What is Bishounen? [Definition, Meaning]

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Many of us are just blessed with looks that have both genders swarming to them, wondering how they achieved that sparkling smile, or that chiseled body. Such is the life of the Bishounen, men who just seem to exude confidence and have that explosive energy that just makes you swoon over them for no reason. They've worked for their looks, whether it be participating in sports, pursuing fashion, or using products to keeping their complexion pristine. The term Bishounen stems from two words in Japanese, “Bi” or “美” referring to beauty, while “Shounen” or “少年”refers to that of a young man. Once you put the two together you create the supreme being that is the beautiful man, one that looks like he's stepped out of a photo shoot, and their personality creating an explosive aura. Now that you've come to understand the meaning behind the man, let us hop right into some fantastic examples to help guide you along the way. Be sure to carry your handkerchief because it's about to get a little hot around here.

Handsome and Charismatic

As stated before, the bishounen are men who just somehow naturally emanate an aura that just has heads turning at their presence. These men don't really have to try, as they've been gifted with looks that many want to imitate but just get nowhere near their charm. What makes bishounen so exuberant in their actions is that they make everything look so flawless, and staying attractive all at the same time. Their handsome and charismatic attitude is what makes the panties fly, and have flocks of women screaming from every direction wanting to get close to them. Looks aren't necessarily the selling point when it comes to choosing a mate, so these men ensure that their personality is spot on in order to compliment their exterior. Whether they're in a suit, playing in a popular band, or sporting a speedo, these men titillate the hearts of many. In these upcoming examples we'll be taking a look at some of the best looking men in the business, while they strut their stuff and show the world that they came here with a purpose.

Miracle Train: Oedo Sen e Youkoso

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 5, 2009 December 28, 2009

Have you ever had that one experience when, you just can't seem to find your way around town and no one wants to lend a hand? We've all been there before and often times we feel as if the world is just getting more cold hearted, not willing to guide us to where we need to go. What if that possibly were to change this very instant, but instead of just one person assisting you, it's an entire group of well dressed handsome men looking to support your needs? Well this is where Miracle Train rolls in to get you on your way. According to various rumors, the Miracle Train shows up at times when young women are in distress and need some direction to get them home. Each of the stations on the Oedo line spring to life and appear as extremely handsome men to help assist as many passengers as possible. Now if only they made a miracle line for bishoujo in Tokyo, that would really be a treat for many...Sigh.

Let's get back on track here and focus on Miracle Train, where these men are not only well prepared for any occasion, but are impeccably sharp in their attire and show these lost women a lot of respect. These group of gentleman display many acts of kindness, while being charismatic all at the same time. They lure you in with their charm and grace, leaving you in a state of ecstasy and bliss. Their mission isn't to persuade you with words, but rather, their willingness to help a woman who's lost and confused is enough to make your heart tremble with excitement. Each time that a different station is approached, a new man appears to inform you of your destination and asks you kindly if you'd like any help, caresses you, and instructs you to be careful. This romantic comedy fantasy ride of emotions is sure to fire up a lot of young women out there who just want a man to direct them, so be sure to buy your ticket for the Oedo Line because these handsome men are waiting for you.

B-Project: Kodou Ambitious

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 3, 2016 - Present

Nothing feels more satisfying than landing your dream job and never having to truly work another day in your life again. Everyday you live is not your typical nine to five, but rather a lifestyle that you've decide to live out for the rest of your life. This was the feeling for aspiring A&R Tsubasa, as she became the new lady in charge of overseeing the idol group of talented men named “B-Project” which are split up into three groups: Kitakore, Thrive, and Moons. Overflowing with excitement and nerves, Tsubasa must now come to her senses as she gets involved with a group of handsome men who all display many personalities, and has to keep them focused on their tasks at hand.

We come to learn that Tsubasa has an ear for music as you'll see in some of the earlier episodes, and this helps to build a more trusting relationship with the young men in the group. However none of this is easy for her as she's constantly surrounded by extremely handsome men who all come with their unique sense of charm and charisma, which leaves Tsubasa sweating at the sight of their chiseled bodies. This is truly a heaven for any young woman who aspires to work in the music and talent industry, as we see Tsubasa making so many mistakes all because she can't seem to keep her eyes focused on the important matters. Then again, what's important is all truly subjective, since Tsubasa seems to find more interest in getting to know their hearts and emotions through their music, which is quite noticeable when watching her. Be that as it may, B-Project is sure to wrap your heart around each melody while seducing you with the sultry voices of these handsome men in this romance comedy that is sure to be a hit this summer season. If you aren't convinced that this is a must watch for bishounen, then we'll leave you with the promotional trailer to entice you!

B-Project: Kodou Ambitious Trailer

A man with passion, integrity, and charm

Anyone who sets their heart out on something and shows an intense passion towards it, is an extreme attractive quality for both genders. You see the supreme focus and dedication that goes into what they love, and it shows not only in their performance but their appearance as well. People who have found their calling are usually more free spirited, and sparkle with a confidence that you can never mimic. Their very aura is so energetic that you're immediately drawn to them without even knowing it, and you're wondering just how they managed to create such an explosive persona. They make life look so effortless but much of it comes from their devotion to their craft, making sure that their passion comes first before anything else. Their integrity backs up their purpose, as they say what they mean and accomplish everything they set their mind to.

In Free! Haruka has a passion for the sport which he loves, which is swimming. He devotes his time and energy into it all, and that's what makes him such a winner in the eyes of many. So we're going to dive into the deep end with this one, and discuss the show a little more in detail for those who haven't had a chance to dip their feet into the water.


  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 4, 2013 - September 26, 2013

The story of Free! looks at the life of Haruka as he strives to become the best swimmer on his team in this spectacular bishounen sports anime. Since elementary school Haruka has competed in many swimming events, winning relay races along with his close friends. After elementary however, this team splits up and everyone seeks their own path in life. As fate would have it, they all happen to reunite at the same high school but one of Haruka's friends Rin, claims that he is the more superior between the two and so now a rivalry ensues. Needing an extra member to complete their relay team, Haruka and his close friends seek out to find that perfect specimen, and fortunately they run into a former track and field member named Rei who would then bring their team to the next level. Now these four must come together as one, and bring home the gold but must settle the score between Haruka and Rin.

This anime is explosive and full of zest as you're drawn in by the wonderful story, but more so the charm and passion of Haruka. You can see just how hard he works in order to keep his skills and looks in tact, pushing himself to limits beyond human ability to achieve the best results. His sheer determination to win is what catapults him to the top of the tier list of bishounen, because he backs down from no one even if it's one of his childhood friends. This is what melts the hearts of many who tune in, because not only is he in total shape physically, but Haruka’s mind is sharp and ready for any challenge that fate places in front of him. A true bishounen isn't one all about looks, but encompasses the three essential tools for success: passion, integrity, and charm.

Free! Trailer


Where ever you travel in the world, there will always be bishounen everywhere wandering the busy streets seeking purpose. Would you like to become a bishounen yourself? Or perhaps you're seeking a relationship and fancy the bishounen type? Well, Honey's has some sweet advice for you, be sure to stay focused on what you love because you'll find the one you love, doing what you love. There are a handful of wonderful bishounen anime out there, such as K, Uta no Prince Sama: Maji Love 100%, and the popular Ouran High School Host Club.

If you feel like there are other bishounen anime out there that get your heart racing, make sure to drop them in the comments section down below!

As always, for your sweet anime fill, keep it locked here at Honey's Anime.

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