Weekly Game Ranking Chart [08/01/2019]

What You Need to Know:

  • Welcome to the weekly gaming chart! If you are new, this is a weekly chart put out on Thursdays that features the top selling games of the week in Japan.
  • This week's chart is alive and well as titles duke it out across multiple parts of the chart. Fire Emblem still retains its position from last week while Super Mario Maker 2 and Pro Yakkyu Spirits 2019 rise up to challenge it.
  • Sakura Wars manages to stave off the shuffling around it and hold onto the same spot. Switch titles invade the rest of the chart which makes us wonder when we are getting that PS5 announcement. Check out the chart in full below!


Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Fuuka Setsugetsu) (Switch)

2. UP

Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch)

3. UP

Pro Yakyu Spirits 2019 (PS4)


Tsuri Spirits (Switch)

5. UP

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)


New Sakura Wars (PS4)

7. NEW!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

8. NEW!

Super Mario Party (Switch)


Rune Factory 4 Special (Switch)

10. NEW!

Minecraft (Switch)

Source: Amazon Japan

Fire-Emblem-Three-Houses-Fuuka-Setsugetsu-309x500 Weekly Game Ranking Chart [08/01/2019]
Can't say that I'm upset that Fire Emblem is still #1. I am just obsessed with it.
Fire-Emblem-Three-Houses-Fuuka-Setsugetsu-309x500 Weekly Game Ranking Chart [08/01/2019]
I just want Rune Factory 4!

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