Wager with Millions of Fans in Latest Prominence Poker Content Update

What You Need to Know:

  • Millions of players have visited Prominence Poker since its launch in summer 2016, to play the best Texas Hold 'em experience on console. Now, in advance of its first anniversary, Prominence Poker would like to introduce you to their newest faction, the Diamonds, joining the Hearts and Clubs, already available from the beginning.
  • Players gain a new venue to play in - The Diamonds Executive Suite. This slick new penthouse environment affords players a view of the Prominence skyline. In addition, new Diamonds outfits and table items will help you look your best while playing in the clouds.
  • Also included in this update are the addition of Loot Cases, which give players a chance to win shop items, boosts, chips, and more as new exciting rewards for leveling up. On top of this, Pipeworks Studio has also fixed a ton of bugs, added new Achievements, removed the level cap, and re-worked matchmaking to pair up players at a similar skill level, providing a more enjoyable experience for everyone VOIP is now also an opt-in feature, allowing players the freedom to choose if they want to chat with their competitors, or keep it quiet. Shoutouts to 505 Games for this! Be sure to check out the update list down below! See you at the tables! Prominence Poker is also available to download for free on both PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

Source: Official Press Release

Update List

  • The Diamonds Affiliation – Tired of the other affiliations? Try the Diamonds!! With this new affiliation comes a new venue, new shop items, and a new way to earn rep!
  • More Affiliation Ranks – Players can now reach Rank 5 in their affiliations, adding 50 additional levels.
  • Loot Cases – Players earn Loot Cases every time they level. Loot Cases offer many rewards, including cosmetic items, chips and much more.
  • Better Matchmaking – Ranked matches will now match up players with similar skill levels.
  • VOIP Toggle – New option to switch voice chat on or off.
  • UI Changes – Shop items are now sorted by rarity, UI has been improved.
  • New Underground Content
  • New Achievements
  • New Sit-Out Timer System
  • Level Cap Removed
  • Tons of Bug Fixes
  • Official Trailer

    Prominence Poker Content Update #4 Trailer

    honeys anime character
    Free-to-play poker? Sign me up!

    honeys anime character
    Man I haven't touched poker in ages, perhaps it's that time to start up again.

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