Woojer Ryg VR Vest Demo Impressions (E3 2018)

Ryg-Front-Woojer-Ryg-VR-capture-352x500 Woojer Ryg VR Vest Demo Impressions (E3 2018)

Giving VR gamers all the feels.

If you haven’t noticed by now, this Honey’s Anime writer is a huge VR fan, and the more realistic, the better! (Even if I am screaming and squirming sometimes!). While some of us wish the world of Sword Art Online were a reality, we need to take baby steps in that direction.

And those steps are being taken by companies like Woojer, who brought us a sampling of their haptic feedback vest to E3 this year. That means you’ll feel every punch, shot, and even your music and movies like never before; bringing us closer and closer to the immersive VR experience of our dreams!


Ryg-Front-Woojer-Ryg-VR-capture-352x500 Woojer Ryg VR Vest Demo Impressions (E3 2018)

Website: https://www.woojer.com/vest

Woojer is a pioneer in the field of haptic technology with a fundamental patent portfolio and products that deliver high fidelity tactile sensation which reproduce the rich emotion of sound.
Starting with the Strap -a haptic belt-, Woojer’s goal was for its users to not only listen to their music, but feel it as well. From there, the applications were endless and then they came up with Ryg, a haptic vest with surround sound to enhance your entertainment experience whether it’s music, movies, or games!

Ryg-ged for your pleasure

Ryg-Front-Woojer-Ryg-VR-capture-352x500 Woojer Ryg VR Vest Demo Impressions (E3 2018)

As we mentioned before, Ryg isn’t Woojer’s first rodeo. They are experts in haptic technology and what started as small audio-enhancing project has evolved to a VR gamer’s dream come true.

Comfort: Ryg is very light at only 5 lbs, highly adjustable, and ergonomically designed to be worn for long gaming sessions. Not to mention it has a removable laptop mount for “fully untethered gaming”.

Fully Immersive: Their patented technology delivers sensory input to both the front and the rear of the body thereby creating a full-surround experience. This means that the haptic feedback is location-specific! So if you get punched in the gut, or shot from behind, you will feel it in just the right place, making first person shooters especially exciting.

Long hours: The vest is rechargeable and if your game campaigns are as long as a workday, you have nothing to worry about as the battery lasts for up to 8 hours.

Silent: The technology in Ryg is silent thanks to its patented design which convinces the brain that the whole body is exposed to the acoustic energy.

Tons of specs: Besides the above, Ryg counts with 8 USB channels, stereo Bluetooth, a standard audio jack, BLE for future over-the-air firmware updates, 16 levels of haptic adjustment,

Our Experience

Ryg-Front-Woojer-Ryg-VR-capture-352x500 Woojer Ryg VR Vest Demo Impressions (E3 2018)

While we didn’t get to play a VR game with the vest on, we had several audio-visual experiences. One of our favorites was the Jurassic Park experience, which involved a T-rex walking toward us through a hallway in a museum-like building. We could feel the vibration of each step getting closer and closer and stronger and stronger. Once the T-rex was in front of us, it gave its loud, signature roar, which we felt hit our body as if we were truly standing in front of it! Unreal. As the dinosaur walked away, we were again able to feel each footstep. Can you imagine this in VR!?

The other experiences included a storm in a rainforest, in which we could feel each drop of water falling on us as well as each rolling thunder; it was incredibly calming, you can almost feel the coolness of the rain. Another of our favorites was the Tomorrowland experience, which fells like you are standing right there in the middle of Europe’s largest music festival, feeling every beat course through your body.

Final Thoughts

We can’t overstate the level of realism achieved by Ryg. It completely immerses you into any experience allowing you to live in worlds that do not exist. Whether listening to music, watching movies, or playing games in a VR world, the location-specific sensation catapults you to new heights by literally letting you feel your environment.

Feeling every explosion, gunshot, punch, and even the weather in our favorite VR games certainly makes gaming even more exhilarating and puts the “reality” right into Virtual Reality. Imagine this combined with those Cybershoes! The possibilities are endless. They’ll go on sale later this year so check them out! What games would you like to try first!? Talk to us in the comments below!

Ryg-Front-Woojer-Ryg-VR-capture-352x500 Woojer Ryg VR Vest Demo Impressions (E3 2018)


Author: Lizzy Nyanko

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