What is Kabe-don? [Definition, Meaning]

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Have you been hearing about kabe-don recently? You may not know this actual term, but I am willing to bet you've seen it in action in an anime. "Kabe" means "wall" while "don" is a sound effect for hitting something. So put together, the word refers to the sound of hitting the wall.

Kabe-don in General

Let me explain. There are technically two situations to which this term refers. As a general term, this can refer to a situation in which a character hits the wall with a loud "don"! We see this a lot with passionate characters who think that some sort of person with authority is causing trouble for everyone else. This can mean there is some property damage. Did anyone think of shounen anime? Usually it involves the main character when they can't fathom the injustice being done upon someone else.

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Although this form of the kabe-don is common in shounen anime, it is not gender specific and can sometimes be a cathartic action to relieve stress or anger. Never underestimate the fury of a female, especially in anime.

Kabe-don in Shoujo Anime

Now, there is another meaning of "kabe-don" which is what people mean when they refer to "kabe-don." That is a situation in which a guy slams his hand against the wall, pinning a girl against it. This is a situation that is completely moe for a girl! The proximity between the girl and guy is so short that it can get her heart to go doki doki. The guy is usually doing it out of an intense emotion like jealousy or anger, but sometimes it's just flirtatious.
what-is-kabe-don-Kabe-don-in-general-560x405 What is Kabe-don? [Definition, Meaning]
This is one of those shoujo cliches that can get a heart beating fast! When I see these situations in any shoujo anime or manga, I start thinking: "He's finally getting serious!" This is usually the time when the male protagonist shows his true feelings and we can only hope that he has broken through the obliviousness of the main character.

This kabe-don moment is one of the most moe moments in the shoujo genre. It even occurs in dramas and otome games. It is one of those moments where the viewer's breathing stops and heart starts going toki doki. Even as just an onlooker or viewer, I sometimes start blushing because the male lead may say something embarrassing or sweet to the main character. Sometimes even the guy will blush! It seriously takes some guts to do kabe-don!

what-is-kabe-don-Kabe-don-in-general-560x405 What is Kabe-don? [Definition, Meaning]

Kabe-don in Real Life

Now, this is a much loved expression of one's feelings in shoujo anime, but does it really have a place in real life? Not many guys are expressive in that way and not many girls will act like they want to be pinned against the wall, but there are a good amount of girls out there that actually really like kabe-don! Unfortunately, it just isn't common in real life. So where do you go to fulfill your fantasies?

Japan is the land of fulfilled wishes it seems. In late 2014 and early 2015, a café did open in Japan where a handsome doll was able to simulate kabe-don for willing patrons! He had several settings to choose from depending on the patron's preference of character and the doll would say something embarrassing corresponding to that setting.

what-is-kabe-don-Kabe-don-in-general-560x405 What is Kabe-don? [Definition, Meaning]

Unfortunately for those who don't live in Japan, you'll have to continue dreaming, but hopefully this article will awaken guys to be more aggressive and express themselves through kabe-don! There have been recent articles stating that there are better methods to show your feelings like ago-kui, which is when the guy uses his finger to lift the girl's chin so her face is tilted up to look at him. As exhilarating as that must be, whose to say you cannot combine the two actions? Kabe-don and ago-kui! What could be a more moe situation?

You've heard how I felt about kabe-don. Now, what do you think about it? Is it an exciting expression of your feelings? Is there something better?

what-is-kabe-don-Kabe-don-in-general-560x405 What is Kabe-don? [Definition, Meaning]


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