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There are many anime full of gorgeous men or boys who are so close that us fujoshi just can’t help but imagine what would happen if that deep stare between best friends led to something a bit more… sensual. Yes, we are dirty girls—or dirty boys in the case of fudanshi—and whether creators do it on purpose or not, we will always see beyond what is given to us in the world of bishounen friendships. Some anime give us more material than others and some are clearly leading us in that direction from the beginning, and RobiHachi is one of the later! A cute teenage boy teams up with a hot mess of a 30-year-old man as loan shark Yang is HOT on their ass—or at least Robi’s.

Ok, so maybe it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see Yang’s true intentions toward Robi, but nobody in the anime seems to acknowledge or realize it at all other than Yang himself! And unfortunately, we don’t actually get to see Yang’s dreams come true… so we’ll let our dirty minds do the work! While not the usual “fujoshi sees a BL relationship when there isn’t one” doesn’t fully apply to RobiHachi—as Yang clearly has the hots for Robi—there are plenty of scenes in which we know exactly what Yang is thinking or imagining without him fully putting it into words, so let’s do that now, shall we? Fujoshi goggles ON!

Yang Can’t Stop Thinking About Robi

Throughout the anime and right away from episode 2, Yang makes certain comments to himself—and sometimes to his crew—which clearly depict that what he wants is a passionate romp with Robi. When Yang and Co. go after RobiHachi and think they’re stopping at Haccone, the hot spring planet, Yang mutters “Robi, I will wash my body off before I have you”. Woah, wait. What!? It’s THAT kind of anime!? *fujoshi/fudanshi eyes sparkle* We can only assume that Yang wants every part of him to be ready for his dirty little Robi when he gets his hands—and body!—all over him. He also does other less sexually charged things thinking of Robi, like running a marathon in search of him and wanting to ring the bell in Akka Sakka so they can be “bound forever”. And then there’s the time in Isekandar when he unabashedly screams “Who cares about the crystal? All I want is Robi!”. It's not all about sex with Yang, he also wants to romance Robi and hold him close! Awww.

Eels. So Many Eels!

Their chase leads the guys to the Great Eel festival on Hamama II and, as soon as Yang hears about the festival, his first thought is to “fortify his virility before catching Robi” with a glimmer in his eyes. Ooooh yeahhhh. Yang wants to make sure he has ALL the stamina when he finally gets his way with his cute little redhead. Get it, Yang!

And he almost does! After downing who knows how many eels and eel livers, Yang is visibly ready to go with flushed cheeks, flared nostrils, heavy breathing, and screaming “Robi, I’m gonna catch you!” and that his engine is definitely running. His henchmen are clearly not fudanshi because when Yang says “I need to reach my maximum power when I catch Robi” they have no idea what he means… Come on, guys! Duh! He wants to go all night! Later, Yang paces the hotel halls like a lust-crazed beast, searching and calling out Robi’s name. But Yang is so pumped that a blood vessel bursts and some pressure is released, which prompts him to give up and go to bed. Boy were we hoping he’d go into Robi’s room, pin him down, and just go to town on him! Which we’re sure were Yang’s exact plans from the beginning.

But the Eel episode doesn’t stop gifting us there! The next day, during the eel race, Yang is once again high on grilled eel and as horny as he can be as he chases after Robi while each of them is riding a massive, slippery eel. Yang tells Robi to give him what he owes and “interest”! We don’t think the interest is being calculated in currency... Especially when Yang, in his eel-induced lustful state, has a Freudian slip of the tongue when yelling at Robi to pay and he repeats “shiri” (interest) so many times he ends up saying “oshiri” (butt) and the same thing happens with “tsuke” (bill) which he ends up changing to “ketsu” or… ass! Yang, you dirty dog, we all know what you really want! And if there was any doubt, Yang is not above grabbing Robi’s speedo and nearly ripping it off while riding giant eels and screaming “BUTT!!” With both hot guys in nothing but swimwear and Yang’s unending passion, we can’t help but imagine what Yang would do to poor naked Robi if he actually got ahold of him! He probably wouldn’t even care they’re in the middle of an arena with hundreds of people watching! And neither would we.

Almost There!

Another priceless scene for fujoshi is in episode 12, when Yang’s ship is closing in on RobiHachi’s in a high-speed wormhole. We get to see them almost fully naked and talking dirty in episode 6 with the eels, but here, we only see their reaction faces, and that is perfect! As Yang is closing in, he lustfully screams “Almost there!” with an appropriate “almost there” face while we see a close up of Robi slightly looking back and with a nervous look on his face, “he’s closing in!”. Then back to Yang screaming with anticipation and a lust-crazed face, “Robiii!”, then back to Robi who now has tears in his eyes and is whimpering as if he was about to be on the receiving end of all of Yang’s passion. This is the closest we get to actually seeing what it would be like if Yang got his greedy paws on Robi and we LOVE Studio Comet for it! It’s especially funny and ironic that Robi is saved when Yang gets “rammed from behind” by the moon ship there to rescue Hachi. Getting a taste of his own medicine, huh?

Final Thoughts

There are so many other great fujoshi moments in RobiHachi! Like when Yang has no shame in telling the otaku on Yokamarche to leave his Robi alone and that they “shouldn’t underestimate an Earthling’s lust” or when he tells Robi on Mulberry 8 that on that mecha planet “humans are slaves!” with a tone that only puts Robi/Yang S&M images in our dirty little fujoshi minds…

There’s no denying that the RobiHachi creators put these scenes and this dynamic in there on purpose and we are forever grateful. Our fujoshi/fudanshi imaginations don’t need much to start revving, but when a show is this well put together, we almost don’t mind not getting to see them actually hook up! What’s your favorite Yang/Robi moment? Share with us in the comments!

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Author: Lizzy Nyanko

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