What is Agokui? [Definition, Meaning]

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Here at Honey's Anime, it is our goal to ensure that everyone leaves with a better understanding of Japanese culture. Anime is most surely our forte, however we love to provide you all with more than just the fun and games. The definition we'll be looking at is one of the more recent terms used in Japan, and is surely to last for quite some time. Japan is all about trying new things, and Agokui is one of the ways of expressing love and romance. Prior to the surge of agokui, the term “Kabe-Don” (putting ones hand firmly on the wall in front of the one with whom you have an emotional attachment to) was very popular, and many found the action to be a very flirtatious way of communicating how you felt. Now agokui has taken over with a more soft and sophisticated approach.

The term agokui comes from “Ago” which means chin, while “Kui” refers to a soft “creak” sound as if one were to open a window when extending the arm (an onomatopoeia). The action is simply to place one's hand under the chin of your significant other, bringing them in closely for that magnificent kiss. Not all agokui conclude with a kiss as the action itself is what emphasizes the moment in which two people embrace one another. You most likely have seen this specific action in a variety of romance films/anime, but perhaps you were unaware of its meaning. Now that we have provided you with the definition, it is now time to move into the meat and bones of it all. Let's hop right to it.

Showing affection

Agokui is a form of showing one's true affection for the person you are strongly attracted to, and so its popularity stems from that. Everyone all over the world understands the purpose of love, and its powerful euphoric feeling that captures your heart. When your closest partner shows their true emotions, your body trembles with the sensation of joy. The tenderness of agokui is why so many are enamored by it, simply because it demonstrates one's ability to take charge and remind that person just how irresistible they are in the heat of the moment.

We have seen the chin holding technique even in the western world, in blockbuster romance films so it surely is nothing new to many. However, in Japan it has taken off in such a big way since most people aren't subjected to it as predominantly compared to that of the western hemisphere. That isn't to say that affection is lacking in Japan because by no means it isn't. What this is trying to say is that Japan is exploring new territory which involves various new romantic ideas to liven up the relationship. Here are two great anime which demonstrate how powerful love is, and when agokui is performed perfectly.

Ao Haru Ride [Blue Spring Ride]

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 8, 2014 – September 23, 2014

Futaba was well known in her middle school as being extremely attractive, and obsessed over by the boys. The girls however felt an extreme jealousy and ostracized her a number of times. Despite the negativity she encountered, it never stopped her from moving forward and focusing on the one person that mattered most: Her classmate Kou Tanaka. Her feelings grew for Kou when the two had shared a shelter from the rain, followed by other memorable events that took place in their lives. There was a time when two had planned to meet up at a summer festival, but Kou unfortunately never showed up causing Futaba to feel lonely.

Fast forward several years to high school where now Futaba has grown more mature in her ways, but this time behaves differently compared to her past experiences. Her tomboyish behavior garners her attention so much that a very attractive boy notices her. That very same boy is none other than Kou, who also has changed, not only his family name, but his appearance. A great example of agokui in a scene where the two are standing in the living room, and another young boy walks in to see Kou caressing Futaba's blushing face in the famed agokui position. This scene accurately represents the overwhelming power of agokui, since it truly melts a woman's heart and shows how much the man cares for her. No words are said, just an action that speaks volumes in a strong romantic fashion. We highly recommend watching this great romantic comedy to get your slice of the agokui aciton.

Ao Haru Ride PV

Sukitte Ii na yo [Say “I love you.”]

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 7, 2012 -December 30, 2012

This drama filled anime will surely have your heart strings being pulled at every moment, as Sukitte Ii na yo is about saying I love you in the most profound way. Mei was your ordinary school girl who enjoyed the finer aspects of life, until a traumatic incident involving her friends reshaped her life forever. Due to this experience, she became somewhat reclusive and made sure to avoid as many people as she could to avoid being hurt. Throughout high school she was able to strongly maintain her iron clad exterior until one day at school, she comes across an attractive young boy named Yamato Kurosawa. Suddenly, the more introverted and protective girl now questions her behaviors as to whether they were the right choices. Yamato shows great attention to her which Mei can't seem to reject, simply because he doesn't ignore her like everyone else is. Being the confident man that he is, Yamato unabashedly slips her his phone number, completely changing the scale of the relationship in an instant.

Over the course of the series, we see the relationship of these two grow fonder, as Yamato unexpectedly gives Mei a kiss using agokui, completely making her heart swell with passion. This strong form of affection is what truly made the agokui scenes in this highly romantic anime stand out. Unlike most anime that cut to the next scene just before the anticipated kiss, sukitte ii na yo shows us every little detail of what a kiss looks like. The premise of the show is to demonstrate how powerful love can be when two people can embrace their imperfections, look past the pride and prejudice, and develop a bond so strong that saying I love you can be done through action rather than words. Agokui is not a skill one learns but rather is a natural gift we all have to show our true affection for the one we admire. This anime will surely make you wish for a fantastic romantic adventure of your own, so check it out.

Say “I love you.” Trailer

Actions speak louder than words

Showing our love isn't always done through words, since words can often come across the wrong way leading to some pretty uncomfortable scenarios (we've all been there). That is when displaying one's endearment towards the other with action becomes more profoundly satisfying. Everyone loves to be charmed and stimulated and in doing so, demonstrate their true feelings with confidence. In the next example that we will provide, it shows us how much determination one must proceed with in order to get results. Love doesn't just drop into your lap like we all have imagined, it is sought after through hard work and diligence.

When confronted with the one we care about, our emotions fluctuate like that of stocks on the ticker. These emotions are what should drive us to make that calculated decision to show just how much we love the person. Without much action behind our words, the feeling becomes jaded and we end up with a lackluster ending. Let's take a look at Kaichou wa Maid Sama! and see how agokui is done.

Kaichou wa Maid Sama! [Maid Sama!]

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 2, 2010 – September 24, 2010

Misaki has had her fair shares of ups and downs throughout school. Many of the boys around her have nicknamed her “demon president” due to her strict orderly fashion, and her ability to use her mastery of Akido techniques to defend the girls around school. Behind this striking demeanor lies a secret that many of her classmates are unaware of; it's that she works as a part time maid at a maid cafe. Misaki uses the job to help cover the bills due to her current family situation, and so she feels embarrassed to let anyone know of her private life in fear of being ridiculed. However, all secrets must be exposed as one day Takumi, the most popular boy in school, walks into the maid cafe. Knowing of her secret, Takumi uses strategic thinking to coax Misaki into doing what he wants. Eventually, the coaxing slowly turns into an infatuation as the two become closer romantically over time.

There is one fantastic example of agokui in Kaichou wa Maid Sama! when Takumi catches Misaki alone at night after work. The two are clearly enamored by one another, and so Takumi proceeds to grab her chin like a true champion and goes to lay the final blow. This example not only proves the act of agokui, but also demonstrates to everyone how important self confidence is when dealing with relationships. Actions surely will overpower that of words, as long as you are confident enough to gently caress your loved one’s chin and bring them closer to say...I love you.

Kaichou wa Maid Sama! Opening

Closing Paragraph

As long as love continues to exist in this wonderful world, you will most likely see the romantic style of agokui manifest into something huge. Romanticism was very popular in the early 16th century and you can still see large remnants of it all throughout the world. Chivalry is a fantastic example of displaying ones love, and perhaps if paired well with agokui you may find yourself a partner in no time. While we don't promote that you go outside and perform agokui on every attractive woman you see, we do advise that you give it a shot when you do find that special someone. If you feel like there are more examples out there that didn't make the list, be sure to show your love and leave them in the comments section down below!

As always, for your sweet anime fill, keep it locked here at Honey's Anime.

Jinguuji-Ren-Uta-no-Prince-sama-wallpaper-agokui-567x500 What is Agokui? [Definition, Meaning]


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