6 Anime Like ID:INVADED [Recommendations]

In the real world, crime has gone past just the physical realm and into the digital ocean. Nowadays, crime fighters go beyond the beat and many police departments evolve to match the new age of criminal activity. Anime too has taken a keen interest in matching the evolution of crime-fighting and that concept can be seen in series like ID:INVADED.

While we don’t dive into the minds of serial killers yet—at least literally—we do analyze various criminal patterns to create a means of taking down baddies before they even act. ID:INVADED has truly won our detective hearts over here at Honey’s Anime and we got to wondering…what anime is similar to ID:INVADED? Luckily, we have our answer and will share it with you in our 6 Anime Like ID:Invaded article!

Similar Anime to ID:INVADED

1. Psycho-Pass

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: October 2012 - March 2013

In an effort to stop crime before it even happens Japan created a revolutionary crime preventing system dubbed the Sibyl System. Using a special scanner, police can scan individuals to gauge their “Psycho-Pass” and determine if they will soon perform a criminal action or if they are perfectly fit to be part of society. Acting out the will of the Sibyl System are inspectors and their latent criminal counterparts, enforcers. Together, these entities work alongside one another to keep Japan safe and bring forth a new age of peace/prosperity. Unfortunately, no system is perfect and a new threat will arise to prove that.

Psycho-Pass hits all the right notes for a future themed crime anime series. Like ID:INVADED, Psycho-Pass looks at a new theme of crime prevention that is both amazing and truly terrifying. Both series love to show the viewers what it means to go too far in trying to prevent crime and in many ways connect to the real world by doing so. If you love ID:INVADED’s concept of diving into a madman’s mind to both prevent and understand their intentions, then you’ll want to check out Psycho-Pass!

Psycho-Pass Trailer

2. B: The Beginning

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: March 2018

A slew of murders have begun to appear on the island of Cremona and one thing links them all…a letter found on the corpses, “B”. Dubbed Killer B, the RIS—Royal Investigation Service—has begun to utilize their best officers in this crime wave. Keith Flick finds himself joining the RIS team and must use his skills to find Killer B before he strikes again. However, while the RIS looks for a human killer, they will soon learn that beyond these deaths lies a strange paranormal element.

B: The Beginning released on Netflix with little fanfare initially. Helmed by Production I.G., this mystery/supernatural series became quite popular once people realized how unique it was. Just like ID:INVADED, B: The Beginning does go about the crime drama series in the usual cliché themes but instead leans towards intrigue and oddity. Those who love non-generic mystery anime—like ID:INVADED—will no doubt want to binge B: The Beginning.

B: The Beginning PV

3. Chaos;Child

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2017 - March 2017

Not long ago, Shibuya was engulfed in a strange murder wave later called the New Generation Madness. After an earthquake rocked the very core of the land, peace finally began to settle on the land and retake Shibuya. Six years have passed and the fleeting peace seems to end when a new wave of murders starts up. Takuru Miyashiro and his newspaper club have taken it upon themselves to see if they can track down this new killer. Takuru will soon learn that chasing after the next scoop can lead down a deadly path where escape becomes neigh impossible.

Chaos;Child is the literal definition of strange and we love it as anime fans. Rather than being another cookie-cutter mystery series, Chaos;Child attempts to constantly keep you guessing, akin to ID:INVADED. When you think you have narrowed down the killer, you soon realize you missed a pivotal clue in solving the case and, like the characters in Chaos;Child, that missed clue might lead to unexpected results. Chaos;Child might not appeal to all viewers as it can be a rather disorientating series—like its original Chaos; Head—but if you love ID:INVADED you’ll no doubt be enthralled by Chaos;Child.

Any Anime Like ID:INVADED?

4. Ergo Proxy

  • Episodes: 23
  • Aired: February 2006 - August 2006

Nearly 1000 years ago humanity was almost at extinction. The land and air became toxic, leading survivors to build large domed cities to prevent the polluted air from getting in. Humanity has begun to rebuild itself in cities like Romdo but not entirely by their own hands. Utilizing machines called AutoReivs, humans watched as their cities functioned at the cost of the freedom of these human-like machinations. Unfortunately, the AutoReivs have become self-aware due to a strange illness called the Cogito Virus and are getting out of hand. Romdo’s ruler has called for inspector Re-l Mayer to use her skills in figuring out the origins of this odd virus and stopping their city from succumbing to madness.

What is reality? That question is asked quite often in both the real world and in anime. Series like ID:INVADED and Ergo Proxy make the viewer ponder what reality means and how nothing is always as it seems. Ergo Proxy is considered by many to be one of the best mystery crime series out there in the anime world and we here at Honey’s Anime think it deserves such praise. Journey alongside Re-l and discover the concept of humanity in Ergo Proxy!

Ergo Proxy Trailer

5. Hero Mask

  • Episodes: 15
  • Aired: December 2018

James Blood is well known in the streets of London. As an officer for the Special Service of Crime or SSC, James takes down any foe he faces with usually rash movements and even more wild actions. James’ latest case might not allow those usual methods to work when he ends up neck-deep in a strange conspiracy. A young woman named Sara Sinclair witnesses her friend/colleague dying in front of her and allies herself with James to find out what truly went down. Can the two work against their differences and somehow bring the so-called Mask Killer to justice?

ID:INVADED isn’t always about digging through mental crime scenes and analyzing where a killer may go next. Often, the show isn’t afraid to ramp up the action to the max and have our main brilliant detective Sakaido perform some rather death defying stunts. The beauty of both ID:INVADED and Hero Mask is that they can mix in action elements for rather cool end results. Those who need a bit of oomph in their mystery series—like ID:Invaded does so well—will no doubt like what they see in Hero Mask!

Hero Mask PV

6. Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: October 2002 - October 2003

Once it seemed impossible to blend human and metal together in perfect harmony. However, in a not so far future, humankind has made the impossible possible. Using enhanced cybernetic parts, man has overthrown the coils made by God to become a truly new being. Unfortunately, with new augmentations such as these, bad guys are just waiting to throw the entire world into chaos. Daisuke Aramaki must activate his team of cybernetically enhanced police to take down a new threat looming in the dark that could destroy the world and bring an end to this beautiful new age of mankind.

We wrap up our 6 Anime Like ID:INVADED list with the most well-known future themed mystery series out there, Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex or better known in the West as Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Based on the movie series that came before, Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex shows the fear that humans should have when it comes to future advancements on body modifications. Just like in ID:INVADED, Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex constantly shows there is a double-edged sword to allowing ourselves to get closer to the world of cyborgs as we become creatures too embedded in the world of technology.

Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex pushes you to keep watching to see if the beautiful—and truly amazing—Makoto Kusanagi can take down a criminal whose face lies within the machines we built. Fans of ID:INVADED, do not sleep on Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex as that would be a crime in of itself!

Final Thoughts

Crime themed anime will never truly get old as long as creators generate new/fresh ideas like ID:INVADED. Eventually, though, ID:INVADED will end but luckily our list above will give you readers some new shows to check out! Have you already seen any of the anime mentioned above or would like to add to our list of shows like ID:Invaded? Comment below to let us know! Even more 6 Anime like articles exist here at our beautiful hive known simply as Honey’s Anime!

ID-INVADED 6 Anime Like ID:INVADED [Recommendations]


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