What Went Wrong With Plunderer!?

Plunderer should have been an amazing anime series. Based on the manga from mangaka Suu Minazuki—known for the hilarious series Sora no Otoshimono—this action-comedy series with fantasy themes should have made our sides hurt from laughter and our eyes widen with some cool action sequences. What we ended up with is a pretty mediocre—not horrible but far from good—anime. Thus, we have to ask the question, What Went Wrong With Plunderer!?

Generic Overpowered Hero

In the early 2000s we had all gotten used to the main character being overpowered and often could either be super serious and/or extremely pervy. While it was funny for a while—and we mean a while—it got kind of tedious to see most main heroes like that. Plunderer’s main man—Licht Bach—is yet again another perverted hero who kicks butt with his overpowered abilities and talents. This archetype isn’t a bad thing in some series but in a series like Plunderer, it feels overly cliché.

The Plot…Where Are We Going?

If you’ve been watching Plunderer, chances are you’ve found yourself surprised by the sudden twists and turns the plot has taken. One minute a character is all good, the next, their past is muddled with dark themes. Plunderer’s plot is like a rollercoaster ride with no direction. It goes through some familiar motions but often leaves you confused by taking a nose dive into strange concepts and ideals. We could go into detail about the plot further but we’ll let you readers watch Plunderer and find yourselves scratching your head when the story goes wild.

Time System…

Have you ever see an American movie called In Time? The concept of that movie was simple, people with money could increase their life—aka time—while poorer folks would struggle to gain time. You could live forever if your time was high but those who had no time would lose their life quickly. Plunderer uses a similar system—albeit with more profound concepts of how time is gained/lost—in the form of “count” and it feels way too complicated. Count dictates so many elements—such as power and life—that we often had to double-check what low and high count levels meant. All in all, the count theme is a cool idea but executed in a very strange way.

The Animation Could be Better

As anime connoisseurs, we often don’t dislike anime based solely on animation. Plunderer isn’t a bad looking series but studio GEEKTOYS didn’t really push the bill on the animation. Maybe it’s due to their low series count—as of right now they have only done three shows—but Plunderer looks very low quality. The character designs and battle animation don’t look bad—and are probably the strongest element of the series—but overall Plunderer should have been handled by a bigger studio given how amazing the manga art is for it.

Final Thoughts

Plunderer isn’t a horrible series by any means and we like a lot of elements from it. The comedy tends to work—more often than not—and the characters/fantasy setting are pretty unique. Unfortunately, Plunderer feels like it could have been done better and we know that’s a common opinion according to the scores on My Anime List. What about you readers out there? Do you like Plunderer so far? Comment below to let us know and keep stuck to our amazing hive for even more articles done by us here at Honey’s Anime!

Plunderer-Wallpaper What Went Wrong With Plunderer!?


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