Why You NEED to Watch Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Reviewers)!

Ishuzoku-reviewers-Wallpaper-700x394 Why You NEED to Watch Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Reviewers)!
  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : comedy, ecchi, fantasy
  • Airing Date : January 2020 – currently airing
  • Producers : Passione

Catgirls, cowgirls, birdmaids, fairies, and so much more—of all the lovely monster girls out there, which are the best in bed? Join our intrepid team of Stunk the human, Zel the elf, and Crim the angel as they review each brothel in the succubus district to determine which species has the sexiest girls in the land! This too-hot-for-Funimation romp may seem like just another brainless ecchi series, but there’s actually more to it than meets the cyclops eye. Here’s why you NEED to watch Ishuzoku Reviewers!

Contains Spoilers

A Refreshing Break from Ecchi Tropes

Most lewd comedy anime focus on everyday scenarios that accidentally turn sexy, such as someone walking in on another person changing or a girl’s skirt flying up in the wind. Even in situations where one party is clearly flirting with the other, someone is bound to feel uncomfortable. However, in Ishuzoku Reviewers, the main characters are always sleeping with prostitutes who are willing and excited to be there. Though it may not be terribly realistic, it’s a huge relief knowing that pretty much everything is above board and consensual. The only exception is when Stunk harasses Meidri the waitress, but she always makes sure to smack some sense into him whenever he hurls dirty jokes at her.

Set in a Richly Detailed World

This anime takes place in a pretty standard JRPG/high fantasy setting, complete with the requisite oval-shaped medieval town with high walls and red roofs, but it doesn’t just stop there. Prostitution is legal to anyone with succubus heritage because they need to have sex to survive, various political parties vie for votes with their own defined platforms, cyclops girls are self-conscious about their eye size... the amount of detail in this world makes it feel like a place where real people could actually live. Even Stunk, Zel, and Crim have their own backstories and activities outside of their visits to the Succubus District, so you find yourself caring about them as characters instead of just as audience surrogates.

Funny and Sexy in Equal Measure

Ishuzoku Reviewers gets away with so much R-rated content that it’s a mystery how it’s even allowed on Japanese television to begin with. Some scenes are just one cleverly placed arm or piece of furniture away from being hentai, although the quality animation and voice acting often make it better than the real deal anyway. Also, the “monster girl” premise allows for novel situations like grilling meat on a salamandra’s body (making imprints of her naughty bits instead of grill marks) and myconid girls of the same species coming as a group package because they’re all connected underground. We’re also big fans of the prostitutes’ plentiful puns, such as the cowgirls working “moo” into all of their sentences and the myconid receptionist calling Stunk a “hypomyce” to imply that he has a tiny dick. It’s funny and sexy all at the same time, perhaps exemplified best by the anime’s Village People-inspired OP that gleefully proclaims, “We love the lewd!”

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are a few off-color jokes that we wish weren’t there (mostly in the gender swap episode) and some of the guest reviewers don’t bring much to the table, but overall, Ishuzoku Reviewers is a surprisingly entertaining and creative ecchi anime that even people who hate ecchi tropes can love. We can’t wait to see which brothel the reviewers visit next!

What did you think of our overview? Have you been watching Ishuzoku Reviewers this season? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Ishuzoku-reviewers-Wallpaper-700x394 Why You NEED to Watch Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Reviewers)!


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