Top 5 Fight Scenes from Plunderer 1st Cours

Plunderer can be described in many adjectives but one of those is certainly not “boring”. Plunderer is action-packed and humorous, making it one of the most enjoyable shows to watch this Winter 2020 season. Today we will take a look at the fight scenes from Plunderer that protagonist, Licht Bach, allows us to thoroughly enjoy.There are many reasons to love Plunderer as it fits many categories such as romance, adventure, action, and ecchi. The fight scenes listed below are ones that we believe are the best in the episodes that have aired as of March 2020.

5. Licht Bach vs. Jail Murdoch and the Military (Episode 4)

One of the introductory fights in Plunderer focuses on Licht Bach and Jail Murdoch and gives us a glimpse into the military and their mission. This episode and fight show that the military is indiscriminate in who they fight as evidenced by the soldiers trying to kill one of their own due to her disagreeing with their choice. This fight is an introduction to a much larger fight in the following episode. While Jail Murdoch surprises everyone with his high count, he seems to get the upper hand against Licht Bach in this astonishing battle. As a ballot holder, Jail Murdoch has more tricks up his sleeve than just his strong fighting skills, he takes advantage of his power over metal as well.

4. Licht Bach vs. Jail Murdoch (Episode 8)

Not all fights are fought with weapons. Episode 8 shows us a battle of wills when it comes to drinking. Jail Murdoch and Licht Bach battle against their inevitable alliance as they sit down together. While the two do not have a clear picture of the other, they begin to ask questions and turn their spat into a drinking battle. As a sort of interrogation and argument, Jail Murdoch and Licht Bach each drink far beyond what anyone ever should and the banter between them is entertaining and unproductive making this fight go down as one of the best and most entertaining fight scenes in Plunderer.

3. Licht vs. Military Man (Episode 2)

One of the best qualities about Licht is that he loves beautiful things, particularly women, and he feels obligated to protect them and shield them from danger. Such is the case when Licht protects Hina from the man pretending to be a legendary Ace. The fake Ace tries to force himself upon the beautiful Hina and as a hero, Licht cannot stand by and idly watch this happen. Licht does not hold back and we are able to see his true power for the first time. We see Licht as outrageously overpowered in this fight and cannot help but root for him as he completely destroys the phony Ace.

2. Licht vs. Jail Murdoch (Episode 5)

Jail is an interesting character in his own right because he sticks to his convictions no matter what. He cannot stray from what he believes and at this moment, he believes that Licht is the dangerous enemy that has been around for 300 years. As the holder of a ballot, Jail has the ability to control iron and this is how he almost defeats Licht. Jail has a high count and outrageous power which Licht is thoroughly impressed by and allows himself to seem overpowered for the majority of the fight. Once Licht reveals his true strength, we are able to see the true extent of his terrifying power. Don’t fear though, because Licht shows a few tricks up his sleeve that might just overwhelm this poor soldier.

1. Licht vs. The Demon of the Abyss (Episode 9)

Strange hands floating out of a dark abyss would make anyone nervous. However, these hands are more than they seem as Legendary Ace Sonohara Mizuka emerges from them. This seemingly young girl armed with guns is more than a little difficult for Licht to defeat and her nature makes it seem like she almost yearns for death by Licht’s hand, proven by her begging him to kill her throughout the fight. Licht was her much-admired leader 300 years ago and her split personality makes her turn into a violent and sadistic Ace when she fights. This fight includes many characters who we have come to love throughout Plunderer and makes the stakes that much higher because of it. This scene is the culmination of the series that we had been preparing for.

Final Thoughts

Plunderer is arguably one of the most action-packed and entertaining anime of the Winter 2020 season. Licht provides us with humor and presents us with strength when we need it the most. As we continue through this anime, it brings a breath of fresh air as we continue on in our busy lives. The fight scenes listed above are some highlights of Plunderer’s refreshing nature. We hope that you have enjoyed our article on the top 5 fight scenes in Plunderer. As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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