Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [10/12/2018]

What You Need to Know:

  • Happy Friday everyone! We decided to send you a blessing in the form of a new Manga chart!
  • Akatsuki no Yona debuted a new fan book this week on the chart along with the long awaited HUNTER X HUNTER 36, a Boku no Hero Academia new entry, and citrus 10!
  • DARLING in the FRANXX falls down along with Yotsubato. However, Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san and IDOLiSH7 rose to fill their lost places. Check out everything below!

1. NEW!

Yona of The Dawn Fan Book

2. UP

Ijiranaide Nagatoro-San 3

3. UP

IDOLiSH7 (Idolish Seven) Re:member Vol.1

4. NEW!

Dragon Ball Super 7


Darling in the Franxx 3


Yotsubato! 1

7. NEW!


8. NEW!

citrus 10

9. NEW!

My Hero Academia Official Character Book

10. NEW!

Remnant - Kemonohito Omegaverse - 1

Source: CD Japan

HUNTER-X-HUNTER-36-315x500 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [10/12/2018]
Hello citrus 10. I am ready.
HUNTER-X-HUNTER-36-315x500 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [10/12/2018]
Forget that! Give me Remnant N O W!

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