Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?) Review - The Clumsiest People on Earth

Nande-Koko-ni-Sensei-ga-Why-the-hell-are-you-here-Teacher-Wallpaper Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?) Review - The Clumsiest People on Earth

The Clumsiest People on Earth

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Comedy, Ecchi, School, Seinen
  • Airing Date : April 2019 - June 2019
  • Producers : tear-studio, Sentai Filmworks

Contains Spoilers

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?) Introduction and Story (Spoilers)

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? is based on the manga of the same name by mangaka Soborou. The manga tells the story of four high school students getting into sexually-intense situations with their teachers and eventually, they become couples, not because of hormones or because the guys prefer older women, but thanks to an emotional bond they naturally share with each other.

Story #1 — Satou Ichirou locks himself with his teacher Kojima Kana-sensei in the men’s bathroom. Kana-sensei is known by every student as Kojima the Demon for her no-nonsense attitude towards everyone and being strict while encouraging tough love and Ichirou is already counting the precious seconds he has left in this world after seeing the Demon herself half-naked and in the middle of doing her business in the toilet. But after several “fateful” encounters later, Ichirou discovers the cute and innocent side of Kana-sensei, and that the two have met each other before.

Story #2 — Suzuki Rin is always alone because his classmates—and generally anyone in school—are afraid to go near him due to his intimidating looks. But there’s one teacher, the gentle and soft-spoken Matsukaze Mayu-sensei, who sees him as a kind and gentle soul and is secretly in love with him after a life-changing good deed in the past.

Story #3 — Takahashi Takashi isn’t a popular guy, nor he is great at sports, he is shorter than your average high school guy, and he gets treated like a kid by his PE teacher/childhood friend Hazakura Hikari-sensei. All of that changes when Takashi shows his manly side, though by accident, to Hikari-sensei and the flustered teacher can’t help but slowly notice she’s actually in love with Takashi.

Story #4 — Tanaka Kou is quite jealous after he finds out his classmates and his juniors already have girlfriends. But he is determined, and in a desperate attempt to hide his jealousy, he promises he’ll get a girl before graduation. And as fate would have it, Kou accidentally bumps into his teacher and school nurse Tachibana Chizuru, who ends up hanging out with him for her little social experiment.

Why You Should Watch Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?)

1. Lots and Lots and Lots of Fanservice

At its core, Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? is a very traditional ecchi/fanservice anime akin to classic fanservice comedy anime like Love Hina than to the more modern To Love-Ru series. Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? has everything you’d come to expect from a fanservice anime like lots of lingerie, boob shots, crotch shots, and almost-hentai scenes limited to sucking on the nipples and an off-camera shot of Takashi licking Hikari-sensei’s pussy.

2. Behind the Boobs and Ass, It Is a Love Story

The teacher-student story is often viewed as immoral and serves as the backdrop for fanservice, but there is genuine romance found behind the boobs and ass. A young boy back in Kana-sensei’s high school years has encouraged her to have more confidence in her teaching career, and that boy was Ichirou himself. Mayu-sensei fell in love with Rin because Rin went out of his way to help her move around the city so she could submit her teacher’s application on time. Hikari-sensei stopped seeing Takashi as that crybaby she knew as a kid, and realizes she’s been in love with him all along. While it initially started as a way for Chizuru to understand her students, Chizuru ends up falling in love with her student Kou after they go on dates. Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? is not a Shakespearean romance by any means, but it gets the job done.

3. Short, Simple, and Sweet

Each episode of Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? lasts only 12 minutes and you can breeze right through the series in one sitting. The stories are very simple to grasp with the bulk of each episode’s runtime focused on the guys getting into lewd situations with their teachers—you’re more likely to get aroused than bother with the dialogue. Alternatively, Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? is a great intermission anime to break some tension or breathing room when doing anime marathons that requires critical thinking and more time to give your tear ducts a rest.

Why you Should Skip Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?)

1. Oddly Short Runtime Choice Despite Having Tons of Manga Material

The Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? manga is currently at 7 volumes, but the anime adaptation decided to go for 12-minutes per episode over the standard 25 minutes. The short length of the episodes means there was no more room for chapters focusing on character development, especially for stories #2 to #4. The lack of important chapters means the anime adaptation of Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? is more of a supplementary dish for the manga main course rather than a loyal and meatier adaptation.

2. Fanservice Is Too Repetitive and Predictable

The fanservice in each episode and for each story follows the same pattern—tripping towards the girl, wardrobe malfunction, getting the girl’s clothes wet, guy touches their boobs or has their face buried in the girl’s crotch. The story features 4 teachers and 4 students with their unique personalities, but the story fails to give them unique fanservice scenarios to keep things fresh and set the characters apart.

3. The TV Anime is Heavily Censored

A fanservice anime getting censored during its airing isn’t the best of choices and you’re better off just buying the DVD/Blu-ray version when it comes out. Apart from getting unobstructed boob and ass shots, the DVD/Blu-ray version will also include a bonus episode with more student-teacher fun-time. The censored TV airing of Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? is serviceable and you’ll get a laugh at how they creatively cover the nipples but ultimately, the lack of the essentials for a fanservice anime is very discouraging.

Final Thoughts

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? has a lot of flaws, like the lack of character development, censoring of nudity, predictable and repetitive comedic routines, and a very short runtime per episode. But the overall experience is great with beautiful female lead characters, fanservice to the brim and lots of funny moments that will put a smile on your face. Pick it up for the fanservice; you’ll probably enjoy it, or wait until the uncensored version comes out and put it in your playlist as a quick intermission anime.

Nande-Koko-ni-Sensei-ga-Why-the-hell-are-you-here-Teacher-Wallpaper Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?) Review - The Clumsiest People on Earth


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