Why We Can’t Wait to Watch Sailor Moon Eternal

Sailor Moon Eternal, the third installment to the Sailor Moon remake, is scheduled to debut in Japanese theaters on September 11, 2020. What’s very interesting about the selection of this date is that it marks the 25th anniversary of when the original Sailor Moon anime debuted in North America. We can’t say for sure if this was intentional, but Sailor Moon has always been about destiny. With the remake, or Crystal, covering up to the Death Busters, we are sure that Eternal is going to continue the tradition of being a faithful adaptation of the original manga, most notably the Dream Arc, which served as the basis of Sailor Moon SuperS. So with this 2-part movie debuting next year, allow us to share with you why we can’t wait to watch Sailor Moon Eternal. That said, for anime viewers not familiar with the manga, there are a couple of spoilers below.

-- Spoilers Ahead! --

A Returning Character Designer

For starters, Kazuko Tadano, a character designer from the 90s, is coming back for Eternal. While the style of the first season of Crystal has been met with criticism, fans are hoping that the inclusion of Tadano will further bring a sense of nostalgia more in-tune with the style of the original anime. We understand that Crystal is meant to be a more faithful adaptation to Takeuchi’s original style, which looks great in manga, but sometimes certain styles don’t transition well to anime form, and Takeuchi’s style is one of them.

The original designs for its time were the ultimate gateway for international fans into the world of anime and Japanese pop culture. It introduced them to the big eyes, sweat drops, pointy chins, outrageous hairstyles, and school uniform fashion. Tadano’s style for the original anime was uniquely Japanese and yet universally appealing, which is why we should be glad she’s back and that she can bring back that appeal to Eternal.

Return of Moonlight Densetsu?

When it came to the original Sailor Moon’s domestic and international identity, it had to have its iconic theme song, Moonlight Densetsu. As the 90s series was broadcasted in other nations around the world, even the theme song got a respective adaptation. Granted, the content of the lyrics in each language was different but the melody was still faithful to the original Japanese even in the North American English version. Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z, Crystal’s theme song works as a generic idol song but as a theme song, it just doesn’t have the same international appeal as Moonlight Densetsu.

So, what makes us speculate that Moonlight Densetsu is returning? The teaser video played a melody of it and if it’s willing to go out of its way to play it beyond the sake of getting our attention, then it better damn well be in the movie! In addition to Moonlight Densetsu, it would also be nice if Eternal finds a way to include Rashiku Ikimahou and Watashi Ni Naritakute, the original ending themes to SuperS for good measure!

The Amazon Quartet

While the Amazon Quartet were introduced halfway into the original anime to SuperS as another sub-group of villains, their true identities in the original manga were NEVER revealed in the anime! So who were they? They also happen to be Sailor Senshi, more specifically Sailor Senshi who assist Chibi Moon in the future! They play a role after the Dream Arc as the Senshi fight Sailor Galaxia, and hopefully, that part of the original manga will get an anime adaptation.

Final Thoughts

While we know for certain that the voice cast of the Crystal series is back, in addition to Mitsuishi Kotono, fans would like it if the rest of the 90s voice cast came back as well. They had such amazing chemistry but we understand that voice cast was meant to represent a more comedic Sailor Moon in comparison to the more mature story the manga portrayed. Can the original voice cast represent the original manga? Considering their resumes, we’re positive they can. However, we’re positive fans can make due. In the meantime, fans of the manga can enjoy the Dream arc in movie form while anime fans can enjoy the plot of SuperS with some new twists (which we’ve already spoiled).

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Author: Justin "ParaParaJMo" Moriarty

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