Fall Idol Anime Wake Up, Girls! 2nd Season Confirmed Episode Count and Honey's Highlights Now Out!

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Wake Up, Girls! 2nd Season

Music, Idol

Airing Date:
October 10 2017


Honey’s Highlights

honeys anime character
It's finally hereeeeeeeeeeee! I have been waiting since we saw them live in concert!!
honeys anime character
I love Wake Up, Girls! They did the ED for Shakunetsu Takyuu no Musume and the OP for Renai Boukun.
honeys anime character
This takes a hard long look at how cutthroat the music industry is. It has soul and a good story to it. It is an idol anime like Love Live! and The iDOLM@STER, but it is not bad at all. Rather, I find it refreshing.

honeys anime character
I just need Mayu to give in and become my waifu.

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The second season of Wake Up, Girls!

This is a story of growth and bonds set in Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture. Seven girls come together to form the group Wake Up, Girls! (WUG). Through working together with diligent application, these girls aim to be the top idol group in the country.

WUG belong to a small entertainment company in Sendai called Green Leaves Entertainment. After many setbacks and failures, the girls defy the national idol group I-1club at the Idol Festival by winning it. In the brief moment they thought that they were suddenly rising into the spotlight as the “top idol”, the times reminded them that reality is not so sweet. Even though they took first place, not many businesses called on them. The days of these seven girls steadily following their idol activities continued.

On the other hand, there are three girls, Ayumi Hayashi, Otome Morishima, and Atsugi Itsuka all start to begin to look up to the next generation of idols...

Characters & Voice Actors List

Mayu Shimada

Voice Actor: Mayu Yoshioka

Age: 19
Birthday: 11/7/1997
Likes: chicks
Dislikes: lies
A genius whose singing and dancing skills are peerless. Has innate talent. Her hobby is collecting chick-themed merchandise.

Airi Hayashida

Voice Actor: Airi Eino

Age: 19
Birthday: 1/19/1998
Likes: Western sweets, cake
Dislikes: cockroaches
She may not have any outstanding ability or talent, but she earnestly makes a lot of effort. She is hesitant to stand out, but can see any situation the most clearly.

Minami Katayama

Voice Actor: Minami Tanaka

Age: 18
Birthday: 1/22/1999
Likes: roast sweet potatoes, tasty things, pancakes
Dislikes: exercise
Like a little sister to the other members. Influences the mood of the group. A strong-willed glutton.

Yoshino Nanase

Voice Actor: Yoshino Aoyama

Age: 19
Birthday: 5/15/1997
Likes: plushies
Dislikes: unfair people
Has previous experience in the entertainment industry as a model and in commercials for her hometown. Very responsible. A cool beauty. A perfectionist who’s obsessed with cleanliness. She also has a slightly selfish side.

Nanami Hisami

Voice Actor: Nanami Yamashita

Age: 17
Birthday: 7/19/1999
Likes: Hikarizuka Musical Revue
Dislikes: Natto
Elite-oriented. Admires the Hikarizuka Musical Revue. Although the youngest member of the group, she has been well trained in both singing and dancing and has a lot of pride. She’s egotistical and clashes with the other members often.

Kaya Kikuma

Voice Actor: Kaya Okuno

Age: 22
Birthday: 3/1/1995
Likes: comedy
Dislikes: the ocean
In charge of sex appeal and fashion. Has giant breasts. She’s a bit weird but has a big heart. She’s actually the most compassionate of all the members.

Miyu Okamoto

Voice Actor: Miyu Takagi

Age: 21
Birthday: 9/8/1995
Likes: idols, fried food
Dislikes: printed books
A frank crybaby who follows every fad. The character that’s often bullied. Indecisive and lazy. An idol otaku.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: 7 Senses by Wake Up, Girls!
  • Ending Song: Shizuku no Kanmuri by Wake Up, Girls!

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Green Leaves
  • Director: Shin Itagaki
  • Script: Green Leaves
  • Character Design: Miyuki Sugawara
  • Original Illustrator: Suna Chikaoka
  • Music: Satoru Kousaki, MONACA

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