Weekly Game Ranking Chart [06/22/2017]

What You Need to Know:

  • Gather round gamers, it's your time of the week - time to check out the best-selling games in Japan at the moment according to the Amazon rankings.
  • In last week's chart, the PS4 version of Dragon Quest continued its streak at number one, and we saw our first Xbox One entry in a while in the form of racing game Forza Motorsport 7.
  • But has much changed over the past seven days? Are there any new games to check out, or are the best-sellers sticking around? Let's head to the chart and find out!
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Weekly Game Ranking Chart [06/15/2017]


Dragon Quest XI (PS4)

2. UP

Dragon Quest XI (3DS)

3. UP

Splatoon 2 (Switch)

4. DOWN 

ARMS (Switch)

5. UP

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)

6. NEW!

Metroid Samus Returns (3DS)

7. UP

Gundam Versus Premium G Sound Edition (PS4)

8. UP

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

9. NEW!

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4)

10. NEW!

Dead by Daylight (PS4)

Source: Amazon

honeys anime character
I see Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is back, and the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI is back up at number two.

honeys anime character
Everything seems to be moving up! Dead by Daylight looks awesome though, not long now until it's out in Japan!