[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Yang Highlights - RobiHachi

Yang-RobiHachi-Wallpaper [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Yang Highlights - RobiHachi

Yang Never Gives Up!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Space, Comedy
  • Airing Date: April 2019 - June 2019
  • Studio: Studio Comet

RobiHachi Preview (No Spoilers)

Robi is a 30-year-old failed reporter in a future in which humanity has made contact with aliens and Earth is part of the galactic federation. The always unlucky Robi is out of a job, gets dumped and then gets robbed when he meets Hachi, a naive teenager who recovers Robi’s stolen bag and then ends up hanging around the older dude. Robi gets sick of it and they separate, only to later run into each other again when Hachi shows up as a debt collector chasing after Robi.
As the loan shark who the unlucky Robi most recently borrowed from, Yang and his subordinates chase Robi across the galaxy to collect. However, it soon becomes obvious that Yang isn’t really all that interested in just the money Robi owes him. RobiHachi might star the titular Robi and Hachi, but Yang steals the spotlight every time he comes on screen. Here are 5 reasons we love Mr. Yang!

Yang Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. His Sense of Style

As the head of the “lending firm” Yang’s Finance, the eccentric Yang dresses the part in a green-gray, Chinese suit and dress shoes. On top of that, he dons a beautiful open coat in dark blue and purple with golden Chinese designs and a black feathered collar. His Chinese heritage is further made clear by the red chords keeping the coat over his shoulders. Yang’s eccentricity goes beyond his clothes, as he wears his seemingly naturally purple hair cut very short except for a longer, yellow and peach/pink section he wears over his right eye. And his eyes sport green eyeshadow and pink eyelash extensions. Rings, an ear cuff, and black nail polish complete Mr. Yang’s exotic, super-confident look. Even his ship—in the shape of a golden Chinese dragon—is the most ostentatious one we see in the show. Yang is not a shy dude and we love that!

2. Yang Is Best Boss

While obsessive and sometimes rough, Yang is actually very considerate of his subordinates. Gura and Aro owe Yang their lives because he saved them from a downtrodden life in the past and they decided to follow him and serve him no matter what. Lucky for them, Yang is an awesome boss! He clearly lets Gura and Aro be themselves and he often allows for a fun time even in the middle of their galactic chase, like when they stop for sukiyaki even though they’re supposed to be pursuing Robi. In the 2nd episode alone, though in mid-chase, Yang decides to stop over at the Haccone hot springs with his henchmen first—though they don’t actually get to do it—, and that’s not the only time he puts pleasure before business! No matter what is going on, Yang looks after his comrades and makes sure to enjoy the delicacies, festivals, and attractions on every planet along with them. Yang is Best Boss!

3. He’s Determined AF

Nothing, and we mean nothing, seems to deter Yang from chasing Robi. Not only is he willing to chase him throughout the solar system, but he decides to give chase even when he finds out Robi and Hachi are heading towards Isekandar in the Andromeda Galaxy. Yang is also not afraid to use any amount of money to get his way. He goes to Mars, runs a marathon because there was a chance that Robi might be there, and even stuffs himself full of eel in one planet to get his, umm… energy up for when he catches Robi. He even goes as far as trying making himself into a “mecha-man”—very reminiscent of Gurren Lagann—on Mulberry 8, the mecha planet to kick some bully mecha’s ass. Which actually helps him by earning the mechas’ respect and them starting a search for Robi.

4. He Can’t Get Enough of That Robi!

Possibly the most entertaining and endearing aspect of Mr. Yang is his absolute obsession with Robi. As soon as the second episode, we can tell he’s not just after the money Robi owes him, but after Robi himself when he mutters to himself that he’ll stop by the hot springs and wash his body off before catching up to the outlaw. In episode 6, we see Yang downing aphrodisiac eels in preparation for Robi as well, and by the end of the series, when all debt has been paid, Yang does not let up and puts the façade aside, admitting that he’s still going after Robi no matter what! Uh oh, Robi! Hope you’re into eccentric Chinese loan sharks! Because Yang’s got some plans for you...

5. He’s Incredibly Passionate

Yang won Aro’s heart when he picked him up on the side of the street by telling him “be a man and take care of your appearance”, showing how passionate he is about his looks—if you couldn’t tell. Yang also violently crunches on strawberry milk candies when he thinks about catching up to his dear Robi, and more than once, we see him screaming “follow them” or “Robiiiii!” with his nostrils flaring and huffing mid-chase or while thinking about his target. He is loud, proud, focused, and purely sticks to what he believes in. In the eel episode, he chases Robi down with the eyes of a raging bull and almost pulls Robi’s speedo off while asking for… “interest”! Good luck getting away, Robi… (But not really… the fujoshi in us really wants to know what happens next!)

Final Thoughts

Eccentric, funny, powerful, and with a heart of gold. While Robi and Hachi are pretty funny in the anime, Yang is really the one that causes the most WTF and LOL moments in RobiHachi and we absolutely love him for it! How do you feel about Yang? Love him? Hate him? A little too out-there for you? Best part of the show? Share your thoughts and love in the comments below!

Yang-RobiHachi-Wallpaper [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Yang Highlights - RobiHachi


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