What Happened After That Incident? – Durarara!! SH Vol. 1 [Light Novel]

What Happened After That Incident?
  • Mangaka : Ryohgo Narita, Suzuhito Yasuda
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
  • Published : May 2021

Durarara!! is perhaps the manifestation of all the weird and crazy that is Ikebukuro. It’s just an amalgamation of fiction, fantasy, violence, and marvel. The crazier part is that kind of crazy has an irresistible allure that fans of the series would definitely agree with. It’s a clockwork of confusion that just starts to work as the gears fall into their place. Obviously, we’re part of that fandom. After everything that happened, we were pleasantly surprised as Durarara!! SH comes knocking on our doors in English.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

One and a half years after the colorless gang called Dollars fall we’re greeted by a new story still set in the crazy Ikebukuro. Just like the original series, nothing has changed in Ikebukuro. It’s still hustling and bustling with all kinds of crazy. This time, however, we’re following the story of a new trio. The first of which is Yahiro Mizuchi, who has been treated as a monster throughout his life. He is hoping to find refuge in the true monsters of Ikebukuro. The second one is Kuon Kotonami who aims to turn our headless rider, Celty, into a money making machine. Finally, we have Himeka Tatsugami who wishes to find her missing sister.

Why You Should Read Durarara!! SH Vol. 1

1. It’s Truly for the Fans

The adventure of Dollars has dragged us into the mess that is Durarara!!, then it gripped us tightly to the point of no return. That being said, seeing the fall of this colorless gang gives us mixed emotions. But just as we succumb to sadness, SH comes and saves us. Unlike other series who fell from the sequel syndrome, Durarara!! SH manages to retain the crazy allure the original possesses. It’s the same melodramatic storytelling we’ve all fallen for. Celty, of course, is the added bonus.

2. A New Set of Crazy

The original series is already full of crazies. A bunch that we love, but a bunch of crazies nonetheless. Even though we still meet a lot of them in SH, we are introduced to a new bunch in the form of the protagonists. Do no worry. If you’re thinking that they’ll be overshadowed by our beloved old cast, you’re wrong. These new characters have distinguished quirks of their own. Even if they might seem like rip offs of some original characters, they will show their unique weird side sooner than later.

3. As Confusing as Ever

Part of the Durarara!! experience is getting lost somewhere in the story. The author just likes adding a lot of bits of information into the mix, and it can get quite confusing. Of course, they tend to make sense as the story progresses. Durarara!! SH is not an exemption to this. Given that the story now focuses on the string of disappearances around Ikebukuro, we are presented with evidence, information, and quirky side stories. With the slew of information, you may want to slow down your reading for a bit. However, by picking this up, we assume that you are a fan of the series. If so, then we’re sure you’ll love the format as much as you’ve loved the first.

Final Thoughts

Durarara!! SH continues the legacy the original Durarara!! has built. With a small time frame between the two, a lot of our beloved characters are still present, making us more excited as we read. But as much as we love the series, it fails to incorporate the level of plot complexity the original series is known for. Other than that, this series is a pleasant sequel to a series we all love.

Durarara-SH-novel What Happened After That Incident? – Durarara!! SH Vol. 1 [Light Novel]


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