Why Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Shows Any Series Can be Revived!

Who isn’t loving the new season of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War? Despite the series having been canceled and only recently revived—after a decade mind you, this series is showing a lot of love to fans and newcomers alike. Episode 6 alone made us rewatch the episode several times in various formats just to witness one of the coolest fights in shounen history! While we watched episode 6 several times—we aren’t lying, we watched it almost 4 times now—it got us, here at Honey’s Anime thinking…why can’t older shows be revived just like Bleach? We have proof this is the best time for old series to be revived and if you need further evidence, then continue reading to see what we mean!

New Animation, New Progress, New Love

Bleach wasn’t the only series as of late to get a fresh new look by being revived. Urusei Yatsura, which was released way back in the early 80s, has been reborn thanks to David Production. Likewise, Berserk—rest in peace Kentaro Miura—is finding a revival with the movies being adapted into a TV format. Then there is Trigun: Stampede, which is a remake of the original Trigun that is coming out after nearly 25 years!

Anime can be reborn/rebirthed despite worries that the audience won’t find it as appealing or will have their nostalgia glasses on too tight and critique changes. Just like Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War pays heavy homage to the original anime with similar music but updated tunes, and newer animation that looks like the original but sharper and more focused on the source material. Other anime can do the same! The aforementioned series are showing that as they air—Trigun: Stampede had a world debut at Anime NYC—they’re proving that older series can be reborn thanks to advances in animation technology and quality!

Fans Want and Need it!

Let’s look at Hunter x Hunter, a manga that is plagued with hiatus after hiatus due to the mangaka’s, in this case, Yoshihiro Togashi, health. Despite the long delays, fans are still wanting another anime series and are still loving the manga to show their support for the series! The same can be said for Bleach which was canceled due to poor viewership, but still had loyal fans worldwide that loved the manga and wanted to see more Bleach by being passionate on social media and various other outlets. Fans are what drives sales for any franchise and if they truly want a series, they alone will show their love by making sure the anime does well and is supported as best as they can. Who knows, maybe eventually, we will get more Cowboy Bebop, one day?

It’s Never Too Late

Anime is timeless, and that is proven with series like Case Closed, Gundam, and Pokemon airing for as long as some of us have been on this Earth! That is why it is never too late to revive a series. Look at how YuYu Hakusho has been done since the mid-90s and still, Twitter fans retweet news of special YuYu Hakusho announcements to only be slightly annoyed if it's something like a café special or some event they can’t ever attend. We bet that if a studio announced tomorrow that a new season of YuYu Hakusho was coming, the hype would be surreal. Fans would be buying tons of merchandise and marking their calendars to take the day off from work to watch the newest episode. Despite how long it has been since the original airing, fans are still around and loving the franchise. This is why you can never say an anime is too old to still be around in 2022. Gundam came out in the early 80s and is now airing a new series, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury…and no one is complaining!

New Fans Born

Now, we can imagine some of you readers making claims like an older series releasing in 2022 might mean that people will need to watch the original to understand what is happening and won’t because the show is too dated. Absolutely, wrong! We here at Honey’s Anime, have turned new anime viewers onto shows from the olden days like Fist of the North Star or even Bleach, and while the animation might not look the greatest, they fall in love with the cool story, the great characters, and the franchise for what it offered back then and what it still offers now! It is easy to make new fans of anime love older series if you find the right show and that is why reviving an older anime now can give birth to new fans without much issue!

Final Thoughts

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is incredible and has truly reminded us that anime can be re-release at any time without much issue if given the right amount of love and care. A part of us did worry the animation wouldn’t settle with us who are so used to the original but our worries were deflated when we saw Ichigo bounce on the scene and hack away Hollows with his amazing Bankai. Any series can be revived if given the same level of love Bleach was. They could do amazing in this current anime era and might prove to the original creators their works are truly timeless and loved even now!

Here’s a question for you, reader. What anime would you want to be revived or remade? Comment below with your recommendations as we are quite curious! Be sure to keep stuck to our always-relevant hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more anime articles and reviews!

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