We Need More Resident Evil Anime Adaptations!

"Resident Evil." Most gamers immediately have their interests piqued when they hear those two words spoken. The RE franchise has been around for 25 years and it has had numerous adaptations such as manga, video game spin-offs/collaborations—one of the most recent being in the Dead by Daylight game—and of course, anime. However, just like the numerous games, Resident Evil’s numerous adaptations—especially in the anime world—have been met with mixed reviews. Yet, even if these anime aren’t the best, we are about to tell you why we need to make sure the animated adaptations continue and how they can affect the franchise as a whole!

Keep Us Wanting More

Resident Evil fans can never have enough Chris Redfield in their life and we can’t disagree. Even if Chris shares the screen with another fan favorite like Leon—like the pair did in Resident Evil: Vendetta—we still get our favorite original survivor in a new story/setting. This might seem like a means for more money to be made—and we’re sure Capcom and various other studios do make money for every new adaptation released—but it also helps us fans see characters that disappear from time to time.

Perfect example, Rebecca Chambers—a beloved female survivor from the original game and RE: Zero—has a big role in RE: Vendetta and that made fans extremely happy. Yes, she was a bit underutilized, but Rebecca had barely been seen in years after Zero was released so it was nice seeing her at all. Capcom has been recently focusing on remaking the franchise but, has also been hard at work on newcomer Ethan Winters’ story which means their favorites fall behind with each new entry. Anime adaptations allow us to return to some of our classic heroes/heroines of the RE series and see them in a new horror adventure…that to us is a good deal.


The world of Resident Evil is not a small one as there have been dozens of games and entries in various mediums that are considered both canon and non-canonical. Despite this, many entries of the anime are usually considered canon as they allow us to see stories that take place between various games. The latest entry—Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness—shows Leon and Claire after the events of RE 4 but before RE 5 and that is a pretty underappreciated plot. As fans of lore in anime/games and other mediums, we love seeing more character back story and doubt many fans feel otherwise.

More Zombies and Monsters

The beauty of Resident Evil is that while the focus has always been zombies—and who doesn’t love zombies—this series has never shied away from creating some truly legendary monsters. Lickers, Tyrants, and giant spiders are just a few of the creatures spawned from the world of RE. Every anime adaptation adds to the monster list by releasing new threats and fans of monsters no doubt smile seeing what the next series will unleash on our heroes.

More Horror Anime, Duh

Has anyone noticed that horror still isn’t a big genre in the anime world? Sure you have a lot of psychological horror like Higurashi and the occasional series like Corpse Party but there aren’t a lot of classic horror anime. Resident Evil anime adaptations though are that nice mix of classic horror and even when they are mediocre, they still hit that horror spot we need. More RE anime isn’t a bad thing as it keeps giving us horror and that is a genre that needs more love!

Final Thoughts

Resident Evil anime adaptations are a necessary component of the franchise. They keep the franchise in the anime world and we anime fans get to enjoy a franchise that is beloved by millions. That’s why we need even more anime from Resident Evil and we hope we do get even more! Do you think we need more anime for RE? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to keep stuck to our Resident Evil-crazed hive here at Honey’s Anime for more coverage of the franchise and our review of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Resident-Evil-Infinite-Darkness-Wallpaper-10-700x381 We Need More Resident Evil Anime Adaptations!


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