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Airing Date:
April 8 2019

Studio Comet

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It’s 0051 G.C. (Galaxy Century). Two residents of NEO TOKYO, Robby and a young boy named Hatchi, set off on a galactic adventure on a spaceship! They are headed for a planet of legend known as Isekandr where it’s said, if one visits, they will experience true happiness.

Disaster rains down all around them on their journey and they cause plenty of issues as they travel to each place…

Characters & Voice Actors List

Robby Yarge

Voice Actor: Kazuya Nakai

Robby is a useless man around 30. He doesn’t necessarily have a bad face or personality, but he’s just an unfortunate, middle-aged man. He’s a playboy, but somehow oddly has his refined points. His family is abundantly wealthy. He didn’t get along with the ostentatiousness of his wealthy parents and moved to NEO TOKYO when he was in his late teens. There, he tries to make it big and land a bunch of money, but he gets tricked leaving him all alone. Finally, he finds himself in the awkward situation of being chased by bill collectors. Robby has a fondness for pretty women.

Hatchi Kita

Voice Actor: Keisuke Koumoto

Hatchi is 18 years old. He’s a cool genius who excels at his studies and has great physical prowess. He came to NEO TOKYO searching for something interesting. However, it’s no fun for him at all because everything in this world is about prediction. For now, he’s working as a bill collector, but one day he wants to make something unpredictable.

JPS-19 (Ikku)

Voice Actor: Daisue Sakaguchi

Ikku is Robby’s personal support robot. It’s official name is JPS-19, but it’s nickname is Ikku, It appears cute, but it’s verbally vicious. Robby often wonders if it is making fun of him when Ikku speaks.


Voice Actor: Tomokazu Sugita

Yang is the head of a lending business called Yan’s Finance. He is the head of the company if one single person has to be designated as such, but he’s really just a loan shark. He has a peculiar sense of beauty and fashion. He has a bizarre fixation on Robby whom he has lent money to and chases after him. He loves milk strawberry candy.


Voice Actor: Subaru Kimura

Allo is an employee at Yan’s Finance, much like with Yang, Allo is an employee by name, but he really is just there as muscle. His appeal comes from his blonde pompadour. He is devoted to Yang and respects him. Allo often says ‘If it’s for yang’s sake, I will run through fire or cross that ocean!’


Voice Actor: Shinnosuke Tokudome

Gras is another employee of Yan’s Finance. The same as Allo, he’s another underling. His appeal comes from his pink afro hairstyle. He’s a bit of an idiot and everything he does is half-baked. He parrots back everything that Allo days. If Allo says, ‘this is bad!’, then Gras will say, ‘this is bad!’.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Tensai no Playlist by Hatchi and Robby
  • Ending Song: Dancing to Night ~Kimi e no Saitan Warp Kouro~ by Allo, Gras, and Yang

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Taiga Umatani
  • Director: Shinji Takamatsu
  • Series Composition: Hiroko Kanasugi
  • Character Design: Yuko Yahiro

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