3 Reasons Dr. Stone Could Be Summer 2019’s Hit

On that day, every human in the entire world turned to stone. Thousands of years later, people begin to emerge from their stone forms and must rebuild society from nothing. Dr. Stone is set to be a wild take on an apocalypse scenario where the only technology that exists is what people are able to make. The Summer 2019 season is certainly full of contenders for great anime of the season, and Dr. Stone is one to watch out for. The following are three predictions we at Honey’s Anime are betting on that will cement Dr. Stone as one of Summer 2019’s biggest animes.

3. Conflicts Will Be Resolved in Unpredictable Ways.

Most conflict in anime is solved through fighting in some way. While there are likely to be physical fights in Dr. Stone, the previews show the character Senku confidently boasting to the muscley Taiju that he will reinvent lost technology. The struggles of rebuilding society are numerous, with food, shelter, and health being large concerns that modern people take for granted. Will the new society develop similarly to how the world was before, or will there be wild differences? There’s no guarantee that everyone who is freed from the stone will agree with what needs to be done. How everything will shake out will be exciting to see.

2. It’s a Very Different Kind of Post-Apocalyptic World.

With every human in the world turned to stone, there are a ton of questions to be answered about the state of the world itself. What caused that phenomenon in the first place? and why are only some people breaking out of their stone forms? Not only that, but most post-apocalyptic settings have a tinge of despair or hopelessness to them. Dr. Stone paints the world as seemingly full of hope with the power of science and the ingenuity of humans paving the way to rebuild life.

1. There’s Potential For Big Surprises.

An empty world filled with people emerging from prisons of stone that encased them is sure to be full of the unknown. What kinds of people are the ones who are becoming unpetrified going to be? A new ally, or perhaps a villain, could potentially awaken at any time. It’s exciting to wonder what is in store when there isn’t a lot of pre-established baggage. The world itself is the sandbox for the characters of Dr. Stone to grow, and what they choose to create and build will drive what happens. Anything and anyone could signify a huge change in what can happen, and that’s super exciting!

Final Thoughts

An end of the world scenario is nothing new to storytelling, but Dr. Stone manages to have a premise that is both unique and intriguing enough to make it stand out. The conflicts of this world that have existed for thousands of years without humans in it will be something to see with those awakening to rebuild society in the wilds. Humanity isn’t known for playing nice with each other, and there will surely be differences of opinion on how society should be redeveloped. These surprises and more should cement Dr. Stone as a safe bet for a runaway hit amidst the contenders of the Summer 2019 anime season. Do these reasons get you hyped up to watch Dr. Stone? Let us know in the comments if you’re ready to awaken and build a new world!

Dr.STONE-Wallpaper 3 Reasons Dr. Stone Could Be Summer 2019’s Hit


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