Would ID:INVADED’s Crime-Fighting System Work IRL?

Frequent watchers of the news or those who still read the newspaper will no doubt understand the scary reality of crime. As we move towards the future, crime is getting more and more advanced daily. Murders, homicides, and online crimes continue to rise with those committing these heinous actions being cleverer as they adapt to technology.

A famous movie called Source Code looked at the idea of having a man dive into a crime scene—in this case, a train—and examine the world within for clues to nab the criminal before the action is committed again. That’s why when we heard of ID:INVADED we had a question enter our cerebral cortex. Would ID: INVADED’s Crime-Fighting System Work IRL? Let’s dive into this article and crack the case as brilliant bee detectives!

Follow The Clues!

The concept of fighting crime has always been simple, even as technology has advanced from the days of Jack the Ripper. Establish a crime scene, find the clues, get a motive, and find the killer…not exactly in that order but within the realm of it at least. If we could actually dive into a killer’s ID—or Id Well as the show calls it—then we could possibly see crimes before they happen and/or track a killer’s movement. The first step, though—find a means of actually diving into a person’s mind—we can’t do as far as we know…yet.

Safe Crime-Solving

Sakaido—Akihito Narihsago—goes into Id Wells often in ID:INVADED and dies often within these worlds. However, as the show establishes, those deaths aren’t that impactful if they don’t continuously happen to stress the diver out.

Having the ability to dive into a criminal’s mind would make crime solving a lot safer for detectives and investigators. Instead of possibly running into a trap, the investigators could see the killer’s location and calculate a plan of action to arrest them, safely. Maybe diving into Id Wells is a bit tiring on the psyche but if it prevents a funeral it might be worth while.

Is This Even Possible?!?

We’ve examined why it would benefit crime solving teams to remove the danger of real world problems to examine a “mental landscape” but here’s the million dollar question; Would technology like this be even possible? let alone feasible? There are ways to dig into a person’s mind via hypnotism and such but, beyond what is considered “gimmicky”, we haven’t developed any form of real-world tech that can allow a person to see inside the mind of another. Maybe far into the future, we could pull off what ID:INVADED does but, for now, crime-solving is going to be on foot and with real-world hands-on methods.

Serial Killers Helping? No Way…Right?

The requirement to become a “brilliant detective” in the world of ID:INVADED is to be considered a latent serial killer. If this was real life, do you really believe a serial killer would help the police identify other serial killers? Maybe we could give them incentive to do so—reduced sentencing or controlled living space like Akihito has—but the public would no doubt hate the police force for using such a system. Bottom line folks, this is the one element we can’t see happening IRL.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of interesting ideas for solving crimes thrown around in ID:INVADED that have us mystery enthusiasts interested. However, ID:INVADED still feels like a pipe dream in the real world as we don’t have the means of making these methods a reality. Would ID:INVADED’s Crime-Fighting System Work IRL? In our minds, yes, it could but there would be major changes to how it is executed and we need more advanced tech before we could even dream up these systems. What do you readers believe? Let us know in the comments below if you think ID:Invaved’s crime system could be a real-world solution to major criminal cases. Remember to also keep diving back to our amazing hive for even more articles like this one done by us here at Honey’s Anime!

ID-INVADED-Wallpaper Would ID:INVADED’s Crime-Fighting System Work IRL?


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