-667x500 VR Cybershoes Demo Impressions (E3 2018)

Cybershoes von 3D.RUN auf der AWE2017

Cybershoes are an affordable, innovative VR accessory that is worn on your feet and allow you to literally walk, run or flee through virtual reality. You strap them directly onto your feet as you are seated in a swivel bar stool to provide a unique VR journey. The Cybershoes are compatible with any VR game, and function with SteamVR, the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality. With the Cybershoes at your feet, all of your moments are controlled by your own physical movement, so you can feel like you’re exploring ancient dwarven ruins or fleeing from a grasping horde of the undead.

What are they like?

Cybershoes-Michael-667x500 VR Cybershoes Demo Impressions (E3 2018)

We got to play Arizona Sunshine with the Cybershoes on, and oh boy was that intense! There’s nothing like actually moving your feet frantically to run away from zombies craving human flesh! The shoes have little rollers at the bottom which allow for natural foot movement -as if you were on a treadmill, except you move it.

While the added speed and movement my make some a bit queasy, it trully brings an added depth to VR gaming.

They are simple, easy to use and set up, intuitive and make VR gaming feel more natural. We quickly lost track of where we were facing in the real world, while we were able to outrun and shoot our objectives. Because of their simplicity, they will also be very affordable!

When and where can I get some!?

The Cybershoes aren’t available just yet, but there will be a Kickstarter campaign starting in September, so get involved, give support, and make this a real VR accessory!

Website: https://www.cybershoes.io/kickstarter

Cybershoes: playing Skyrim and interviews

Final Verdict

While many of us can’t wait for Sword Art Online to be a real thing, Michael Bieglmayer’s invention brings us as deep into the world of VR as currently possible; ironically, with something that stimulates our senses in the real world. The brain is an amazing thing, and, as Bieglmeyer says, “The brain seems to be tricked not only by the perception of eye-height as standing but also by the legs that tell – you are walking”.
This was the most immersive experience I’ve had with VR so far, thanks to the physical effects of actually using my legs and raising my pulse, which really adds to the depth of a game. Especially one where you’re trying to escape zombies!

If, like us, you are a fan of VR and crave the most immersive experience possible, we recommend adding Cybershoes to your VR setup!

Cybershoes-Michael-667x500 VR Cybershoes Demo Impressions (E3 2018)


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