Sailor Moon has the best OST. Here’s Why!

In a previous article, we shared our top five songs from the original Sailor Moon anime. As an extension to that very list, we’d like to share why the Sailor Moon has the best OST in all of anime.

It’s Universal

This mostly applies to the opening theme, Moonlight Densetsu. Not only has the original Sailor Moon anime been dubbed in numerous languages, so has this song. Though many adaptations aren’t a direct translation of the original Japanese version, each language does a great job of distinguishing the song in its own way. The Spanish version does a great job of adapting the song with the Japanese version’s original track while the English version does keep the original melody, but uses a unique guitar solo. So if you were a kid in the 90s, no matter where you were from, some of you were still getting a variation of Moonlight Densetsu; and when you would watch it in Japanese for the first time, it most likely amazed you how the melody and rhythm were the same though the content of the lyrics and the instrumentals were probably different from your localized version.

Some Nations Have Their Original Tracks

However, some nations wavered to use Moonlight Densetsu and instead, contributed their own original theme songs. Germany is one notable example of not adapting Moonlight Densetsu and using an original song. In case you were wondering, David Hasselhoff (for how much the Germans love him as Norm MacDonald) didn’t sing it. Instead, it takes the Eurobeat approach, but not to the same intensity that you would hear in Initial D’s soundtrack. The Italian theme song used a theme song that sounded much mellower compared to the German theme song and all adaptations to Moonlight Densetsu. The French theme song is just really difficult to describe but you just have to hear it for yourself, which you can find on YouTube. Let’s say it’s different and that’s ok since the anime managed to find popularity in that respective nation.

Of course, due to language barriers, some songs had to be replaced. With the North American English dub, it has its memorable additions such as Rainy Day Man, I Wanna Be a Star, and She’s Got the Power. As for other languages, we can’t say for certain but what other anime can brag for having soundtracks in numerous languages?

Naoko Takeuchi Writes the Songs

What also makes this soundtrack amazing is that Naoko Takeuchi wrote a majority of the songs. What other anime or manga creator does that? She wrote Princess Moon (the second ending theme), Route Venus, the Sailor Star Song, Tuxedo Mirage, and countless others. Furthermore, she also wrote the opening theme song to the new Sailor Moon Crystal opening theme. The lyrics do a great job of balancing the characters’ individuality, their relationships, their dreams, and what it means to be in love, to be an ordinary girl and to be a hero. Everything that the series represents is excellently expressed in its music.

The Sailor Senshi Sing them!

OK, so this may not be unique to anime as a whole, but there is a huge body of soundtracks of the original Sailor Moon anime, and it’s largely dominated by the original seiyuu cast as they sing in character. Each character has their own unique image song such as Route Venus for Sailor Venus, Fire Soul Love by Sailor Mars, Kiss the Starlight by Sailor Jupiter, I am Sailor Moon by Sailor Moon, and Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte by Sailor Mercury. Even the outer senshi, Chibi Moon, the Sailor Starlights and Tuxedo Mask have their own songs! Not only that, they even do songs together. Some notable songs are of course Moon Revenge, Tuxedo Mirage, Ai no Senshi and Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon S. They all bring a sense of energy and know how to give you a different viewpoint of the character.

Final Thoughts

What else can we say other than Sailor Moon also happens to have a Christmas album! If you want to learn how to sing classic Christmas carols in Japanese, then maybe the cast of Sailor Moon can help you with that! However, Rei sings Last Christmas and White Christmas in rather broken but audible English. It may sound funny to some people, but we can’t help but give her credit for trying (the only non-Japanese celebrity that we can think of that has attempted to release songs in Japanese is a teenage Jennifer Connolly).

Sailor Moon is certainly the definition of outstanding when it comes to OSTs because of how much the original seiyuu cast and Takeuchi are highly involved in it, and how it has managed to find its own identity in other languages, which other anime have yet to achieve.

Sailor-Moon-Wallpaper-433x500 Sailor Moon has the best OST. Here’s Why!


Author: Justin "ParaParaJMo" Moriarty

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Sailor-Moon-Wallpaper-433x500 Sailor Moon has the best OST. Here’s Why!

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