Why You Should Play Destiny 2 in 2021!

Whenever anyone is on the prowl for a new MMO to dip their toes in, there’s one question on their mind: is it still worth playing? Of course, this is understandable as MMO communities can dwindle, content releases can slow and, ultimately, MMOs will eventually pass their expiration date forcing them to fall into obscurity.

While it is incredibly well known, Destiny 2 has remained somewhat an outlier for many fans of both Sci-fi and the MMO genre, meaning many are still asking that exact question almost half a decade after its release.

So let’s dive into 9 reasons why you should consider playing Destiny 2 in 2021.

1. It’s Free-to-Play

This is the overwhelming reason why you should give Destiny 2 a go in 2021. Previously requiring a single purchase to play, developer Bungie decided to shift Destiny 2 to a free-to-play model in 2019, attracting a whole host of new players.

Despite this version being released alongside the “New Light” update, it isn’t even close to a ‘lite’ version of the game. Offering up the base game, the first two expansions, the Leviathan raid and many of the PVP modes, this version of the game provides you with an incredible amount of content to blast your way through without needing to drop a penny.
So whether you’re already a Bungie fan or not, this is reason enough to give Destiny 2 a go.

2. Endless Activities

Destiny is known for being a sprawling game. Players get to choose their own path, choosing which missions to complete as well as which enemies to fight. Pair this with the looter-shooter aspects of the game, the PVP, the raids, the story, and all the smaller activities and you have a game that has the capacity to have you entertained for hours on end.

3. Sprawling Story

Since the early days of Halo, Bungie has been known for its sprawling, complex and meaningful narratives. Destiny 2 is no different. Assuming the role of a Guardian, a protector of Earth’s last safe city, you set out to protect humanity from different alien races and the looming threat of the Darkness.

While the base game already offers up an impressive narrative offering, Destiny 2’s updates also contribute to the overall story, meaning as long as the game continues to be updated you’re likely to be privy to more and more of the stories found within its world.

4. Expansion Packs

Speaking of expansion packs, Destiny 2 is still receiving expansion packs which Bungie has outlined and will stretch out into (at least) 2022.

With over 10 expansion packs already available for players to dive into and two more on the horizon, both new and returning players are likely to find themselves awash with exciting new content that introduces new stories and items. Additionally, with each update, the maximum power level has been increasing, making the content even more tantalising to explore.

While players can get their hands on the first two expansions for free, most of the others are paid at approximately $10 each.

5. Looting and Shooting

Simply put, MMOs are about killing bad guys and getting loot. And there are few MMOs that have their eyes as firmly set on these goals as Destiny 2. Featuring gloriously fun combat that endlessly rewards players with items and loot, Destiny 2 is a must-play for any fan of looter shooters.

That said, if you want to skip some of the grinds and get your hands on the best items right away, you can grab a maxed Destiny 2 account which lets you jump-start your experience and lead away to the best gameplay possible.

6. Satisfying Character Progression

From new characters to the endgame, Destiny 2 offers incredibly satisfying character progression in a number of ways. Not only does each inch of progression unlock new activities and options within the game, but you’ll find yourself trying out a large variety of items, weapons, and loadouts throughout your journey towards the endgame, allowing you to enjoy every moment of building up your character.

Not only that, but the game also features a sprawling endgame, which rewards those willing to grind and/or dive into the toughest missions and raids.

As with any MMO, character customisation is key, and Destiny 2 certainly does it right.

7. Addictive Chaos

Between blasting aliens, looting, levelling, completing raids, progressing the storyline, and perfecting your loadout, it’s undeniable that Destiny 2 has some incredibly addictive gameplay. It doubles down on many psychological reward loops which are sure to keep you hooked.

Of course, some players won’t enjoy being hooked on a game, but I know there are plenty of gamers who love getting deep into an MMO—and Destiny 2 delivers exactly that feeling.

8. Community-Developer Relationship

Bungie often looks to their players for feedback, criticism, and improvements. This creates a very healthy relationship where the developers listen to and design around exactly what players want—while also delivering plenty of satisfying new surprises in the process.
This means that as a player, you never have to feel left out in the cold.

9. Play with Friends

Being an MMO, one of the greatest draws is playing with others. Whether you’re looking to play with your own friends or make a bunch of new ones, Destiny 2 offers up a variety of ways to interact with other players. From casual co-op to clans and raids to PVP modes, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Destiny 2 while playing with your friends, making it a great way to reconnect those who you still may not be able to see in the wake of COVID.

With that being said, if you’re looking to play solo, don’t be put off. Destiny 2 can be a great experience for solo players!

Final Thoughts

Destiny 2 is a unique MMO, but thanks to its many unique mechanics and incredibly solid design, it remains a truly remarkable game four years after release and it just keeps getting better and better.

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