What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]

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Shidare-Hotaru-dagashi-kashi-wallpaper-2-629x500 What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]


If you've ever tuned into anime, you've more than likely come across various characters who seem to have a well endowed persona so to speak. For decades, oppai has been the center of attention in various anime series ranging from classics such as Lupin, to the more recent such as Dagashi Kashi. While the term itself is used more predominantly among the anime culture, almost everyone within Japan is aware of the term and use it very openly. It's not a derogatory word by any means, but more so a playful word to “emphasize” the meaning.

Not only that, but the word has a nice sound to it when said correctly. Many children find it easier to say than other well known phrases in Japan, which add more to its popularity. So you're probably wondering, what does the term mean anyway? Perhaps you already know, but there is more to the term than you might expect. Honey's Anime is here to give you the breakdown and elaborate on what oppai truly means.

So this brings us to the first definition that many of us are aware of, and most likely come across in more than one anime. In popular culture, oppai refers to a woman who is well developed. She has been blessed with a cup size that is much larger than most average women, and makes sure to expose them in a sultry way. The term is loosely used among the more otaku friendly community, since it's often thrown around all throughout anime and manga. In television, the term is used in a more relaxed and slightly reserved fashion, since in Japan maintaining a good image is of the utmost importance.

Large breasts

Ecchi anime are always known to express its love to the oppai, and many that tune in are always in for a treat. To some, the term oppai may come across as negative but, it's not insulting by any means. The other more common term “mune” is used frequently on television but still refers to a woman's breasts. Oppai is just a slang term to really bring out the full meaning of a woman who has been bestowed with larger than normal assets. Oppai also comes from the term “ippai” which means “a lot of” something. In this case, oppai means a lot of chest.

On average, the common size of a woman's gifts are usually between an A cup to E cup, with various regions in Japan having a mixed proportion. According to 2012 data taken from Japanese cosmetics site “LC Love Cosmetic” (www.lovecosmetic.jp), the average cup size in Kanto region is a C cup, while in upper parts of Japan it rises to E. The lowest statistic was in Saitama, with A-cup being the most prevalent. So now this brings us to the anime themselves, and which ones we think truly bring out the ecchi and sexy in all meaning.

High school DxD

Shidare-Hotaru-dagashi-kashi-wallpaper-2-629x500 What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 6, 2012 – March 23, 2012

High School DxD is a story that celebrates the world of harem, a term that originated in Turkey which refers to a grouping of many women under one roof. In this series, not only do we get to see the main character Issei live his perverted dream of being surrounded by voluptuous women, but we also get to see some cool action scenes with supernatural creatures.

The show begins with Issei being killed by an angel, who is then brought back to life as a devil by Rias. The world he now lives in has been corrupted and attacked by creatures, and so he and his new comrades must fight to become the strongest creatures and live out his harem dream.

Now this show really embodies the whole term oppai in every fashion, as we are constantly gifted with scenes of bouncing beauties on screen. Rias and her friends all seem to express themselves in a huge way, not only with their features but also their personalities. Looking at Rias you can certainly say her cup size is beyond that of the norm, especially in relation to reality. They are certainly more than one can handle, and seem to weigh more than would one imagine. The show itself still does come with its share of entertainment, as we are humored by Issei's lust for the women around him, and the action that takes place in fights. This is a must see for those who enjoy bags of fun and excitement.

Shidare-Hotaru-dagashi-kashi-wallpaper-2-629x500 What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]

High School DxD trailer

Monster Musume no Iru Nichujou [ Everyday life with monster girls]

Shidare-Hotaru-dagashi-kashi-wallpaper-2-629x500 What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 8, 2015 -September 23, 2015

Monster musume is a show that truly shows off a wide variety of sizable characters, who have different personalities to bring enjoyment to those watching. It stars Kurusu, a volunteer for the government exchange program. His world suddenly turns from weird to really twisted when his exchange partner is a slithery, yet well shaped woman named Miia. From here, the story grows in size much like the characters that follow in the series. One great example is the half horse half beauty by the name of Centorea.

The show really does a great job of pointing out that it's goal is to put close attention to the lustful relationship that Kurusu has with his partners, but to also embrace the large sizes of each character that pops in. Papi unfortunately didn't make the cut. The ranges go from Papi size all the way to sizes that would probably be bigger than the human skull. Nonetheless this anime is packed full of fun and humor, that really just go to show the value of relationships, and how it's always important to stick together and look out for each other. A really great anime for those who want a laugh and some truly voluptuous women in one serving.

Shidare-Hotaru-dagashi-kashi-wallpaper-2-629x500 What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]

Monster Musume Trailer

The tease

There are moments in anime, when we expect to see lots of skin but then end up with nothing but empty hopes. It's another reason why oppai is so popular, simply because we envision everything about what we see. When we are acquainted with a woman who wears clothing that really show off her “curves”, we fall into a state of imagination.

That is also a major selling point in most popular anime, because the aim is to lure you in and make sure you stay there as long as possible. This can also fall into the category of men as well, especially in bishounen anime. A great example for females would be anime like Free! where male “oppai” is presented to women in a flirtatious way, and serve as a fantasy for the viewer. Both men and women can fantasize about their favorite characters, but more or less still enjoy the entertainment the anime truly provides.

Prison School

Shidare-Hotaru-dagashi-kashi-wallpaper-2-629x500 What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 11, 2015 – September 26, 2015

This brings us to Prison School, one of the more popular anime of the summer 2015 season. The story is about four men who seek enrollment in a female only academy, only to be framed for their misbehavior and are led to a prison within the school grounds. From there all of the fun really starts to erupt, as we are graced with many a breast and extremely funny scenes.

While the premise of the show isn't really to show off a plethora of bust, they are certainly teased all throughout. One great example is female security guard, Meiko. Anytime she makes a move on one of the male characters, we are given a taste of what she has to offer under her uniform. One scene is when we see Meiko out of her uniform for the first time, working out in her room. We see her sweating bullets, and her chest bouncing but unfortunately, much of it is shadowed out and so our minds are left in bewilderment as to what lies underneath. Another great example is when Meiko took part in an arm wrestle competition with the four men in jail, and all we could notice were her assets directly in front of us. This is a smart strategy by the creators, since it forces us to create an extra scene in our minds and keep us guessing. It's more or less the juxtaposition that really becomes the attraction. We highly recommend checking out Prison School to get a much better view of what we mean.

Shidare-Hotaru-dagashi-kashi-wallpaper-2-629x500 What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]

Prison school trailer

Oppai will forever be etched in the minds of everyone for all eternity, and so ecchi anime will continue to rise in popularity so long as we exist. With a generous amount of sexy oppai to go around, there's no telling what we'll see next. We do hope you found this to be entertaining, both as a male and female respectively. If you have any other anime that really show off a lot of skin, be sure to leave your choices in the comments section!

As always, for your sweet anime fill, keep it locked here at Honey's Anime.

Shidare-Hotaru-dagashi-kashi-wallpaper-2-629x500 What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]


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Shidare-Hotaru-dagashi-kashi-wallpaper-2-629x500 What is Oppai? [Definition, Meaning]

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