4 New Anime Coming Winter 2015, and Why You Should Watch!

As with every anime season, there’s some new anime for us to check out and this season is no different. I’m going to give you four brand new anime you can enjoy along with a brief description, where you can watch and basically what they’re all about!

Assassination Classroom
[Japanese: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu]

Assassination-Classroom-300x421 4 New Anime Coming Winter 2015, and Why You Should Watch!

This one looks like a blast! Literally. The original manga began when 70% of the moon was destroyed by a tentacle-monster (not THAT kind of anime though!) that earned a $100 million bounty for its head.

For reasons from the unknown, the tentacle monster started teaching at a middle school, giving the class a choice: kill him before graduation day or he blows up the entire planet!

Now if that doesn’t sound original I don’t know what does. This is an anime that’s being classified as Action, Comedy, Shounen and Supernatural so you can be sure you’re in for a combination of laughs as well as moments of awe.

The anime will be available to stream on FUNimation and Crunchyroll starting January 10th!

Official Trailer


Assassination-Classroom-300x421 4 New Anime Coming Winter 2015, and Why You Should Watch!

If you’re excited for a new Slice of Life anime, this one should be on your bucket list of things to see this season! It all began 10 years ago, when Japan was rattled by the Great Tokyo War.

Afterwards, each prefecture split apart into their own independent countries. Each has their own leader, called a Mosa, and their armies are Mobs.

Each prefecture is now looking to take over another, and battles are beginning to take place all around. Four girls from the Saitama clan are sent to travel Japan to mediate these battles.

Remember this is a Slice of Life, so don’t go in expecting the girls to gain some mystical powers, they’re just ordinary girls doing ordinary things.

Expect some feels, that’s what I’m going in for. Are they going to be able to reunite Japan to a singular country? I can’t wait to find out! You can tune into this new and upcoming show on Crunchyroll starting January 4th!

Official Trailer

Kantai Collection: KanColle

Assassination-Classroom-300x421 4 New Anime Coming Winter 2015, and Why You Should Watch!

Alright, on to KanColle! This is one of the ones to be excited for; any anime that got made because the video game was so popular, you know it’s going to be something special.

That’s right, it was a video game with millions of players that got an anime adaptation planned and produced. The idea of it is completely original as well, which has me more excited for it than anything else. After you watch the trailer you’ll understand, it looks incredible!

Kantai Collection is a Military, Action and Sci-Fi anime, and from the looks of the trailer, is going to be filled with amazing battles and more amazing battles! The whole premise of the show begins with spirits of World War II ships being born inside of these little girls, granting them special abilities based on what ship they were born with!

It’s their duty to fight what now has our seas plagued and unapproachable, humanities new enemy. If it doesn’t sound like something interesting, then you and I have completely different views on what interesting is my friend! You can begin viewing KanColle on January 8th on Crunchyroll!

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Official Trailer

Yuri Kuma Arashi

Assassination-Classroom-300x421 4 New Anime Coming Winter 2015, and Why You Should Watch!

This has a funny story, and by that I mean an asteroid shattered off in space which caused all the bears to rise up and attack humans. Then the humans fought back until a nonaggression pact was established to avoid mutual extinction.

The animation style is more “cutesy” than is it badass, but in my opinion that just makes it seem funnier. This anime is a Shoujo-Ai, so a girl to girl love story, so expect a lot of cutesy things. I am expecting it to be funny as well however, so at least give it a shot!

Back to the plot though! Kureha Tsubaki and Sumika Izumino are two students who attend Arashigaoka Academy, when one day they find the “Yuri Flower” growing in a flower bed. Soon afterwards the alarms go off that signify the bears are attacking! The question is asked however; are they really the original bears? You can catch this anime on Crunchyroll beginning January 6th!

Official Trailer

Remember, when you can, always go to the legal sites! It helps out the developers and is all around safer for you! With that being said, remember to check out any of these great anime, whatever the mood calls for there’s something coming, and don’t forget to tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

by Nathaniel Loomis