"You Don't Know ufotable? Watch This Video & Get to Know Ufotable." = Japanese Twitter Loves Video

What You Need to Know:

  • In yet another moment where Japanese twitter oddly comes together to support something really cool, the other day, a user named mentos tweeted out a video showing how ufotable makes anime with the caption "I want you to please watch this video and know how great ufotable is".
  • The video quickly rose in popularity and currently sits at just under 50K RTs and 90K favorites.
  • People were quick to praise ufotable with comments such as "This is really amazing!", "It would be amazing if they made a Fate/Grand Order Anime!", "Amazingg (lol), This is a definite Retweet.", "This is awesome! Please spread more knowledge about them!", and more poured in. What do you think of ufotable?

honeys anime character
Wow! Thats's really cool to get a look into how they work!

honeys anime character
Yes!!! May more people come to know how amazing they are!