Weapons We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 2]

PUBG-weapon-additions-560x315 Weapons We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 2]


Miramar just continues to get better and better each time we play it, and now that we’ve become quite comfortable with the location we feel like more weapons should be thrown into the mix. PUBG weapons come in all different shapes and sizes so making sure to keep that variety fresh is always important, especially with a new map available. Miramar is a totally different battlefield than that of Erangel because of its dry and desolate landscape, less foliage to hide in and plenty of areas to snipe people from. So we thought it would be best to introduce some weapons to PUBG that encouraged some more long range play since that’s the vibe we get from playing on Miramar so much. So let’s hop in!

RPG-7 [Rocket Launcher]

In our part 1 portion of vehicles we’d like to see in PUBG, we felt that a Tank in Miramar would be very fitting since there’s such a vast open world to traverse over. Unlike in Erangel where it could be a little difficult for a Tank to get around with so much foliage, Miramar provides you with an open field to explore and perhaps set up some traps for players who try to come your way. So what if you were that player? Wouldn’t it be nice to be properly prepared if you were to come across a big intimidating Tank? Well that’s where the RPG-7 comes in! We’ve yet to see a rocket launcher make its way into the PUBG weapon universe and to be honest, with so much going on it would make the perfect weapon to take out enemy jeeps or other vehicles that may threaten your survival.

Just equip this little bad boy and off you go into the wild, fully prepared for any threat that comes your way. If you see a vehicle drawing near, just pop out the RPG-7 and say sayonara to that enemy because one shot with this and it’s game over.

PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II

As we stated earlier, the map of Miramar is a dry tundra and so it can be very difficult to find a place to hide especially when it comes down to final circle. Hills and ridges seem to be the only saving grace for anyone trying to avoid a headshot, but anyone with a keen eye can take an enemy out from miles away no matter what the environment. This brings us to our next choice for PUBG weapons and that’s the PGM Hécate II, a heavy sniper rifle which is used by the French army and in the right hands can turn a head into kool aid instantly. Now of course we have the AWM and M24, but this tactical rifle would be a Miramar exclusive crate only item. Since it would only be exclusive to Miramar it would encourage players to really test their long range skills, and apply some strategy around finding a proper hiding spot to snipe from.

Barrett M107

It should be very clear that sniping is something we hold dear to our hearts, but it works so well in PUBG especially in the Miramar environment. This may actually work in Erangel as well so perhaps allowing the powerful Barrett M107 to be available on both maps may prove handy. With a larger assortment of sniper rifles it only promotes players to hunker down and learn to master patience. Sure, this would also promote players to camp but in a game like PUBG where survival is your top priority it’s pivotal to choose the right area to hide in.

Since we already have a lot of crate only sniper rifles, giving the Barrett M107 the freedom to be readily available around parts of the map would certainly prove worthwhile. The Barrett M107 is incredibly loud so firing this off carelessly would just give your position away much faster than other guns, so once again it would encourage players to really place their shots well and move around to avoid being a predictable target for retaliation.

Honey's Final Verdict:

With a much largest assortment of PUBG weapons to choose from, it would truly create an experience unlike any other. Squad based skirmishes will be a lot more interesting to watch since you can now delegate certain roles a lot easier, since the variety of weapons promotes different play styles. Let's hope some of our suggestions find their way into the PUBG universe but until then, if you want to see more content from us be sure to follow on Twitter as well as Twitch!

PUBG-weapon-additions-560x315 Weapons We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 2]
That Barrett is such a popular sniper rifle, I see it so much in anime titles too.
PUBG-weapon-additions-560x315 Weapons We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 2]
It's arguably America's most celebrated heavy sniper rifle so I'm not surprised to see it on this list.